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Can You Use Apple Watch With Android

Do you have to make use of your Apple Watch with an Android phone? The simple answer is no. It’s not possible to connect the Apple Watch with Android, regardless of whether the phone is made by Samsung, OnePlus, or Google or even what Android version you are running.
You can, however, set up the Apple Watch using an iPhone and utilize it to track your fitness and other purposes, and still use your Android smartphone as your primary driver. Here’s how to do this.

What are the things I’ll require to make my Apple Watch work on Android?

In order to make this happen for you, you’ll require a few items. To begin, you’ll need an iPhone (at least the iPhone 6) as well as a cell-based Apple Watch. It is recommended to get a model that is cellular in order to receive and make messages and phone calls without the need for your iPhone. It is also necessary to insert your SIM card into an iPhone at the start of the process, as well as a SIM tool to take the SIM card from your iPhone and then insert it into the Android device.

Make sure to check that your iPhone, as well as Android devices, have the same SIM card. The majority of modern iPhones utilize nano SIM cards. This is applicable to nearly all Android devices too. However, certain older Android phones could make use of micro SIM cards, so be sure to verify before you proceed.

How do I connect to an Apple Watch and an Android Phone?

Begin by setting the Apple Watch and configure it to work with your chosen iPhone device. You’ll need an iPhone to configure an Apple Watch and connect it to your provider’s LTE network.

When you have your Apple Watch ready, continue with the steps listed below.

Switch off the iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch.

Make use of SIM card tools (or a paperclip) SIM cards tool (or something else suitable, such as a paperclip) to take off the SIM card of your iPhone.

Insert your iPhone SIM card into your Android phone, and then turn the phone on.

After your Android phone is powered on as well as connected to your mobile carrier’s network, turn off your Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

You should now be able to see that your Android device is linked to your mobile like it is normal, and the Apple Watch is also connected.

Now, you can start receiving calls and other notifications on Apple Watch. Apple Watch, despite having an Android phone as your primary phone.

Apple Watch and Android Compatibility

Because the Apple Watch does not work with Android officially, your sole choice is to go with the steps previously mentioned. Although not the best option, you will get the most enjoyment from the Apple Watch’s health-tracking features by doing this. Because of the way Apple protects its ecosystem, this isn’t likely to change in the near future.

There are a variety of smartwatches you can test for yourself as an Android user, although they’re all a bit lacking in certain areas compared to Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

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