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Change Pdf Opening Settings Android?

Opening a PDF document on an Android device will provide the user with two options Always or Once. The options allow users to select if they want to view the PDF using a specific viewer only once or continuously.

If you select Just Once, your phone will prompt for your preference each time you open the file. However, choosing Always opens the pdf within the same PDF reader each time you want to look at a PDF document. This will undoubtedly save time since you won’t need to choose the PDF viewer, but this can cause problems occasionally.

For example, your standard PDF viewer may malfunction or suffer from bugs that might not allow you to open PDF documents. In this scenario, you’ll need to alter the PDF viewer that is the default that comes with your Android phone. The good news is that switching to the PDF reader of your choice isn’t too tricky.

What can I do to alter the PDF Reader’s default for Android?

The file manager is open on your smartphone. The application is typically depicted by a white or yellow icon on the folder. It is found within the application folders or inside the application drawer.

Look for any PDF file in the management. Any file can be found in the manager. To make the search process more accessible, select the folder for documents within the File Manager. You can also use the search function to locate the PDF file.

Once you’ve found a PDF file, hold it until you are presented with an options menu on the bottom of your Android.

After that, click to select More Options or Other options, usually represented with three vertical or horizontal dots. It is located in the lower-right area of the handset in the menu that appears when you press the document.

Another menu will pop up, but this time with additional options. You must select the Open using or Open with another application.

Then, all the installed apps on your cell phone that can work with PDF file formats will be displayed. Please select the one you like and then click the Remember my preference or the Never button. This way, the option you choose for the application you are using will be saved to your system.

What can I do to make Adobe Reader my default?

Make Adobe Acrobat Reader the Default PDF Viewer

Select the Windows Start button | Settings.

Open Default Apps.

Scroll down to the bottom of the column, and then click Select default apps by the type of file.

Choose the file type you’ll need to create a default app for (PDF in this case).

How can you access a PDF using Acrobat instead of using the browser?

If you’ve got Adobe Acrobat installed, you can open PDFs within Acrobat through the “Open in Acrobat” button in the toolbar for the file. Alternately, you can open a PDF in an internet browser. Select the PDF and click on the “Open with Browser” button.

Remove defaults from Settings.

If you aren’t seeing the App information button, here’s a different way to modify the PDF application.

Step 1: Go to Settings of your phone and tap on Apps & notifications/Installed Apps/App Manager, depending on the option available on your phone.

Step 2: Click on the app that opens the PDF file.

Step 3. Tap on Clear defaults if it is available on your smartphone. If the option is not present, tap Open by default, followed by Clear defaults.

Set New PDF Viewer as Default

When you clear the defaults of this new reader, you’ll be asked to choose an app that will be the default each time you open a PDF file. Select the app and tap on Always.

Why do my PDFs open in Chrome but not Adobe?

There are many reasons why PDFs may be able to open on Chrome rather than Adobe Acrobat. The first is that Chrome is built using Google’s PDFium library. This might be more suitable for handling PDFs rather than Adobe Acrobat. Furthermore, certain PDFs could be protected through DRM (digital rights management), which isn’t compatible with Adobe Acrobat. If you’re having difficulty opening a PDF using or with Adobe Acriber or Chrome, Try using the free Reader app on Google Play to open the PDF file.

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