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Difference Between A Bay And Bow Window

The primary difference between bay windows and bow windows is the number of sections each window comes with. The other difference is that bay windows comprise a picture window in the centre and two windows to either side. The bow window has the same type of window for each segment, and the entire structure is round. Bay windows feature hard-angled sections.

What’s the Difference?

At first sight, at first, bay and bow windows appear. Both can help open a space and allow it to breathe, creating the illusion of a larger space. They also let through more light while providing a sense of style in any space.

Bay windows have three windows, which are available as angled projections. The bow window typically has at least four or five.
A bay window comprises a picture window and two additional windows, typically smaller on each side. The bow windows’ structure is curving, making it look rounded at the front of the building. (These window bows are typically known as”four-lite bows,” “four-lite bows”, or “five-lite bows.”)
The flat and angular plans of modern bay windows are usually more suitable for contemporary residences, whereas the semi-circular design that is characteristic of bow windows works for any style that has a hint of the Victorian. However, both types can be used in virtually any home style.
Bay windows extend beyond the wall to the outside, creating flooring space on the inside.
Bow windows can often let the light into the space because they are equipped with greater glass than bay windows.
Bay windows are only three panes, so they’re not wider than bow windows.
Bow windows can wrap around the corners of the building. This creates an unusual turret on the exterior and an inviting corner on the interior. This option is also good, as it lets you see from both sides of your home.

What is the difference in cost?

A bow window can be as high as 2.5 times as much as a flat window with a similar-sized opening. It’s because a window with a bow does not come with a window. Concerning Stanek(r) windows, bow windows, it’s an individual wood shell equipped with various windows. Furthermore, setting up a bow window can be far more difficult than setting up regular bay windows. Bow window installation requires a tie-in soffit or a hip roof that is new to stop water and air from entering.

What is the difference Between Bay windows and Bow Windows

There are a lot of similarities between bow and bay windows. However, there are some distinctive differences. Learn the basic elements of what is different between one kind of window and another:

What is a bay window?
It’s a large picture window with two smaller panes on the other side (usually 3 panes).
The building abuts the house.
The addition of square footage adds to the property.
It provides a contemporary appearance and feel to your residence.

What exactly is a bow window?

It comprises at least four panes with the same dimensions and is arranged in a circular design.
The device can also be utilized to make a turret at the corner of the house for views from a wide angle.
It is usually found in Victorian-style homes.
Bay Windows: The Pros and Cons of Bay Windows
Many of us know of and truly adore bay windows. From natural light to reading spots, bay windows can provide many desirable home features we have always dreamed about. However, what are the benefits and drawbacks of bay windows compared to bow windows?

Benefits of bay windows

It is less expensive and simpler to set up over bow windows. The reason is that bay windows are smaller and have fewer panes.
Extend further to create additional floor space
The area they create could be used as a seating space
Constraints of bay windows
The windows aren’t as large as bow windows, resulting in less expansive perspectives.
Give less natural light bow windows.
Bow Windows: The Pros and Cons of Bow Windows
Bow windows have several benefits, such as unparalleled wide-angle views. However, certain aspects are vastly different in comparison to bay windows. What are bow windows’ pros and cons? Do bow windows differ from bay windows?

Bow windows have advantages.

Let more light in the house due to the addition of more windows.
It offers uninterrupted views of the panorama via an exterior and narrow profile.
Bow windows have cons.
They are much more expensive than bay windows as bow windows comprise at most four panes.
A more complicated installation process than bay windows.
Despite their different styles, the bay and bow windows are amazing additions to your home, providing stunning views and plenty of natural lighting.

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Projection Windows

The bow and bay windows are also known by the term “projection windows” made in as to, instead being flush with their walls, they feature the appearance of an arch that projects to the side. This unique characteristic of these windows is sought-after by most homeowners who would like to enjoy larger and multi-dimensional views of their yard or the breathtaking scenery outdoors and greater living space. Therefore, many houses with bay windows or bow windows have a window seat or even a small nook that is the perfect place to relax, read and reflect, talk and drink coffee, or even take a break.

If you’re interested in gardening indoors, The wide-screen windows are the perfect place to grow your plants since they receive ample sunlight throughout the daytime.

Bow Window vs Bay Window Aspects to Take into Account

As with any other architectural feature, There are a few things to consider when selecting the best style for your space. Anyone considering adding more light to their bedroom, living space and bathroom must know these suggestions.

