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Basement Egress Window Ontario Building Code

If you’re a homeowner who lives in Ontario, it is important to be sure that the windows in your Basement and bedroom meet the standards for egress windows. Egress windows are required legally because they offer the fastest and most secure exit of your house in circumstances of emergency. They must meet the requirements set out in the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC).

This article will explain how important it is to have egress-style and standard windows. Consider this when you’re required to replace the window you currently have with egress-style windows in vinyl.

What exactly is it?

The windows for egress are required by law since they allow an immediate and secure escape from your house in need.
Many homes were constructed before the requirements for windows to egress were established. That means they were not built to meet Egress window regulations. In most cases, Attics and basements were converted to become bedrooms. If you decide to alter the Basement to a bedroom without the supervision of an inspection or certification business, it is extremely dangerous without an opening for egress.

The reason you’ll need them?

When a person gets involved in a serious accident or incident, the person becomes overwhelmed and anxious that trying to think straight is almost impossible. When fires occur, most individuals rush for the exits rather than looking for escape routes in the building, which causes more incidents in most cases. This is why the egress windows are vital for your home. Egress windows are required to increase your property’s worth and security for most of your rooms.

Which windows are considered Egress windows?

As per the NBCC Window for a bedroom is required to meet these requirements:

The windows should be big enough to serve as an emergency escape.
It would be best to start a new window without specific knowledge, hardware tools, or keys.
The window needs to provide enough airflow throughout the year.
The window must provide at least 5 percent light throughout the room.
In general, horizontal or vertical sliders and window casements are suitable as windows for egress. But, the building codes may be different in every province.

What is an Egress Window?

Egress windows are one type of window that can easily be opened through the interior without keys, tools, or physical obstacles. The Ontario Building Code requires that windows of this kind be installed in each bedroom in the suite so that all residents can access exit points in the event of a fire or any other emergency.

In addition, it is required that the Ontario Building Code requires the specific requirements to be met in egress windows building code construction:

  • Egress windows that are fully open inside the exhibit room
  • Egress Window Exit Window Requirements
  • Accessible from inside without tools
  • The opening should contain a minimum of 0.35 m2.
  • The minimum dimension is 350 millimeters
  • It must remain open and not require any additional support
  • The sill’s height for the window should not be more than 1 millimeter (unless it is located in an underground area)
  • If you’ve got windows that slide, your open space of the window has to be 0.35 millimeters.
  • The ONTARIO Building Code is a means of EGRESS.
  • In light of their importance and importance, it’s no wonder that egress windows are controlled through the Ontario Building Code. For example, each bedroom within your home has to include an egress window; therefore, if you plan to build a bedroom or apartment in your Basement, you must make sure there are egress windows in place.

As per the building code, the egress windows have to meet the following requirements:

It should be simple to access from the interior without using tools.
They should be open to an area of 0.35 meters.
The opening’s dimensions should be at least 350 millimeters.
The ability to remain free of additional assistance.
The height of the sill should not exceed one meter (the one exception is basement egress windows).

In the case of egress windows having windows that have wells (i.e., the egress windows for basements), There are additional conditions, such as:

There should be a distance of 550mm between the window used for egress between the window well and the egress window.
If a window is fitted with a sash that swings towards the windows properly, it should not decrease clearance in an approach to prevent a safe exit.
If you choose to use the window well cover, it should be able to be opened by the interior with no equipment or specialized knowledge.


Suppose you’re thinking of building egress windows into your Basement. If so, they must be professionally installed to ensure they meet the building codes and aren’t leaking, which could damage the foundation.

Conterra Foundation Conterra Foundation offers expert installations of basement windows for egress, so you’ll never need to be concerned about them being damaged or leaking. We will also ensure that your property is constructed to keep water from the foundation. We also offer professional advice on the best wall(s) that should be put in place to allow your Basement the most illumination.

You may be considering Egress windows as a way to let your Basement make more cash or want an extra secure and comfortable place to spend time with family and friends. We can assist you.

The Ontario Building Code

The Ontario Building Code requires that every level that contains bedrooms in the form of a suite has, at the very least, a window that can easily open from the interior. The window should provide uninterrupted open space that is larger than 0.35 sq. m. (3.77 sq. feet.) that is not that is less than 380mm (15″). Additionally, the window should have the capacity to keep the proper opening without the necessity of an additional structure. If the window is opening into an open window, the window must be cleared at least 550mm (1 10 1/2″) as well. Moreover, if windows swing towards the well, it should not hinder the windows opening to block the capability to flee in an emergency.

But, If you’re planning to build your Basement located in Ontario, there is a need for windows for egress that have ample clearance and are easy to open. This is why the Great Egress Company provides a well-curated selection of windows that comply with the egress requirements. The fastest way to acquire an Egress window with code compliance is to allow us to deliver the window directly to your home. Take a look.

Our windows are available in various styles and sizes that can pass through egress points in Ontario. You can get a separate window designed to your specifications if you require a particular dimension or color.

Exit Window Requirements for Ontario Residents

If you’re a homeowner within Ontario, it is important to be sure that the windows in your Basement or bedroom meet the required standards of egress windows. Egress-style windows are required under the law because they offer the fastest and most secure exit from your residence in the event of circumstances of emergency. They must meet the requirements set out in the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC).

This article will explain the significance of egress-style windows and the standard. Consider this when you have to upgrade your home’s windows with egress-style vinyl windows.

What are the requirements for Ontario Exit Windows?

Here are the conditions of Egress Window Ontario as outlined by NBCC in the case of Ontario residents:

The size requirements for the Egress Window:

Window area for exits Not less than 3.8 Ft2 (0.35 m2)
Egress windows must have a minimum size of Not more than 15 inches (380 millimeters)
Measure your windows between sills, jambs, and sashes and between the opening mechanisms.

The requirements for Egress Bedroom Windows:

  • The bedroom’s egress window should offer adequate ventilation throughout the year.
  • The light must be provided through bedrooms with windows that allow egress into the area below the bedroom.
  • The windows in the bedroom that exit have to be opened from inside the home without needing a key, tool, or specific instructions.
  • The windows in the bedroom that exit should be large enough for a fast and simple escape path in an emergency.
  • The Basement must meet the requirements for an Egress Window
  • The windows in basements that allow for egress must be mandated by law to be equipped with an under-floor step or stairwell to ensure a secure and quick escape path in an emergency.
  • The windows for basement egress should have window wells that measure at least 760m away from the window, and the opening should be 30 inches wide.

Other Requirements for Egress Type Windows

The window for egress, except for basement windows for egress (see below), should be at most 1.5 above the level.
Windows with egress style aren’t required in rooms with already installed sprinkler systems.
Security bars that are installed should be functional from inside the building. Additionally, they should not require particular tools or procedures for removal or opening.
Windows made of baseboards, in many situations, should be changed into egress windows that resemble bedroom style. This involves cutting concrete to enlarge the window’s opening. A professional contractor must carry out a replacement to ensure the local building code measurements meet. This could mean getting the building permit. Consult with your local municipality before changing your basement windows to Egress windows.

If you’ve recently put in sliders or casement-style windows for egress, they could already comply with these requirements. Check the building codes in your state to determine whether your windows comply with the requirements for egress-style windows available in Ontario.

If you require details on Egress windows or have doubts about whether your existing windows conform to NBCC requirements, contact your local windows and doors provider. They’ll be able to help you with any queries about the subject.

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