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How To Call Someone Who Blocked You

Someone has blocked your number. However, you’d like to contact them! Before calling, you should consider the reason why they stop your number. You must ensure that you will not end up causing trouble or risking harassing charges. Check out strategies to circumvent your block if you’re calling for legitimate reasons!

What exactly is iOS blocking calls?

iOS 7.7, the update for 2013 to the operating system software of Apple for iPhone and iPad, introduced the valuable feature of the capability to remove phone numbers that are a nuisance to calls. The steps to accomplish this are in our guide on how to block a phone number on iPhone. The feature has been maintained with each iOS upgrade since the release of iOS 12, all the way to iOS 13.

However, if you’re blocking the call (to discover why, see how to determine who stopped you), Is there an alternative to get around the block to allow your message through during a crisis? If you’ve had a bad break-up with someone you love, however, you now must inform them of an urgent update on an illness in the family, For instance. You may also want to return the ring you gave to your former fiance, but he’s angry enough to block the number.

It’s pretty simple, too – and not just in a good way to evade iOS’s block-number function. However, before we discuss the mechanism behind it, we’ll give you we’d like to provide you with a final reminder.

Is it legal to get around an obstruction on calls?

The technique we describe includes hiding the caller’s ID. This can be done by a simple function available to everyone. It’s completely legal. It’s possible that using this method of calling someone after they’ve made it clear they aren’t interested in being called could put you in legal hot water later on and could even be seen as harassing. This is before getting into the moral side of the matter.

We don’t recommend this tactic except for the most severe emergencies. Respect the privacy of others, And be aware that if you continue calling someone even after they’ve declared they do not want you to do so or have removed your phone number, you’re headed toward a restraining order. Macworld does not take responsibility for legal consequences resulting from harassment.

Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number

The call-blocking feature on iPhone and Android Phones is excellent for stopping annoying spammers. Still, it is also utilized to block people who have gotten us off and to deter or avoid legitimate calls.

This piece is to aid people who are unjustly denied access (like an individual who owes money) and help those in need by reaching out to someone for emergencies or other compelling personal reasons.

Use Caution and Respect Privacy

If you plan to call someone who blocked your number, It is crucial to know that calling anyone who doesn’t want to be contacted by your calls could be seen as harassment and may result in trouble.

If the person on the other end of the line isn’t likely to do anything, you have a social and moral obligation to protect your privacy and refrain from calling those who do not wish to talk with you.

In the above paragraph, the information in this article is designed to aid people who have urgent issues or have compelling personal reasons to call the person who blocked their phone number.

  1. Call From Another Number
    The simplest method to call the person who blocked your number is to take someone else’s phone and then make a phone call to the person who blocked your phone number.

Because the number you’re calling from isn’t blocked, the number on the other end will get your call and will likely be able to take your call.

This allows you to communicate the vital message to someone else or clarify the miscommunication (if there is one).

  1. Hide Caller ID and Make A Call
    If you are uncomfortable calling another number, block Caller ID from your phone and call the person who stopped the number.

If you call using Hidden caller identification, the Contact’s iPhone or Android phone won’t identify your number, so your call will be successful.

When you connect with the other person, you can relay your message or notify the person of the blocked number.

The steps needed to Hide Caller ID will vary based on your smartphone.

If you have the case of an iPhone If you have an iPhone, head into Settings > Phone Show My Caller ID and turn off the Show My Caller ID.
It is essential to consider this.
Before beginning these procedures, consider that calling an individual that has blocked your Contact might be seen as harassment and could result in legal issues.

Respect the privacy rights of the person. Certain personal motives could be behind the blockage if they are trying to block your presence. Therefore, you must let them have space to talk when they do not want a conversation with you.
This article aims to provide some practical ways to respond in an emergency or if you need to talk to someone who wrongly blocked your phone. Try these methods and reach them with ease. This is a repeating theme; it’s always ideal for observing someone else’s boundaries and allowing the person time to speak without judging them.

Can you contact an individual who has blocked your call?

However, there are several ways to attempt.
If you’re trying to call the person who blocked you and you’re blocked, there are some possibilities to bypass the blocking. It’s possible to call from an alternative phone number by using an app, such as Google Voice, or placing calls with your provider’s blocking features removed. If none of the above methods succeeds, it’s likely the person you’re trying to contact has their number blocked to the public. If you’ve attempted all of them, we’ve got better options for contacting someone stopping you. Keep practising.

What do you call someone who has blocked you?

If someone has blocked you, contacting or messaging them via text will be impossible. But there are a couple of ways to learn how to reach the person who has blocked your number:

A way to contact the blocked person is to take a borrower’s telephone and dial their number to reach the person stopped. If the person borrowing isn’t opposed to it trying, attempt calling from a mobile phone or a Google Voice number.
Another option to Contact those who have blocked your access is to contact them via email or social media. If you are familiar with the email address of the person that blocked your account, attempt to contact them via email. Also, you could send an email on social media sites if you’ve got familiar friends on Facebook or if you follow one another on Twitter.
You can get their family or friends if you’re having difficulty contacting the person who blocked you. They can suggest how you can reach out to the person stopping you.

Can someone stop calling so that they aren’t able to call?

This piece is written by someone who’s been blocked but wants to contact someone during an emergency. The rest people will be shocked by the ease of getting around a block on calls. Can a call-blocking system function?

It is true. One thing is that knowing the procedure described in this post gives an increased chance of overcoming it. If you’ve blocked someone who isn’t yours and you start receiving calls from them with their ID concealed, you shouldn’t answer.

However, it’s also feasible to go further than the one you have. We’ve revised our ‘How you can stop numbers from your iPhone’ article with an area explicitly dealing with using the methods described in this article. It outlines strategies to ignore or block people who have hidden their Caller ids, such as using third-party applications and subscription services. For further details, please find out how to block callers who conceal their caller ID.

Are they on Do Not Disturb?

One more possible scenario we’ve not yet addressed in this piece is If the person isn’t responding to the phone or returning your messages and may have been using Do Not Disturb instead of blocking you one by one. Do Not Disturb works similarly to a temporary method of blockading everyone.

The effects that are a result of Do Not Disturb can be compared to the signs of blocking calls. However, alternatives for contacting someone in an emergency are slightly different. Making calls at other times during the day, for example, or calling two times within the same time frame, could pass through the DND block, but it will not aid in getting around an obstruction to calls.


I hope you’ve completed all the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs and can reach anyone who’s blocked your call. If you have any questions about this post, please let us know via the comment section below. Send this blog post to your acquaintances and visit our other posts to find the most up-to-date How-to-Guides and Tech content.

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