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how to Change Your Profile Picture On Mixer

You can change your Mixer Username or Mixer Avatar Profile Pic.

Mixer, a live streaming website, is seeing more popularity. This is a tricky task, as changing your Mixer username and profile pic can be confusing.

Here’s how to do it.

It’s free and easy to show your unique side to the world through gameplay streaming. The mixer allows users to switch between profile photos easily.

Change Your Profile Picture On Mixer

Desktop: Once you have opened Mixer, you must choose your user icon, located in the upper left corner.

Then, click on the “Broadcast Dashboard.”

To the left will be the “manage Channel” field. You should choose “Customize.”

The rest of the steps will be obvious. Once you’ve selected your avatar image, the next step is to choose the photo you would like to use as your profile pic. Once you’ve made a selection, click on “Open” to open the picture. You can then crop or edit your image.

Select “Upload” when you’ve found the perfect fit.

Things to Keep in Mind, Again

The second is about your Microsoft account. It is essential to link your Mixer account with it. However, changing the username on one platform won’t affect the other. This can be problematic if you desire matching usernames, as somebody else might already have it. It is essential to make the right choice.

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