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Can You Freeze Apple Pie

Everyone who has ever made a dessert from scratch knows just how painful throwing out any bits of it may be – after putting in a lot of paintings. One of our favorites is the apple pie, and we recognize that many of you adore it, too, so is there a way to freeze it?

Can you freeze apple pie?

You could purchase frozen apple pie, so there are hopefully little to no headaches with freezing apple pie.

How to Freeze Apple Pie

If you locate yourself inside the lucky function of getting leftover apple pie, don’t allow it to be a waste! It freezes virtually nicely, so if you can’t force down that final slice, you can store it for every other day.

You can also freeze a whole apple pie in case you’ve made it beforehand and need to store it for a unique event. Here are the steps you want to comply with to freeze apple pie: 


Assuming you’ve baked your apple pie, you may need to go away for it to cool earlier than you place it inside the freezer. Freezing it too soon will motivate your pie to have a soggy bottom – something you want to avoid! 


If you’re freezing a whole apple pie, hold it in its tray and place it on the pinnacle of a massive tin foil. Then, wrap it tightly in the foil. If you’re freezing slices, wrap them for my part in foil or hold the film. 

Bag Up

Slide your pie into a correctly sized freezer-safe bag. This step is necessary to offer your pie pleasant safety from freezer burn. 

Label and Freeze

Write today’s date and the use-via date on the bag before putting your apple pie on a flat surface within the freezer. Remember, you can freeze apple pie for around six months.

How to Freeze Apple Pie Slices

We’ve talked about baked and unbaked pies, but what do you do if you want to freeze one available slice? Or what when you have several pieces but wish to freeze them, in my opinion, so you can pull them out and use them for your enjoyment? 

When you are freezing slices, we do endorse doing a piece of a pre-freeze just as a way of preserving the filling inside the crust wherein it belongs. This is the most challenging part of freezing individual apple pie slices. 

Here are your steps for freezing apple pie slices: 

Be sure the slices are cooled. This can every so often take several hours after baking. 

  • Start with a pre-freeze. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and carefully location the slices on the sheet. 
  • Place this uncovered inside the freezer for 1-2 hours to get them frozen. 
  • Remove the sheet from the freezer and wrap every slice in foil and plastic wrap for my part. 

Then, either uses a double-wrap layer technique or vicinity the wrapped pie slices into freezer baggage for additional garage and maintenance. 

Label and date all packaging. 

Store apple pie slices in the freezer in this manner for up to 6 months. 

When you’re geared up to consume that single slice or use it for a pal, pull it out and warm it up slightly. With an individual piece, you may warm it up in the microwave or toss it in the oven for a few minutes.

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Apple Pie?

Apple pie is a classic dessert that may be enjoyed in lots of approaches. But what do you do when you have extra apple pie? Here are five delicious methods to dissipate your leftover apple pie:

Make an apple crisp: An apple crisp is a delicious and easy manner to dissipate your leftover apple pie. Just top your pie with a few oats, brown sugar, and butter, and bake it in the oven until it’s best and crispy.

Use it as a topping for ice cream – Apple pie makes a high-quality topping for vanilla ice cream. Add a scoop of ice cream to a bowl and top it together with your preferred slice of apple pie.

Make a sundae: Apple pie sundae is a delicious and clean manner to dissipate your leftover apple pie. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a bowl and top it with your favorite slice of apple pie and a few whipped cream.

Use it as a topping for pancakes: Apple pie makes an exquisite topping for pancakes or waffles. Add your preferred apple pie slice to the top of your pancake or waffle, and you’re suitable to head.

Make an apple pie milkshake: Apple pie milkshake is a delicious and easy way to expand your leftover apple pie. Add your preferred apple pie slice to a blender with milk and ice cream, and mix until clean.

How to Thaw a Frozen Baked Apple Pie

If you are reheating a baked apple pie that has been frozen, you may take it without delay from the freezer to the oven. This eliminates any probability of constructed-up moisture inflicting the crust to become soggy. 

However, not everybody loves to take frozen items without delay to the oven, which is alright. 

Here is your exceptional process for both thawing and reheating that baked apple pie when you put it off from the freezer. 

Remove pie from the freezer the night before or numerous hours before reheating or serving. 

If you propose to serve thawed without reheating, you can leave it at room temperature for 5-6 hours to thaw. Leave the pie covered at some stage in the thawing time. 

If you propose to reheat it, you can thaw it overnight or inside the fridge for numerous hours. 

To heat, preheat an oven to three hundred stages and reheat the pie for approximately 30 minutes or until warm all the way through. Be sure to dispose of the plastic wrap or protection previous to heating. 

You no longer should reheat an apple pie to serve it after it has been frozen. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine whether or not you want it heated, cold, or at room temperature. The handiest time you are required to bake an apple pie after freezing is if it were no longer baked before being frozen. 

Can You Freeze Canned Apple Pie Filling?

If the can is unopened, there is no need to freeze the filling. Just store the unopened can properly. If it has been opened, you may use the supplied instructions for freezing. 

How Do You Defrost Apple Pie?

If you have frozen a whole apple pie unbaked, you don’t need to defrost it. Instead, put it off from the freezer while you’re geared up to bake it and slide it instantly into the oven, and heat it for the preferred time.

If you’ve frozen a baked apple pie, it’s a fantastic idea to defrost it earlier than reheating it. You can do that by leaving it inside the fridge for a day or thawing it in the microwave. Once melted, reheat it in any way that you select.

Can You Refreeze Apple Pie?

Providing you’re happy that your apple pie is in excellent form, it’s secure to refreeze it.

One aspect to remember is that the changes in moisture content material throughout the freezing and thawing manner can reason your pie to soften or maybe go soggy, so it’s pleasant not to freeze, thaw, and then refreeze it too commonly.

Wrap Up

The best way to extend the shelf life of a baked apple pie is by putting it in your freezer. Freezing them will make sure they last up to 4 months. When you freeze, you received’t have any trouble with spoilage from moisture or other contaminants if you have packed the apple pie well.

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