Home Style

Certain home styles and designs work better with bay or bow windows than with others. For example, in classic Colonial or Victorian designs, bow windows can be the perfect choice to score style points. Other times, like ranch-style homes or contemporary Cape Cods, bay windows are more elegant and inviting.


The size of the wall is a crucial aspect to consider. Bay windows work well on large walls, with a minimum of 6.5 feet of room left. It is certainly feasible to purchase bay windows that are smaller in size; however, cramming too many windows into a narrow space will make the space appear cluttered. Smaller walls look more natural when paired with bay windows.

Bay windows may appear at a strange angle if you have very wide windows. The central pane will need to be extremely large to ensure that the window isn’t too far out towards the backyard. If this is the case, the bow’s soft curve is the best choice.


Windows can be more than just a source of sunlight. They also help encourage the flow of air and airflow. They are usually inoperable, so that homeowners may open them for fresh air. There are casement versions that are available on the market. However, the designs aren’t as common.

Bay windows, however, usually have functional panes. Two-angled side windows are generally double-hung or casement, allowing the homeowner to slide them open and let fresh air into the home.


If you’re looking for the ability to customize and flexibility, There are some aspects to consider (and in reality, there’s only one winner).

Bay windows are typically available in two angles: 35 degrees and 45 degrees. So, if there is an opening for framing set in the wall in question, homeowners have fewer alternatives for the width and the size of the principal window. There are several options to choose from. However, this window usually comes as a package.

Windows with bows, on the contrary, tend to be customized from a set of windows. It means that homeowners may choose the number of windows (known as”lites”), the dimensions of the windows, the width of the shelf, and the angles of each window.


If budgetary concerns are a factor, bay windows beat bow windows head-to-head on every level. Bay windows aren’t just cheaper to purchase. However, they also take less time to put in, meaning the total expense is much lower than bow windows. The average homeowner is likely to pay between $7,200 and $900 for windows with bays, and the average for all of us hovers around $2,000.

Bow windows can be significantly costlier. They are more heavy and are often constructed from separate parts. The average national cost for these windows is approximately $3,600. But prices can go upwards of $15,000 in certain cases.

Cost Of Bay Windows Vs Bow Windows

Bow windows are typically approximately 2.5 times the price of bay windows. The exact amount depends upon several factors, such as the number of windows and any other anchoring needed for the correct installation. Bow windows typically need a tie-in with a soffit or hip roof to stop drafts and leaks. A large portion of the cost will be due to the bespoke frames and windows of the bow windows.

As most windows are old and have inadequate insulation, replacement windows will save homeowners cash over the long term because they reduce cooling and heating costs. We at Universal Windows Direct, our exclusive UniShield(r) windows that are high-performance packages, come with higher fill rates and longer gas retention than any other windows in the marketplace. Although the initial price for an installation could be a significant expense, the result is making savings over time and increasing your house’s curb appeal and value.

Custom-designed bow window

Improve the value and appearance of your home.
Adding a bow or bay window to your house instantly enhances its value overall and appearance. Any style of window can be a significant improvement over regular rectangular windows. Adding a bow or bay window into a space instantly makes an attractive focus feature. Having both windows makes it possible to add more area to the room. This additional light creates an inviting atmosphere and makes the home feel like a family home.

A before and after photo of the bow window

Bay windows provide a seating platform for you and your loved ones to sit and relax. It is dependent on the overall size of your bow windows seats can be added. Universal Windows Direct uses quality insulation to enjoy your window and seat throughout the year. Imagine sitting on a bay window seat and sipping hot coffee during winter. This adds a sense of comfort and pleasure to the ambience of your house.

When it arrives, window designs with bow and bay windows appeal to potential buyers and realtors. They create a focal point on the inside and outside of your home. These windows are styled to provide the light of day and stunning panoramas of the surrounding landscape. They also provide cooling and ventilation to your home. The benefits of these windows not only increase the value of your house’s living space but also improve the price of the house.

Bay windows, as well as bow windows, make great additions to any house. They offer greater light, ventilation, stunning views, and a market value. There are a few differences between the two kinds of windows, such as the number of windows available and their overall size, price, plus space. Installation of any window is an excellent choice for the homeowner. Selecting Universal Windows Direct ensures whichever window you select is put in place securely and properly, using high-quality products and outstanding performance.


Ultimately, after all the debate regarding windows, it is a matter of personal taste. In some areas, specific varieties of windows are seen higher than different types due to their various positive aspects. It is recommended to conduct preliminary research before making use of your intuition when choosing between windows. The architects and designers of your home are also more experienced, and their suggestions must be listened to. Some windows, like circular windows, need more length and strong pillars than others.

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