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How To Change Iphone Hotspot Name

The personal hotspot feature uses the data connection on your iPhone’s cellular to create a wifi network that other devices can use for internet access. If you’re having difficulty finding your hotspot on the list of wifi networks, this guide will guide you through how to change the name of your hotspot to simplify your search.

Which is your hotspot that you can access on your iPhone?

A Personal Hotspot on the phone lets the user share their data connection with others. Personal Hotspots on the iPhone or iPad allow users to connect to cellular data, similar to wifi networks.

How Do I Change My Hotspot Name?

Follow the steps below to change the name of your hotspot.

  • Go to your Settings application on your iPhone to modify the settings on your iPhone settings.
  • Then, on the Settings page, choose General.
  • Now, you can tap on the About tab.
  • You will need to choose”Change Name” from the Name choice to alter the hotspot’s name on iPhone.
  • You will see your hotspot’s current name within your text box. Click on the gray x within a circle in the right-hand corner of the text field to erase the name of the current hotspot.
  • Change your hotspot’s name to something you love by entering it into the text field.
  • This will automatically alter the default name to the old name.

Why Should I Change iPhone Hotspot Name?

If you purchase a brand new iPhone first, the most crucial step you’ll need to take is to set it up. When you do this, Apple gives you some standard naming options.

The default names for the iOS gadget include iPhone or [Your name’s iPhone. The default name for your device could be confusing when it’s pretty generic, for example, “iPhone” since other users may use the same hotspot names also.

If you’re someone who frequently makes use of your iPhone’s Hotspot feature, it’s possible to change the hotspot’s name on your iPhone to be sure that there is no confusion. Change the name of your hotspot in iPhone simply by changing your name on your iPhone using the method above.

How do you change the hotspot password on your iPhone?

Here’s how you can change your mobile hotspot’s password:

  • Open your iPhone Settings menu.
  • Tap Personal Hotspot.
  • Switch the toggle to switch on Personal Hotspot.
  • Tap the wifi password to change the wifi password.
  • You should include something you recall that is more complex for others to guess.
  • That’s it. Your wifi hotspot has been securely secured. It is also essential to explain why using a secure password for your hotspot is recommended. If your security passwords are simple to remember, you can be sure that your kids might find them and use up the subscription. Children are very imaginative. Your friends and colleagues are also.

Therefore, protect your mobile hotspot by using an extremely secure password. Also, create one you would prefer to avoid sharing with others sometimes. That means selecting the same password to secure your bank account as a hotspot password is not a good idea. Are you getting the picture?

You are now aware of the steps to change your hotspot’s name and your iPhone’s password. If you decide to upgrade your phone to a higher-end model, these instructions remain in effect if Apple alters how it is performed at some point in the future. The personal hotspot on your iPhone has a unique name and a password you can remember.

How to Connect to Your iPhone Hotspot

To connect to the hotspot on your iPhone via wifi, look up the iPhone’s name on the list of accessible wifi networks on a different device. After that, you’ll need to input the hotspot password for your iPhone when you are asked to enter the wifi password.

How do you connect to your iPhone Hotspot using wifi

To connect to the hotspot on your iPhone via Bluetooth, you need to go to your Bluetooth options on the device. This is similar to how you connect to a Bluetooth headset or mouse. After that, click the link to Network in your gadget. It could be different depending on the device you’re trying to connect.

How to connect to your iPhone Hotspot with Bluetooth

Check that the code displayed is the same on your device and your iPhone. Then click Pair with your iPhone.

Bluetooth pairing request

To connect to the hotspot on your iPhone via USB, connect the iPhone to your device. Find the name of your hotspot in the list of available networks. If you’re trying to communicate via computers, your iPhone hotspot may appear as an Ethernet connection.

The Bottom Line

Follow the steps above to change the name of your iPhone. This is essentially changing the name of your hotspot since the phone’s brand name will appear as the name of your network connection. Be aware that the device’s name changes will cause it to disconnect any previously connected devices and erase all of your once-set-up settings.

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