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How to change bluetooth name on iphone

Are you confused by all the Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone? Learn how to change the names of your Bluetooth devices to keep your devices in order.

Bluetooth headphones and speakers paired with your iPhone typically use generic names. It’s sometimes difficult to determine which name belongs to a specific device, particularly when a long list of devices is paired in your display. However, there’s an easy solution.

You can change the name of any Bluetooth device connected to your iPhone to make it easier for you to identify it. All you require is an active Bluetooth connection and a few minutes. Let’s look at the steps you must follow to change the name of an existing Bluetooth phone on an iPhone.

How can you change the name you want to be displayed on your iPhone?

The name you can see on your iPhone implies that the phone is yours. It is helpful when connecting a Bluetooth device to your iPhone. The iPhone lets its users modify their discoverable names. Personal identity for the iPhone device will also make your iPhone unique. If the default name is not appealing enough, You may have to follow a few simple steps to find out how to alter the user name on your iPhone.

How do I change the Bluetooth name on your iPhone’s Bluetooth-connected devices?

It isn’t possible to change the name of all the Bluetooth devices, such as the speaker’s Apple Watches and AirPods, because they do not include the keyboard. The only way to do this is to connect these devices to a different device that comes with the keyboard and then try to change the name. However, the Apple iPhone can do that for you. Here are the easy steps:

Change the Bluetooth Name on the iPhone Change the Bluetooth Name on iPhone – change the name of the device.

Step 1. Connect the Bluetooth device that you would like to change the name of.

Step 2. Connect the device to your iPhone. You can change the name of the Bluetooth device after it is connected directly to the iPhone.

3. After confirming the connection, Open your Settings app for your iPhone.

Step 4. Find Bluetooth under Settings. Then tap it.

Step 5. The devices currently connected or before the iPhone will be shown. The term “Connected” will indicate the currently connected device.

Step 6. Then, locate the letter ” I ” on the right-hand side of the device, then tap it.

Step 7. Tap Name, and you can alter the Bluetooth names of your iPhone-connected device. Then, tap Done.

Why should you change the default name?

Changing an iPhone’s default name helps it recognize when connecting to Bluetooth devices. The iPhone can also allow you to provide a unique name for the Bluetooth accessory, making it more easily identifiable among the multitude of devices that are in your home or office. The unique name adds a personal touch to each Bluetooth accessory you have.

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