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How To Change Airpods Name

You can alter your AirPod name using either your iPhone or the iPad’s Settings App on the settings on your Mac computer.
Changing the name of your AirPods could make them easier to recognize in the crowded Bluetooth menu.
With so many Bluetooth-equipped products to join, including the car’s stereo to headphones that block noise to your speaker in your living room, it takes time to keep track of the different Bluetooth devices available.
It’s beneficial to change the names of devices like your AirPods so that you don’t find them again.

How do you alter the name that you use for AirPods on iOS? AirPods on iOS

AirPods 3rd Generation will change the terms of the AirPods
The entire process is just five steps. If you can come up with an even better name later in the future, it is possible to revisit and change the name of your earbuds in any way you like. Make a note of these steps:

Start the Settings app, then navigate to the Bluetooth section of your iOS device.
Select the blue Information icon beside the AirPods that you’d like to alter the names of.
Select the name option.
Enter the name you’d like to use.
The Back arrow is pressed twice to return to your Bluetooth screen.
The job is complete if you can see your new name in the Bluetooth menu. If you need help recognizing the new name, repeat the steps mentioned above another time. If you own an Android device and want to change the name of your earbuds, continue studying.

How to Rename AirPods on an iPhone

The process of naming your AirPods by using your iPhone is as easy as two taps. The first step is to connect the AirPods like you usually do. Here’s how you do it.

Connect the iPhone’s Bluetooth and then take your AirPods from their cases.

If they haven’t connected immediately, check your iPhone’s settings, and look for “Bluetooth.”

Then, tap “Not Connected” next to your AirPods. After connecting, click the information icon next to the AirPods at the top of that page.

Enter their name, and then you can create a new account.

Click “Done,” and they’re ready to go.

AirPods name changes in a particular Apple ID will also apply to all other devices connected to the same Apple ID.

How can you alter the name used for the AirPods on Android?

Naming AirPods using the help of an Android phone is much simpler than it is on iOS. You don’t need to connect the earbuds to change the name. Give these methods a go, and you’ll soon be on your way to:

Start the Settings app, then go to the section Connected devices.
Find your AirPods within the list of devices previously connected.
Click the settings button on the right-hand side of your display.
Click the Pencil icon right next to the Device information header.
Input the name that you like and then press on the Rename button.
Make sure your new name appears within your Bluetooth menu.
Voila, One named set of AirPods with iOS is not to be found. As promised, it takes only a few minutes, and you’re given the option of creating your unique name if you want to. However, you can change only the local name set for the AirPods on Android, but this will not alter the name of each device.

How can you alter the name you give to AirPods on Mac?

You can open Systems Preferences within your Mac. You will do this by pressing on the Apple symbol located on the upper-left edge of the screen and then selecting System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

In System Preferences In System Preferences, click Bluetooth.

Screenshot of the System Preferences home page on Mac.

In System Preferences, go to “Bluetooth.” Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider
Make sure you connect your AirPods directly to your Mac. Then, in the Devices section of the Bluetooth page, right-click on the Name of the AirPods and choose Rename from the menu drop-down. To right-click on a Mac, you need to hold down the Control key when you click.

Screenshots from Rename drop-down menu within the Bluetooth Section of the System Preferences
In the drop-down menu, Choose “Rename.” Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider
Enter a new name, then click Rename to confirm your changes.

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