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How To Block Internet Access On Android For Specific Apps

In the case of Android smartphones, every app running in the background will make use of Internet information without consent. If you’re using an unlimited data plan and you’re not on a limit, there’s no issue because there aren’t any restrictions on data usage However, if you’re on only limited usage of data your data could be lost due to background Data use. Thus, blocking an application from connecting to the Internet is a great idea.

I’ve already discussed disabling the Internet for all apps on Android 5.1 and also specific applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. The method works only for the previous version of Android OS. If you’re running the most recent Android version like Android Nougat 7.0 or Android Oreo 8.1, and Android Pie 9.0plus You won’t get exact settings, as were available in the previous version.

If you’d like to limit internet access to a specific app on Android Here are some options to accomplish this similar to the methods mentioned in this article.

How Can I Turn Off Internet on My Phone?

You can turn off Internet connectivity on an Android phone by clicking settings and then Wireless Network > *bold>Mobile, and checking the box next to Data Enabled. (N. If you do not uncheck this option, you’ll not be in a position to send or receive MMS.

Do you have the ability to disable the Internet through Android?

There are several methods to restrict Internet accessibility on Android. One option is to utilize an app such as NetGuard that can stop certain apps from connecting to internet access Internet or restrict access to all Internet access. Another option is to utilize an application for firewalls like AFWall+ that can be used to stop specific applications from connecting to the Internet or stop all internet traffic, except specific applications.

How Can I Block Internet Access On My Android Phone?

There is a Data usage option under the Android Mobile network settings. Select the Network access button following. The list of installed apps, as well as their mark-ups for mobile data as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, is now accessible. You can stop an app from connecting to the internet by checking both boxes in front of the app’s name.

How can you deactivate mobile data from certain applications?

Alternately, Android allows restricting access to mobile data a separate. Additionally, you can do it in-built, without having to install third-party apps that are available from Google Play. To be clear, it’s not similar to the procedure we described previously in this section. To achieve this, you just need to follow these steps:

Go to the settings.
Click on”Applications” and then the “Applications” section.
Then, search for applications to which you would like to limit the access of mobile devices. It can be a bit cumbersome as you be required to do each one at a time.
Click on anyone and, when you are on the file, navigate to Data utilization>>.
In the next tab, you can view the amount of data consumed in the background and foreground. background, and also the tab that reads “Automatic connection”. Switch it off after which you’re all done.
After you’ve completed the process, any apps you’ve checked will immediately stop connection to mobile data however, they will continue to connect through WiFi.

Utilizing AFWall+

It’s true, AFWall+ is another best and most highly-rated Android firewall app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But, unlike the other apps in this article, AFWall+ needs root access to run. Once you have permitted them to root, AFWall+ allows users to design and apply particular firewall policies. Here’s how you can utilize AFWalland block access to the internet for certain applications on Android.

Step 1. First, download and download AFWall+ for the Android smartphone. To find information on how to access the Google Play Store link, go here.

Step 2. After downloading, open the application, and it will request you to grant the superuser permissions. Click on the “Grant” button to continue.

Step 3. After you have completed the step, start the app, and search for the apps installed. After that, it will show all the apps. Choose the checkbox below the ‘WiFi’ icon and ‘Mobile Data’ icons to turn off or enable internet access. After that, click Apply.

Step 4. After that, you’ll be able to see the AFWallplus widget appearing on your home screen. From there, you can activate or deactivate the firewall’s rules quickly.

You’re done! Here’s how to make use of AFWall+ to prevent access to the internet on specific applications on Android.

Make use of the NET GUARD Application

NetGuard is a no-cost app available for installation through the Play Store. It can stop access to internet-based apps running on your smartphone. Here’s how to accomplish it.

Step 1: Visit the Play Store on your smartphone and download the NetGuard application.

Step 2. Open the app after it has been installed, and then select I Agree.

The 3rd step: all applications installed on your device will be shown in the app.

Step 4: You’ll find two green icons alongside each application. The first icon indicates Wi-Fi while the other one is Mobile Data.

The 5th step is to tap the icons that correspond to the app you wish to deactivate internet access to. If you’d like to deactivate internet access completely, click on both icons.

  1. The icon changed to red.

Step 7: Click on the switch in the upper-left corner to activate NetGuard and stop access to the internet to the chosen application.

Step 8: Click”OK” at the prompt. NetGuard is essentially the VPN to block access to specific apps. This means that you are required to connect NetGuard to the set of VPNs on your smartphone.

Step 9: You’ll soon see a request for connection which informs your it is NetGuard will attempt to establish the VPN connection. Click OK.

Step 10: A new prompt will appear asking you to turn off the optimization of your battery. This step is optional however it will guarantee that NetGuard remains always active. Click Yes.

Step 11: On the window that appears open, click on Not Optimized and then change it to All apps.

Step 12: Browse until you see NetGuard on the list of applications. Click it.

Step 13: Tap Don’t optimize, then tap Done.

Step 14: Click the back button located in the top left corner to return to NetGuard.

Now you will see that NetGuard is running and the app you have selected doesn’t have internet access. You can confirm NetGuard is in use by checking for the icon that is key within the center of the notification to indicate that the VPN is running.


There are many methods to restrict Internet access, based on your requirements of yours. You can choose to use either a hardware or software blocker or utilize your router’s built-in firewall to block certain sites. If you require assistance in setting up one of these blockers, your Internet service provider or technical support will be able to assist.

The features that you can utilize on your Android in terms of blocking Internet access to certain applications will differ depending on the model of your phone. However, with the application that is available to everyone Android users have access to the same features regardless of the Android version or model of the device.

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