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How Much To Tip Tow Truck Driver

The American service industry thrives on tipping. Tipping has become an integral part of paying for a service or tab. Tipping is more or less required in hairdressers, restaurants, or valet parking. Sure of them may need you to give an amount and have it calculated for yourself. But there’s one instance where the practice of tipping can be a problem for tow truck drivers and roadside assistance.

If you require a tow or wheel swap, There’s always a reliable roadside assistance service on hand to assist you. When they’re saying goodbye, and you’re thinking about yourself, “Wow, that’s an amazing job and efficiently. I’m wondering how much I can give them.” You might also consider whether you can give roadside assistance, such as a tow truck driver. The opinions regarding the amount you’re allowed to tip aren’t always uniform. Let us clear this up for you. Do you give drivers of tow trucks?

How Much To Tip Your Tow Truck Driver

If you’re not planning to pay the driver of the tow truck, it’s not necessary. They won’t ask you to. Note: If you don’t have enough cash to pay for it, you shouldn’t leave a tip.

However, it is common to pay a small amount in certain instances. `About 50% of people are reported to pay the tow vehicle driver between $5 and $20, based on the circumstance.

Here’s how many people are tipped.

  • The average tip is $20. tip
  • $5-10 is thought of as an act of kindness

Most customers pay 10% of their total cost, between $5 to $10, for a typical towing job that is well-done. If you require extra service, $20 can get the extra energy.

How to give a tip:

The costs can be between $75 and $150 (source). It’s a large sum, and some will hesitate to leave a tip. There are instances where tipping might be acceptable.

  • You’d like them to have a look at the underside of the car and maybe even save you cash.
  • It’s terrible weather.
  • when you are stuck in traffic, and the tow is very slow
  • You’d like to have some extra assistance, like a taxi home.
  • They are there quickly, based on what they have told you.
  • If they were behind, they’ve contacted you to inform you of their delay.
  • They’re cautious with your car and did not cause any damage.
  • They consider safety in their calculations.

He’s polite and informs you of his latest activities.

you own a luxury car and want the driver to be extra vigilant

Tips: If you would like him to be more cautious, give him a lead in advance!

Do you tip roadside assistance?

Usually, the same guidelines for a tow truck driver apply to roadside assistance, for example, AAA. It’s not necessarily demanded that you pay a tip for roadside help, but it’s a good idea to be valued. If the person who helped you assisted you in getting back on the road, you were happy with the service and the service provided. A tip is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation when you’re in a position.

What should I pay the driver of my tow truck?

The standard rule of thumb is to give the driver of your tow truck or roadside assistance service $5 for small jobs while you pay $10 for bigger ones. The smaller jobs could include an empty tire, jumpstart, or locksmith service if you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle. The bigger job is towing or in the event of other factors which make the job challenging, such as your location or the weather. The amount you pay for tipping is entirely up to you, as is how you’re willing to pay.

It’s generally expected to pay the person who performed the service a certain amount. However, that amount can differ based on how good or poor it was. The amount of money you give will depend on the quality of your experience or how much you’re willing to pay.

For instance, if your vehicle requires jumpstarting and the roadside helper was able to assist you swiftly and perform the task with compassion, you might be inclined to give them over $5, but it’s your decision.

How much does it take to pull a vehicle?

According to J.D. Power, you could expect to be charged between $2.50 to $7.00 for each mile and the average national cost of $109. There isn’t a set price, and various factors affect the cost. It could be based on the distance to the service, the inconvenience, and the level of risk associated with it.

Specific insurance policies will cover the cost of using a tow vehicle. It is possible to have your car in town or have an unflat tire replaced without charge. If your policy does not cover towing and you don’t have roadside assistance provided by AAA or another firm, it could cost you more following:

  • Type of car you own
  • Time of day
  • If it’s a holiday or a weekend holiday
  • The terrain that your vehicle has to traverse
  • The condition of your car
  • The types of automotive services you’ll need
  • You can have to pay more for towing for 40 miles if you need a few gas tanks to be delivered since you’re out of gas.

How Much to Tip an AAA Tow Truck Driver

Tow truck drivers do not appear to be the first on your mind concerning occupations that can receive tips. Like waitresses, there’s not a specific standard to follow in this regard. The most commonly accepted amount for tipping the server is 15 percent of the bill, but is this the amount that should be extended for tow truck drivers? Perhaps not, but this norm of society could serve as a reference point.

Suppose you have the money; be aware that a gratuity of $5-10 is appropriate in most tow truck situations. But, it would help if you remembered that you’re not required to tip an individual who provides tow truck service when it would be an expense to you to do so.

If you think your AAA tow-truck driver is due an extra tip, you can pay $5 to help with an electric battery jumpstart, changing the flat tire, lockout assistance gas, and $10 if the AAA driver was forced to pull your vehicle. The driver of your triple A will be grateful for the gesture.

Of course, you’re at ease to give either more or less based on your capacity to give. In general, If you’re unsure what amount to give in any circumstance, Start with 10% of the service cost.

Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Tip

If you are deciding whether to tip, take into consideration these factors:

  • How was the performance of the operator? Their task?
  • Are they on time?
  • Did they do their job efficiently and quickly?
  • Did they go above and beyond to assist you?
  • Did they treat your vehicle with the utmost care?

If you feel that the driver has done a fantastic job and think that the driver did, a great job, it’s nice to leave a note. However, when you’re unhappy with how you were treated, you are free not to give a tip and instead focus on the steps ahead to help get your car moving in the right direction.

Tipping the Tow Truck Driver Is a Personal Choice

It’s not a good feeling when your vehicle breaks down at the side of the highway. If your tow truck driver is punctual, courteous, and professional, it’s good to give you a small reward if you can afford it.

Towing companies rarely put an open jar of tips on their driver. But, many tow truck drivers would be happy to receive a small amount of information as their work is often hazardous or require them to be taken away from their home at the end of the night. The majority of tow truck drivers be grateful for the gesture.


So, we’ve covered a lot. The driving of a tow truck is more complex than I believed. I’m thinking of tipping them more often since I’m aware of the dangers. Tow truck operators are the service provider and can make a difference hugely.

You can count on them to bring you to the safety zone, and they may benefit from the situation or even try to assist you as you can. You might consider tipping them if they genuinely are concerned and willing to help. You don’t need to. It’s not required and isn’t a custom; however, it’s greatly appreciated if you choose to.

If you cannot do it, that’s also fine. A smile and a thank-you smile will go a long way.

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