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how to change alarm sound on iphone

A ringing alarm is one of the things that most of our people would like to hear every early morning. A typical loud and blaring alarm sound doesn’t make a difference, nor does it make the alarm sound. If you’re using an iPhone to set your alarms for the morning, it’s possible to alter the Sound of your notice.

There are many ways to alter the Alarm’s tone, and you may choose to use any sound that you like to get up each morning From soothing sounds to your favorite songs. You only need a couple of steps to accomplish this, and then you can change the Alarm’s Sound as many times as you’d like.

How can I change the Sound of the Alarm on my iPhone?

This article’s steps were carried out using the iPhone 13 using the iOS 16.3.1 operating system.

But, the same procedure is also applicable to different iPhone 13 models, including Mini, Pro Max, and Pro, Pro Max, as well as the Mini and many other iPhone models running the latest version of iOS.

Step 1: Look for Step 1: Locate the Clock app icon on the home screen, and then select it.

Step 2: Click on the Alarm tab from the row to the left on the display.

Step 3: Click the Edit button on the upper left edge of the screen.

Step 4: Pick the Alarm you’d like to change the volume.

Step 5. Tap the sound button in the center of the display.

The current alarm tone will be shown on the right side of this button.

Step 6: Go through the selection of tunes and songs to select which one you’d like to utilize. Tap Return at the top left once you’re finished.

If you touch any new sound, your phone will play an audio video so that you can listen to what the Sound sounds like.

Step 7. Make any additional modifications to the Alarm you’d like to make, and then click Save on the top right edge of the screen.

Once you’ve learned the method to alter alarm sounds in iPhone 13, you can make the change whenever you’re setting an alarm that you do not like the Sound.

How do you add a brand-new alarm to your iPhone?

Many pre-installed alarms seem as captivating as listening to your mom berate you for your choices. If you’d like to have a more relaxing-sounding ringtone, some alternatives are available.

If you tap Sound on the alarm screen, you will find a link known as Tone Store. This area within the iTunes Store sells your alarms and alert tones for just $1.

If you’ve removed iTunes Store from your phone, it will prompt you to reinstall. iTunes Store from your phone will encourage users to install it again to access the Tone Store. It is then possible to browse the bought tone on the tones menu on your phone. You can then join it with an alarm.

How to Change or Customize the Alarm Sound on an iPhone

If you make a new alarm, you can decide which tone to sound when the Alarm is set. In default, the Alarm’s style is changed to “Radar,” and the Sound will be “Alert.”

Create a distinct tone for each if you have more than one Alarm. Alarms can be programmed only to vibrate, play only a sound or both, and also have audio.

Change Your Alarm Sound

You can follow these steps to change the Sound of the Alarm.

Use the “Clock” app.

Choose”Alarm” from the “Alarm” option.

On the right-hand side on the top, click “Edit.”

Select the Alarm that you would like to modify, and then you will see the “Edit Alarm” page will appear.

Select the “Sound” option.

Next, under”RINGTONES,” in the “RINGTONES” section, select the tone that you would like to hear. A sample will play for each.

If you do not want to be notified of alarms, you can select “None.”

To the left of the screen On the left side, press “Back” to access the “Edit Alarm” screen once you’ve completed.

Click “Save” to save your changes.

How to Set Up The Voice Memo as an Alarm on iPhone?

If the player wants to modify the game, configure the voice memo to be an alarm sound, and follow the following steps. The device you need to use is the iPhone and Apple GarageBand. Apple GarageBand app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

Users must launch the Voice Memos application on the device to enable an audio memo. Choose the audio that was recorded or switch to an existing recording. Then, select the circle with three dots preceding the recording, and choose an option to Save the recording to Files option, which is displayed in the Sharee sheet. Once that is done, users must save the recorded file to the specific location within the Files application.

After that, you can launch then the GarageBand application and choose the particular instrument. Then select the project icon, located in the lower left corner on top of the display.

Click on the loop icon, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner.

Following that, users have to click the Files tab. Then, load the recorded file into GarageBand. GarageBand app. After that, they must edit the audio and export it.

These recordings can be downloaded from The Below Ringtones section; the person can use the iPhone ringtone and the alarm sound.

How to Set an Alarm

Start the Clock app and tap to open the Alarm tab.

Press the button to add.

Choose a date and time for your Alarm. It is also possible to select any of the following choices:

Continue: Tap to set up an alarm that is recurring.

Record: Click to label the Alarm.

Sound: Tap to select one of the sounds that play whenever the Alarm goes off.

Snooze: Press the button for Snooze button if an alarm is sounded.

Tap Save.

How do I change the volume of the Alarm on the iPhone?

iPhones aren’t equipped with a separate volume for alarm sounds. It’s connected to the phone’s Ringtone and notification sounds. Thus, you must go into Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Move the slider in the Ringtone and alert volume sections either to the left or right to alter the volume of the Alarm, along with the importance of the Ringtone and other alerts.

How do you configure your iPhone’s alarm clock to be only vibrating?

If you want to set your iPhone alarm to just Sound but not vibrate, then noise, you can find the Alarm within the Clock application. Select Sound, then choose None on the bottom screen.

How can I make voice memos and Alarm sounds for your iPhone?

If you want to set a recorded voice to be an alarm tone, you must change it to an alarm tone with Garageband. Garageband application. Then, you can quickly set it up as an alarm sound. Steps to accomplish this are the same as creating WhatsApp the audio to be a call tone on your iPhone.

What can I do to delete the iPhone alarm?

If you’ve got an alarm you are using, whether it’s a wake-up alarm or a device that serves as a daily reminder during the day, you may be looking for a way to remove the Alarm.

This can be done using the Clock menu, Alarm, swiping left over the Alarm you would like to get rid of, and then selecting the option to delete.

Where can I locate an option to alter the volume of my Alarm in the alarm settings of an iPhone?

One of the most common concerns about the Alarm is that it could be high. It is especially noticeable when it’s an alarm for the morning, which could be very disruptive.

If you’d like to alter the iPhone alarm’s volume so that it is quieter, access the Settings app, then choose Sounds and Haptics and move the slider beneath the categories of Ringer and Alerts to alter the volume of Alarm within the phone.


Changing the Sound that your Alarm goes to in the Alarm on your iPhone can be a fantastic method to personalize your iPhone to make your mornings pleasant.

If you follow these steps, as we mentioned, you can swiftly and quickly alter the Sound of your Alarm and begin your day by waking up to a fresh and new tone.

With many options to customize, the Alarm you choose to use will no more be dull.

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