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how Tall Is Ruby From On My Block

Are you Jason Genao, the young heartthrob who successfully swept everyone off their feet? What are some of the essential facts that every lover of Netflix the hit series “On My Block” must be aware of? What is his height? How old is he? What is his net worth? Are there any planned projects? Are there any relationships between the actor and someone? If yes, then who is she? What should we know about his past relationships? If you’re interested in one or more of these topics, then you’re in the correct location. In this article, we’ll answer these questions in detail and many more. Are you interested? If yes, we will promise you this will be a great time.

Jason Genao is a young actor from the United States that has taken the fans of Netflix by storm with his role as “Ruby Martinez” in the popular show “On My Block’. The show, which spans four seasons and features Jason being one of its main characters, is a to-watch for every teenager. The fans are fascinated by Ruby’s romantic and sweet character and are curious about what the actor’s life is like in the real world.

“On” My Block – Netflix Original

The first time viewers were introduced to Ruby on On My Block was released in 2019. Since Ruby was first introduced to the screen, the show has gained massive fan support. Ruben Martinez, Jr. was a famous fan due to his quirky persona and how well he portrayed his traits which made him adored. If you’re a fan of Ruby, there are some things you should keep in mind. One of them is the height of Ruby in the movie On My Block.

However, fans must be aware of the actors who play Ruby’s character, the age of his character, and his wealth. On My Block, the Tv show that introduced us to this gorgeous character, Ruby, is a teenage comedy that demonstrates the challenges that teenagers from diverse backgrounds live in the rougher neighborhoods that are Los Angeles.

How high does Ruby On My Block?

Ruby on the show On My Block is around five feet and one inch in length and weighs approximately 55.4 kgs or 124 pounds. Jason Genao was born on the 3rd of July, 1996, and in 2022, he is just 26 years old. Young, we’ve discovered the zodiac signs of Cancer as of his birth date. The actor is short, but this makes him more charming.

How Are You? How Old Is Ruby From My Block?

We know now the height of Ruby of On My Block. Let us know what age is Ruby of On My Block. Despite portraying a young boy on the show, the math wizard has characters who are mature enough. He is often an advocate for a reason and a voice of conscience in his circle of peers. In this show, Ruby is in her teens, but what is Ruby from the On My Block show. Jason, who is playing Ruby, was born at the age of 26- born in 1996. Jason was born on the 3rd July 1996, making their Zodiac Sign Cancer.

Jason Genao Net Worth

On My Block, a massive hit in its 3rd season also witnessed an increase in the cast’s pay. In the beginning, the actors were paid approximately $25,000 per episode, which grew to $91,250 for each episode in season 3.

Jason Genao age vs. other characters

Sierra Capri, who plays Monse in the show, is aged 23, as is her friend, Diego Tinoco, aka Cesar is also aged 23. Brett Gray is slightly older at the age of 25.

Jasmine Flores, who is supposed to be 15 years older, is played by 34-year-old Jessica Marie Garcia. It’s a lot of makeup!

Oscar “Spooky” Diaz is 20 years old in the show; however, the character is performed by Julio Macias, who is 31 years old.

Olivia turns 15 by the time season 1 of On My Block season 1; however, in actual Ronni Hawk, who is the character Olivia, is just depending 22.

Latrelle is among the youngest of the Prophets. Jacking Guillory, who plays his role, is also among the cast’s youngest members at 20.

Peggy Blow, who plays Ruby’s character, Marisol Martinez, is 66, but in real life, she’s aged 69.

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