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How do i factory reset my nextbook laptop

A combination of press and release reset the Nextbook Android device to factory settings. After charging the device and disconnecting it from its charger, press the volume up button while pressing the power button. Keep the two buttons in place until Nextbook Logo appears on display. Release both buttons, and then press the button for up volume to show the menu. Go to Wipe data factory reset and select Yes to restart the device.

Resetting devices to default settings is the final option for anyone trying to resolve a problem or get a new start on a previously used device. A hard reset in this manner is required anytime the device’s settings menu is unavailable for any reason, be it an issue with the software or a forgotten or lost password. Factory resets, whether hard or soft, wipe out all data and user records stored in the device and any purchased apps or purchases downloaded. Purchase and app information is stored in the Play Store for recovery after the reset.

How do you reset a netbook Intel Inside?

Click”Power, “Power,” and the “Volume Up” buttons together until you can see the logo for the startup on the screen. 4. When you spot the image, you can release the buttons to allow your device to enter “System Recovery Mode.”

Additionally, why doesn’t my Nextbook startup? If it’s not turning on, either your cord or battery could need to be replaced. If the battery is in charge, you might be able to hold on to the power switch for around 20 seconds, then let it go, then push it once more to check whether it is turned on.

How Can You Recover Your Nextbook Password?

To reset the Nextbook tablet’s password, you have to make a couple of button presses to the tablet. It is typically the process of hard-resetting the device. While this procedure can aid you in recovering your password or unlocking your device, you could lose all data on the storage drive in the procedure.
If you don’t take out the SD card from the tablet, this is the case. But, the procedure is quite simple, and all you have to do is play with the buttons on your tablet. This is how to reset the tablet!

Step 1: Turn off the Nextbook Tablet
It is essential first to make sure that, before anything else, you turn off the tablet. To accomplish this, you must press and hold the power button on the device.

Step 2: Start the Process
Hold the shift button and hold it for a couple of minutes. While pressing it to restart, tap the restart button on your tablet. Suppose you’re using an on-screen keyboard; press restart to confirm that you wish to initiate the process.

Step 3. Troubleshoot your tablet
Try troubleshooting the tablet before you reset it. The troubleshoot menu after restarting the tablet, so choose it.

Step 4: Reset
Following troubleshooting, an additional screen will appear with a variety of options. It is necessary to choose the reset option. Next, press the icon on the tablet.

Step 5 5. Allow the operation to begin.
You should have two options available on your computer. These include “removing my files” and “fully cleaning the drive.” Please choose the option you’d like to choose, click it, and click the reset button. Once you do that, the process of reset will begin.

How do I reset factory settings on the settings on my Nextbook Windows 10?

To reset the factory settings to factory reset a Nextbook Windows 10, you must first go into the BIOS. You need to hold and press the power button for five seconds to switch on the device to accomplish this. After it has been switched on, you will be presented with three menu choices: “Normal Boot,” “Alternate Boot,” and “System Recovery.” To access the BIOS, it is necessary to choose “Alternate Boot.

How do I reset the factory setting of My Nextbook Intel?

Titan, Make sure the tablet is turned off. Take out the SD card if one is within the device. Click the “Power” and the “Volume Up” buttons simultaneously until you can see the logo for the startup on the screen. When you see the logo, remove the buttons, allowing your device to enter “System Recovery Mode.”

How do I open the security of my Nextbook tablet if I’ve forgotten the password?

If you’ve lost you’ve forgotten your Nextbook tablet’s password, you can retrieve it by using your Google account credentials. Begin by logging into the Google account on a different device and opening your Chrome browser. Then, go to and click on “Forgot Password?” Next, enter the email address associated with your Nextbook tablet and click on “Send.” A verification code will be sent to your email address.

How do I get into BIOS on a new book?

You must go to the settings of your PC via The charms bar ( bar to the right side that appears on the desktop ), then go to General, advanced startup, -> restart. The computer will then boot into the blue screen with a few options. Select Troubleshoot, and then you will see an option to restart the bios or the UEFI option. The wording may differ depending on the hardware.

How can I set my Nextbook tablet back to default settings?

To reset the settings of a Nextbook tablet back to default settings, first ensure that the device is switched off. Then, press the Volume-Down and Power buttons simultaneously for around five minutes. Release both buttons when the logo appears. After that, wait until your tablet boots completely. The tablet will then be able to configure your device as if it was brand new.

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