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How Old Is My ipad

If your iPad is old, it might be removed from service. In this case, it won’t be able to use new apps. If you’re unsure what age, your iPad is, make sure to check. But how do you do it to find out what age you have on your tablet?

If you’re iPad has been discontinued, technically speaking, that signifies that Apple has stopped supporting it. However, because of outdated technologies, Apple does not always stop making iPads or other gadgets. But, you must be aware of the basics regarding your iPad, like the year of its manufacture.

How old is my iPad?

Apple is renowned for its user-friendly products. However, there is no indication on your iPad settings what age it is. Fortunately, there are numerous roads leading to Rome. There’s a method to verify whether your iPad is in good condition.

Launch your Settings application to your iPad and then tap “General”;

Visit ‘Info’ and note down the tablet’s serial numbers (e.g. DMPQQXCG4VJ);

Go to Apple’s site and enter the serial number on the website;

Then make sure to Enter the code for security, then continue by tapping Continue.

Then, you’ll be presented with a screen containing information about your tablet. Since Apple offers a standard one-year warranty on all new products, you need to estimate this period from the date of expiration stated on the product.

If the warranty on the iPad ends on May 22, 2022, that signifies that the device was released precisely one year earlier on May 22, 2021.

However, if the iPad is bought in the Netherlands, you’re only legally entitled to a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. In actuality, you can expect that this warranty will be in effect through May 22, 2023.

Three Ways To Know the Age of Your iPad.

When you know the year of manufacture for your device, you will be able to determine what generation it belongs to. This means you can know whether the iPad is eligible to receive an update when Apple announces an update or an accessory for specific models or generations. If your iPad isn’t qualified to receive Apple updates, it does not mean that the iPad is useless.

You can perform several tasks using an iPad that is no longer receiving Apple updates. Typically, you can use your iPad to read eBooks or convert it into a media device that lets you stream and view your preferred shows. However, before you contemplate what you can accomplish with the iPad if it is no longer receiving Apple updates, verify the age.

There are three ways you can utilize to find out what the condition of your device is. We will discuss the steps you need to follow to determine the age of your tablet.

Using the Settings App

One way to find out how old your tablet is is by going using your Settings App on the tablet. We like this method since it’s pretty simple. It doesn’t require any third-party software or a specific tool to utilize this method to verify how old your device is. All you need to do to utilize this method is to determine the age of your iPad and the right way to navigate within Settings. Settings app.

Learn how to use the Settings App to see the age of your tablet.

Click the Settings App from the main screen on your iPad or request Siri to open it if you have your iPad three or more.

Click the “General”.

Select “Legal & Regulatory”.

Within the “Legal & Regulatory” option, Scroll down until you find the date your iPad was sold in the format YYYYY-MM-DD.

Using the Serial Number

If you’re unable to connect to your iPad currently or it won’t start up or on, or you’re not able to go with the first method, Another method to determine the age of your iPad is by using its serial number. It is typically located in the rear of your iPad, on the packaging, on the receipt, and in the Settings App. There are many places you can locate the serial number for your iPad.

This is how you can use this serial number to determine the age of your iPad.

To locate the serial number for your iPad’s Settings app, open Settings and then “General” > “About” There, you will find the serial number in the choices.

Visit Apple’s Coverage site and enter your iPad serial number into the search window.

If it displays the results, you’ll see information regarding the iPad and the date.


The most straightforward method to determine the age of your tablet can be to look at the rear of the tablet. Remove the iPad from its case, if you have one, and examine the lower portion of the back of the iPad.

Below the iPad label, you’ll find a text that states the iPad was created in California and then constructed in China. Below that text, you will find the area that says, Model. Below that is the number that begins with the letter “A.

That number (including the letter A) on your iPad’s back represents your manufacturer’s number. How can you determine which version of your iPad is from this model number? Continue going.

Which is the iPad version? What is the age of my iPad? How old is my iPad?

Take note of the serial number on your iPad and go to this webpage on the Apple website. Click here to select the iPad select from iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad. It will then scroll down to show the various specific models.

Which is the iPad version? What is the age of my iPad? What is the age of my iPad?

How do I tell what Model my iPad is?

When you select the iPad type, you’ll see the various models. All you need to do is to check the one that matches A and the initial 4 numbers of the Model’s number on the back of your iPad.

Note: You can verify the model number of your iPad via the Settings App on the device. I’ll explain how to accomplish this in the following section. But, if you only require the model number, I would suggest checking the back of the device is easier and faster than using the Settings App.

The most efficient method of checking models’ model numbers is using the Find in-page feature in your web browser. Just hit the CTRL + F key combination and type A, followed by the first 5 characters of your iPad’s model code. This is how you’ll be able to determine which generation you’re iPad is.

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Final Thoughts

Be aware of your iPad’s most crucial information, such as its age. This guide will show you how it’s simple to find out the age of your tablet (mini, Air, and Pro).

In addition, with the numerous ways to check it, there’s no excuse not to know the age of your tablet.

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