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How To Clean Alex And Ani Bracelets

There’s a long-standing belief that copper is a healing substance, as well. Alex and Ani have decided to work with copper to spread the word about this belief. The copper absorbed by your skin is absorbed through your pores while you wear it. Some individuals believe that it will positively boost your immune system.

Copper is also believed to attract positive energy, making these great accessories for all.

Alex and Ani can also donate a portion of their earnings to charities. They’ve joined forces with charitable organizations from all over the world as well as the Charity By Design Collection is an excellent example of this concept. All you need to do is select your cause and then shop. They’ll give a percentage of the profits to the cause you select.

Hey! This is how you can cleanse your Alex and Ani Bracelet. As the owners of these bracelets may be aware, they can develop dark spots on their bracelets, which I do not like. That being stated, here’s how to eliminate the spots! Also, I contacted the business and inquired which soap they would apply, so I’m not making up this! Let me know if this works! Comment, like, and follow!

Alex and Ani Materials

In some instances, they will make the bracelets plated in Rafelian silver or gold to enhance the range of colors or control the bracelet’s result in a more precise manner. This coating is only available for Alex and Ani bracelets and was developed to honor the founders. You can’t find it other than the Alex and Ani bracelets.

Although Alex and Ani use the finest 92.5 percent silver, they have added copper to help strengthen it. Without copper, the silver will be too fragile to work with, and the bracelet that resulted would break easily when worn.

There are also collections such as the Precious Metal Collection, which is different. They are created using a silver base and coated in 14 Karat and rose gold.

The majority of Alex and Ani bracelets are coated with a light coating of anti-tarnish to keep their shine for longer however that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any tarnish.

Maintain it clean: What to Maintain Your ALEX and ANI Jewelry

There’s nothing more attractive than flaunting your bangles to match any look for us who are like you. Stacking the empowering icons of Our Symbol Wall with colorful beads from our beads quickly gives you a unique style. Also, displaying your favorite ornaments and charms of our Collaboration Collection showcases the love you have for your team at home or the wizards you love most.

If you’re wearing only a handful of stacking them up, bangles are the ideal combination of fashion and self-expression. However, with every essential item is the necessity of keeping them tidy. We’ve provided you with several straightforward ways to maintain jewelry at your home.

Cleansing Alex as well as Ani Bracelets

If you aren’t happy with the tarnished look, clean your bracelets to remove the tarnish. Alex or Ani necklaces are accompanied by a gentle fabric you can clean them with, and the process is quite simple. But, there are three ways to clean them, and so we’ll discuss the three options.


If you keep your bracelet clean every month, at a minimum, you have to clean it clean using the cloth that the bracelet came in with. This should be enough to clean off thin layers of dirt and stop oxidation.

Soap and water

If your bracelet isn’t cleaned, you can clean it with water and soap. Alex and Ani suggest that you wash your bracelets with moderate dishwashing soap as well as warm water.

This is the first cleaning technique to test if your bracelets appear somewhat dirty.

Make sure to fill a basin with hot water and add dish soap.

Allow your bracelet to soak for approximately 5 minutes.

Next, add a small amount of soap onto your toothbrush as the toothpaste you use.

Take your bracelet in hot water, then gently scrub it using the toothbrush.

Finally, rinse the bracelet using cold water.

Make sure to dry it off using a soft cloth.

The brush should get rid of dirt and might even take off some dirt and tarnish. However, be cautious that you don’t scrub the jewelry with the toothbrush too hard, or it may take away some of the polish. If you own multiple bracelets, allow the others to soak in the water while you scrub them.

Some things to remember…

As time passes, you might observe that the pieces start to look dull, which is the normal oxidation process. Although we may overlook the oxidation of our favorite New York City landmark, when it’s not the Statue of Liberty, it’s not the most appealing appearance. It’s a good thing that oxidation isn’t too difficult to fix.

Bangles appear the best when they’re sparkling and sparkling. Taking care and light maintenance on every piece keeps it looking brand new. It is best not to let your jewelry become oxidized to take care of it. You will get the most effective results if you clean each piece regularly, beginning from where you purchased it. Do not use jewelry cleaners to clean Rafaelian Finishes or Shiny Finishes because they’re rough and contain Abrasives.

What caused the Alex and my Ani bracelets to begin to rust?

Answer: Since the bracelets are constructed of an alloy of copper that is oxidized, they can be damaged after exposure to specific elements. The longer they are worn, the higher the chance of oxidation. Cleaning them is essential. The process of oxidation causes tarnishing. However, when you keep them clean as you would, it’s less likely that it will occur, even if you wear them for a long time.

Alex and Ani are extremely upfront regarding this possibility; that’s why they offer a cleansing cloth in every bracelet. Cleaning it after every wear can remove dirt and other substances which could cause your jewelry to get tarnished.

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