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How To Change Group Name On Facebook

Facebook offers many features that can help people with similar interests connect and communicate more easily. The most important feature is Facebook groups. The name and description of the group can help people decide if they want to join.

We will cover how to modify a Facebook Group name and the essential factors you should consider before doing so.

Who Can Modify the Name of a Group on Facebook?

As an administrator, you can change the group’s name however you wish, provided it conforms to Facebook standards. The administrator is automatically the person who creates the group or page. You can also appoint administrators to other groups. Here’s how to change a Facebook group name on different devices. However, before we do that, let’s examine why you may need to make changes.

Change Group Names on Facebook.

If you are an administrator, you can easily change the name of your group on Facebook. You can do this by following the steps listed below.

  • log in to Facebook using your desktop computer or laptop
  • You can change the name of a group by selecting it from the left-hand corner of your newsfeed.
  • Select “Settings” from a list of options to the left
  • Click on Name and Description’ to open the ‘Set Up Group’ tab.
  • Change the name of your group and click on Save
  • Scroll down to learn how to change your iPhone group name.

You can also ask questions about common issues such as changing your group’s name before 28-days, after 5000 members, and after the limit.

Do You Want to Change the Name of Your Facebook Group?

We discussed previously that you, as administrator, have the freedom to change the Facebook Group’s name whenever you wish. These are the reasons you might have to change the name.

  • You want to change the group URL

Changing a group’s name to remove its original URL is common. If you are a brand new group, you want people to be capable of finding your group with simple search terms and not long URLs.

  • Your audience’s cultural landscape has changed.

Your group will be obsolete in a few years. Your audience’s scope will expand, and the discussions will continue to grow. Sometimes topics can become repetitive and distract from your goal. Sometimes discussions can take interesting turns and are worth a new name. You can plan Facebook group posts to keep up with all conversations and changing trends.

How do I change my Facebook group name using my computer?

To rename the Facebook group, you need to be an administrator. This means that you or someone else should have created the Facebook group. Here are the steps required to rename Facebook Groups on a Computer.

  • First, log in to Facebook via your Mac or PC. Click on the name to edit the group. If you have difficulty finding the group, please go to the “shortcuts” section on the left-hand screen.
  • Click on “More” under the header image, and click the “Edit group Settings” button.
  • The field with the group’s name will be next to the “Group name” option. Click on it and type the new name into the box.
  • After typing your group name, scroll down and select “save.”

After completing the above steps, you should see your Facebook group name change. All members will automatically receive the notification of change.

How do I change my Facebook group name using my mobile device?

To edit the group names on Facebook, mobiles must have an administrator. The steps below will help you edit the group name on Facebook.

  • First, open Facebook on your Android or iOS phone and click the menu icon in the upper right.
  • Click “Groups,” then choose the name you want to use for your Facebook group. If you’re having trouble finding it, please go to “Your Groups” and scroll down to the option “Groups You Manage.”
  • The top-right corner will show an icon that looks similar to a shield. In the pop-up menu, select “Group Settings.”
  • Select “Name and description.”
  • Click on the “Group name” field and then enter the name you want for your Facebook Group. Click on the “save button” at the top right.

Change a group name via Facebook desktop.

Once you have decided to change the name of your Facebook Group, it is easy.

This is how to modify a Facebook group’s name using a Mac computer or a PC.

Log into your account using

Click on “Groups” or “See more” in the menu.

Choose the desired group under “Groups You Manage.”

Scroll down and click on the “Settings” link in the menu.

Under the “Setting up group section,” select the pencil icon just to the right under “Name & description.”

In the “Name” box, enter the group’s new name and click “Save.”

How can I change the Facebook group name?

If you are unable or unwilling to change the Facebook group name, be sure it has not been modified in the 28-day preceding. To prevent abuse, the group name cannot be changed more often than once every 28 calendar days.

Another reason you may not be permitted to change the name of a group is that you aren’t an admin. If you don’t have the required rights, ask an admin for permission to change the name.

Final thoughts concerning changing Facebook groups names

Changes in the group name can help you align your group members with your focus. Instead of creating a brand new group and building it from scratch.

This article will help you determine steps to take to change your Facebook Group name. It may even help you troubleshoot problems if they arise.

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