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How Many Teeth Do Adults Have

Do you know how many teeth you’ve got? It depends on whether all your adult teeth were present or if you’ve suffered damage or removal of teeth; the majority of adults have the same amount of teeth. Teeth are an integral part of both the dental structure and your digestion.

Each tooth is comprised of three layers: enamel, dentin, as well as pulp.

Enamel. It is the visible white outer layer. The hard surface protects the inner layer of every tooth from the destruction caused by decay or injuries. The enamel is the most durable tissue found in the human body.

Dentin. It is the middle part of the tooth and is the closest to bone tissues. Dentin is a significant component of the structure of the tooth. It comprises millions of tubes that connect it to the source of life for the tooth: the pulp.
Pulp. It is the live center of every tooth and the outermost layer. The pulp is comprised of nerves and blood.
The tooth’s portion above the gum line is known as the crown. The tooth’s portion below the gum line is known as the root, which connects the tooth to the jawbone.

Baby teeth and when we Lose Them

When the teething process is finished, the child has 20 teeth. There are 10 teeth on the lower part and ten on the top. When baby teeth start falling out, it is the perfect opportunity for children to develop and develop healthy, permanent dental hygiene habits to care for the adult teeth will be there once all their teeth are grown. With no wisdom teeth, adult teeth are 32. There are rare instances where adults don’t lose their baby teeth. In certain instances, you may be able to get these teeth removed and replaced by implants or other solutions for tooth replacement or kept as they are. This is addressed with your dental professional whenever the situation warrants it. Typically, they’re only removed when your remaining teeth cause discomfort or pain or disrupt the adult teeth surrounding the area.

Of the 32 adult teeth, eight canines, four incisors, eight premolars, and twelve molars. From the twelve molars, you will find the wisdom teeth of four. One is likely to have a complete set of permanent adult teeth by reaching their teens; typically, the wisdom teeth are removed to ensure that the remaining teeth can move into their regular positions. The removal of wisdom teeth aids in preventing the misalignment of the other permanent teeth.

How many wisdom teeth do adults have?

If your wisdom teeth breakthrough, they should be four. These form the final row of teeth that you have in your mouth. They are located behind your jaw.

Sometimes wisdom teeth do not appear correctly. This could be because they’re not growing straight, or there’s not enough room in one’s mouth to allow them to come through ultimately (in both instances, they are referred to as wisdom teeth that are impacted), or they’re just not growing anyway. When this happens, it can be excruciating, and your mouth could be infected if there isn’t anything taken to address the issue.

If you’re experiencing an unresolved discomfort in the rear of your mouth and are in your teens or early 20s, the wisdom teeth likely cause the problem. Sometimes they may cause problems in later years as well.

However old or young, are in the suitable age group to be considered to have wisdom teeth, and you are concerned that your teeth are causing problems, make contact with us now. Our dentists will quickly determine the issue and offer a solution to make your mouth feel healthy and pain-free.

Adult Teeth

As adult teeth grow, there is more space within the mouth and more teeth. What is the number of teeth adults have? The majority of adults have 32 dental teeth, which is twelve more than children! The 32 teeth included in this list include eight incisors, four canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars, including four wisdom teeth. It is typical for adults to remove their wisdom teeth because there isn’t always enough space to allow their growth to be comfortable or to avoid causing misalignment of other teeth. A majority of people will have a complete array of teeth when they turn teenagers.

How many teeth can adults have?

According to a report in 2019 by the Trusted Source, a complete adult set of teeth usually has several 32. This includes the wisdom tooth.

Every row has:

Four incisors situated in mid-row, in front of your mouth
Two canine teeth, one on each opposite
Three molars, two premolars in the back, and the front and back having five
But, not all people have third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, in their jaws. If an adult is blessed with wisdom teeth, these are likely to appear at around 18. They may not appear in the same way.

If the wisdom tooth fails to appear correctly or is infected, the dentist might extract it.

Baby Teeth

Teeth begin to appear about six months old, and the teeth begin to appear about this time. The first teeth are primary teeth, baby teeth, or technically deciduous teeth. They eventually lose their teeth and become replaced with adult teeth.

How many teeth can children have? The average child has twenty baby teeth. This is 10 teeth at the top and 10 at the bottom. All 20 arrive at the age of 3 and serve as placeholders for adult teeth that develop after the baby teeth have fallen out. When they reach the age of six, most children start losing their baby teeth. They are replaced with adult teeth. The process continues until children attain their teens.

Do your permanent teeth grow as you age?

As opposed to other organs of the body, which have different capabilities to heal or grow their own, our teeth, after being formed, don’t expand. When our teeth first appear in the oral cavity, they don’t grow further. However, they can change the size of their bodies, how tall they are, or form if there is an unbalanced bite or other abnormal habits such as bruxism. Our teeth can’t repair by themselves. That’s why should a tooth become broken, your dental professional will need to fix it by using the appropriate filling material. If the tooth is severely damaged and your dentist is required to remove it and replace it with the implant-supported artificial tooth. You now know why dentists advise you to take care of dental health to ensure that your teeth are well-maintained – your teeth will not be healed by themselves.

One of the essential elements for a gorgeous smile is having clean, white teeth. Although regular dental hygiene can help maintain good oral health, Regular visits to your dentist will go a long way in ensuring that you do not suffer from dental problems such as tooth decay or periodontal disease.

How many wisdom teeth do we have?

The third set of molars, the teeth that remain in the mouth’s back, is known as the wisdom teeth. They are also the final teeth that erupt between 17-21. They are typically removed due to problems due to the inadequate space within the jaw.

The wisdom tooth is one of four in a complete set, but some have fewer than that (and certain wisdom teeth don’t emerge, so you only observe them in an x-ray). If you only have one or two or three wisdom teeth and perhaps none – then you are probably fortunate!


What number of teeth can we count on? It’s 20 milk teeth that gradually become a part of the way for 32 adult teeth or perhaps a minor number depending on how many wisdom teeth you grow.

Each tooth in each set is equally important and, consequently, should be looked after to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth.

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