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Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

When your smartphone’s battery seems set to go out, you’ve likely tried everything you can to keep it alive. Perhaps you’ve turned off Airplane mode. But can Airplane mode help conserve battery?

The Airplane Mode can save battery by preventing your device from constantly looking for mobile towers in the vicinity. However, this mode isn’t without cost. You’ll be unable to talk to other devices or connect to the internet. The app also blocks your device from making calls and receiving texts.

What Does Airplane Mode Do?

Airplane mode blocks all wireless functions on your laptop or phone which includes:

  • Mobile connection: You aren’t able to make calls, text messages, or utilize mobile data to access the internet.
  • Wi-Fi The device will be disconnected from all Wi-Fi connections that are currently in use and will not be able to connect with any other new Wi-Fi connections.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth is short-range connectivity that allows you to connect your phone with headphones, speakers, and many more. Airplane mode blocks this feature.

How Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

Your phone will always be working while it’s turned on and connected. It looks for mobile towers that it can connect to and pings them every time they’re within reach. It also transmits and receives messages via other gadgets.

According to your settings depending on your settings, your phone could be working on multiple things at once. There could be apps that are refreshing or updating, programs tracking health-related metrics, and more, all without direct input from you.

When you put your phone into airplane mode, you can stop any of the activities we have mentioned. Each of these activities uses a battery. Your battery will last longer without doing too often.

Does Airplane Mode Make Your Phone Charge Faster?

This question is similar to lines of thinking about whether airplane mode helps to save your phone’s battery. In terms of technicality, the airplane mode function allows for charging your phone more quickly.

However, this is not a trick that isn’t well-known or a “hack” that people have discovered. The reason behind this is fairly straightforward.

The charge seems to be going quicker because your phone doesn’t run as many processes that consume the battery while charging.

Why should you use airplane mode?

As we’ve mentioned before the main purpose behind the airplane mode feature is to ensure that your device doesn’t cause problems while traveling. However, there are other motives that you can use this feature for -in particular, to conserve battery. Airplane mode is the most-loved technique for people trying to squeeze the much life from their phones as they can and have good reasons for it. It is logical to cut off all communication functions that are normally operating on your device could enable the phone to run less battery.

The airplane mode can be used for a myriad of other tricks as well. You can set your phone in airplane mode, and then check messages on apps such as Facebook as well as WhatsApp without prompting the read receipt, and also alerting people that you received the message.

How to Turn On Airplane Mode

It’s simple to put the phone in airplane mode. This article will show you how to accomplish this for Android or iOS.

iOS Then go to Settings. The airplane mode is on the very top. Press the switch to activate it.
Android is available. Go into Settings. Select Network; Internet. Choose airplane mode from the menu to enable it.

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