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Do Nike SB Dunk Lows fit true to size?

If you think of an old Jordan 1 or a non-SB Dunk in your mind, the two will share one thing in common: both are high-tops. High-tops from the ’80s as well as Nike basketball sneakers are inseparable. When these sneakers were released, they dropped from highs to lows. It’s safe to say that the lows hold the same claim to be an OG retro style as any high. The Dunk Low is currently in the spotlight, and Jordan 1 is also a hot item. Jordan 1 sits everywhere. You may be wondering: What’s the difference?

It’s no coincidence that these shoes are precise to each other. Peter Moore created both for launch in 1985. The two sneakers are twins who were born separately. The primary difference was that Dunk Low was targeted at college students, needed to be priced lower, and did not have some of the features that Jordan 1 had. Jordan 1 had.

Contrary to the highs, in which Jordan 1 was the most popular, unlike highs where Jordan 1 was the precise preferred shoe, the lows followed different routes. While Jordan was the only player to wear highs (well, the mids, actually) when on the court, the sight of your favorite players from college wearing Dunk lows was quite common. The difference in the background has a direct impact on the way that these shoes are constructed to this day. Let’s examine what is different about these shoes.

What do they look like?

This Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott Cactus Jack is perfect. However, I like to go a half size larger to increase comfort and space and reduce the pinky toe rub. This is how I wear all of the currently Nike SB Dunk Lows, which is why, while I’d wear the size 9.5 in Vans, and the majority of Nikes, including Air Jordan 1, I prefer a size 10 in shoes such as this.

But they’re more like a classic SB with the eyelets at the bottom over the toebox wrap instead of underneath, which means the size you are wearing will be used. If you find the right size, they’re very comfortable.

Do SB Dunk Lows run on a smaller scale?

There’s no clear answer to this issue since people’s feet come in all sizes and shapes. But, some users do feel that SB Dunk Lows are a bit small, and trying on one before buying could be worthwhile to ensure that they’re comfortable.

Sizing the Dunk

Its Nike Dunk is, in fact, a little broader than the typical Nike sneaker. Its Dunk Low offers more room in the forefoot area, making the shoe comfortable enough to wear for everyday use. This simple shoe has an upper made of leather reminiscent of the Air Force 1 – not too bulky and with just enough cushioning.

A snug fit: go down half size. If you can comfortably fit a US 9 Air Force 1, you can pick up a US 8.5 Dunk.
A more roomy fit: Be true to size. If you can comfortably fit a US 9 Air Force 1, stick the size of US 9 for the Dunk.

Do Air Force Ones true to size?

There is no clear answer to this query since Air Force Ones can vary in size based on type and design. But, generally speaking, they’re usually precisely the same size. Do Sb dunks cause creases?

Sneaker Instagrammer of London, United Kingdom

The pure colors and vibrant early dunk colors initially attracted my attention to Nike Dunks, specifically from the “Be True To Your School” pack. The thing I like about the shape is how comfortable the design is. Like its larger sister, the Air Jordan I – has a thin sole that isn’t too bulky.


Today, I’m sporting my Syracuse Highs from 1999 because it’s one of my top colors (it’s an equalizer between them and Michigans). In terms of style, the Syracuse Highs are an incredibly versatile style, but I typically wear them with cords or cargos, usually with a baggy cut. The slim silhouette of the shoes complements well the bulk of the bottoms. They are a perfect match. It’s also possible to pair them when you pair them with a pair of shorts or Joggers.

Sizing & Fit:

The Nike Dunks fit true to size, so I suggest going with the size you usually wear. They’re thinner than other models, like Air Force 1, Air Force 1, and all Air Jordan except the 1s, which is why, when compared with them, you may be able to up to half a size larger than your standard size. If, for instance, you’re in size UK 8 in the AF1s, then you’ll be OK with a UK 8.5 for Dunks. With sleeker designs such as those of the Air Jordan I, choose the exact size you’d typically wear.

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