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How Many Shots Of Vodka To Get Drunk

Ask any liquor lover or even expert, and they’ll tell you that vodka is the fastest way to get drunk.

But how much vodka should you drink before being considered fully drunk? We’ll be right there to tell you.

An upper limit should be established for vodka enthusiasts to stop drinking more. Isn’t it? Knowing the maximum amount of vodka you can have at once will make it easier to adhere to limits.

Continue reading for those who want to know how far vodka will take you and not leave regrets at the end of a party.

Why is Vodka so good for you?

Gin is considered by many to be the closest cousin to vodka. Due to their similar texture, many drinkers will not distinguish one from the next. However, while vodka and gin can be fermented and then distilled from many grains, fruits, cereals, and other ingredients, there are subtle differences in the flavor of each spirit.

For the juniper-like flavor, gin is enhanced with nearly eight botanicals. Vodka, however, is neutral and tasteless. Vodka is also more flavorless and neutral than gin which averages 35%-95% ABV%. Gin’s ABV% ranges between 35%-50%. Premium vodka is an excellent choice for those who want to feel relaxed and pleasantly tippy. It’s also very soft and smooth on the tongue.

Factors that Influence Vodka Drinking at One Time

Many factors impact how much alcohol one can consume in a given time. These factors are individual and can vary depending on how much alcohol you tolerate.

How many shots of vodka is it necessary to get drunk? Sound Brewery
These are some factors that affect how fast you get drunk.


Women have a lower tolerance for alcohol than men. They are also more negligible and more fat than men. As a result, ADH is also lower in women than in men. ADH is an enzyme located in the stomach, liver, and kidneys responsible for breaking down alcohol.
The more you drink, the heavier you will be. While this can vary from person to person and is not always true, most people are more likely to be affected by alcohol if they are less than 50.


Surprisingly you can tolerate more if you’re having a good time and not being anxious about drinking. This is partly due to alcohol’s ability to lower inhibitions, putting people in better moods, especially when they have fun.

Other Drinks & Chasers

Drinking vodka in combination with other drinks and food will help you stay sober more often. Slower absorption is achieved with fruits, nuts, crackers, lemon, olives, peanuts, and others frequently paired with alcohol. If you drink vodka on an empty stomach, you will feel drunker than if there was food before.

How many shots does it take to get drunk on vodka?

Everyone has a different opinion on alcohol. Men can drink more alcohol than women. People who are larger and have a higher body weight (BMI) tend to drink more to drink than people who are smaller and have less body fat.

People who drink more alcohol will have a higher tolerance for the effects.

Experts have determined that drunkenness can be defined as a person’s blood-alcohol level (BAC) exceeding the legal limit.

This is what it means:

A vodka shot can make a woman average of 170lb drunk in just four shots
A vodka shot can make a 200lb man drunk in 6 shots.
The effects of vodka will be felt long before that point. This is usually after just one or two shots. A shot of vodka containing concentrated ethanol can produce a rapid, sudden rise in blood alcohol. This can cause an immediate euphoria as well as increased social engagement.

Lower cholesterol

A small amount of vodka can be enough to lower your cholesterol. It lowers bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.

It doesn’t mean you have to drink every night. Just make sure you only consume moderate amounts.

Enjoy a lower blood sugar.

You can reduce blood pleasure by drinking vodka every night in moderate quantities. This holds for healthy people who have lower blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should stop drinking vodka and eat well.

Vodka is known to calm blood vessels, which helps maintain blood pressure.

Vodka is also a magical tonic and can be used to treat dental problems and used for aftershave. All this is possible because vodka has no calories or carbohydrates. As a result, it has multiple therapeutic benefits, and it can also be used topically.

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