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how to clean clear phone case

Smartphones are our steady companions, with loyalty rivaling any dog. They comply with us on every journey, meal, rest session on the sofa, and for some, even trips to the toilet. This consistent closeness breeds extra than simply an addiction to Candy Crush; it breeds germs and plenty of them. Studies have established that cell phones might be dirtier than restroom seats.

Even placed up the Pandemic, most humans don’t wash their fingers often sufficiently, making the consistent pawing of our telephones a nonstop switch of frame oils, useless pores and pores and skin cells, meal residue, fecal matter amount, and extra. Located, smartphones are extraordinary but gross.

The particular record is that you don’t need to give up your digital friend to avoid dust and germs, as maintaining your cell phone clean and sanitary is easy when you own the proper merchandise and study the smooth steps to make any cellphone sparkle.

Clean Clear Phone Case With Baking Soda

Have you got some baking soda and a vintage toothbrush available? You are in success. Use those substances to get the dirt off your case. It’s smooth and clean.

Sprinkle a chunk of baking soda on a moist toothbrush.
Scrub the case well.
Rinse and repeat as vital.

How to ease a smooth smartphone case

Your cellphone is one of your most crucial daily gear, so it’s no marvel that you must hold it smoothly and look at its quality. An easy cell cellphone case is the perfect way to expose your cellphone’s format and protect it at the same time. But how do you ease a smooth mobile phone case without negative it?

Here are some hints on the manner to clean an easy telephone case:

  1. Use a clean, lint-unfastened fabric to dust off the case. A microfiber cloth is a remarkable choice.
  2. If there are any smudges or fingerprints in the case, use a slight cleaning soap and water to smooth it. Avoid the use of any harsh chemical materials or abrasives.

Three. Dry the case very well with a smooth material.

Four. If your case has a show protector, handle that properly. Use a mild material and a slight cleaning soap and water solution.

Five. Once your case is easy and dry, work out a small quantity of cellphone case polish to an easy fabric and buff the case. This will assist in preserving the case looking vibrant and new.

Following the clean pointers will assist you in maintaining your clean telephone case smoothly and looking first-class.

Scour with Toothpaste and Paint Thinner

If all else fails, you can use toothpaste and paint thinner.

First, cowl the case in toothpaste, then scrub at it using metallic wool. Then, rinse the toothpaste off and coat it with paint thinner. Again, artwork at it with the steel wool. Finally, remove the stain lightly with water.

Follow this way up with tip number one to dispose of residual toothpaste or paint thinner.

Keep Your Phone Case Clean With DIY Cleaning Tips From Speck

There are specific avenues you could take to cleanse your clean smartphone case, in addition to your exclusive times, and it all boils all of the ways right down to how nasty the issue is.

Use dish cleansing cleaning soap and heat water for small stains and dirt.
For medium stains and dirt, use isopropyl alcohol.
For tougher stains, use baking soda and a vintage toothbrush.
Different colors are named for unique materials. But first subjects first, cast off your case out of your cellphone earlier than you start. You don’t want to harm your tool (even when you have a water-evidence cellular telephone!).

How to clean a clean cellular phone case with rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is especially useful in case you need to disinfect the smartphone case similarly to smooth it. This answer will kill germs on the touch and leave an outstanding shine because it dries rapidly. However, rubbing alcohol has been regarded to discolor a few phone times, so be sure to check the care hints earlier than the usage and be aware of testing in a small inconspicuous place first.

  1. Apply rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth. You can try this via a sprig bottle or clearly alcohol wipes as an alternative.
  2. Wipe down your empty mobile phone case with the answer, front, and back, being excellent to work into the corners and charging port hollow.

Three. Once you’ve completed that, remove the alcohol with a smooth microfiber fabric. It dries rapidly, so this shouldn’t take long.

  1. Leave the case out for more than one hour to air dry before setting it lower back for your cellphone.

What to do to keep the case from turning yellow?

Once we have handled the maximum crucial question – “why does the case turn yellow” – it will be masses much less complicated to discover the solution to the manner to prevent this manner. The fine answer is to restrict using the cell phone out of doors, or even extra so in shiny daylight hours.

This is the handiest and maximum hard solution to apply. Why? Because a smartphone nowadays is a device without which it is tough to do a little difficulty, strenuously restricting its use outside is now not feasible. Therefore, a barely much less complicated solution is to clean the case now and again. This may be as soon as consistent within a week or as quickly as each couple of days. Such terrific obvious instances are very easy to smooth and must now not take us extra than a couple of minutes.

How can yellowing be prevented?

One way to avoid yellowing is to smooth your case regularly. If you word any dirt or fingerprints, wipe them off with a gentle fabric. Avoid harsh cleansing products, which may harm the case and motive yellowing. You must furthermore avoid leaving your case in direct daylight, as this may purpose it to discolor. Cover the case with a mild cloth if you need to preserve your phone in a sunny spot.

Another way to preserve your case searching smoothly is to shop for a great product. Some instances are more liable to yellowing than others, so it’s crucial to research earlier than develop a buy. Pay interest to critiques and look for models that can be made with UV-resistant materials.
You can maintain your clean cellphone cowl searching modern-day for years if you take a little effort!

Do I need to apply any unique system for cleaning my cellphone case?

No. You best want a cloth and arms to ease your telephone case properly.

There are loads of mobile phone instances available on the market. How do I understand which one is notable for me?

Make positive that the fabric used for your case is easy enough, and ensure it fits well around your cellular telephone while you position it.


‘How to easy mobile smartphone instances’ is not unusual are seeking out inquiries for smooth case customers. Because of the product materials used for maximum smooth times, it’s miles unluckily no longer feasible to virtually repair and an easy case that has grown to emerge as yellow, no matter the reality that some techniques may be sincerely beneficial. Suppose you’ve got tried all the cleaning strategies above and even though you live with a yellow case for your palms. In that case, it is probably time to retire it and update it with the RHINOSHIELD Clear case, a customizable smooth cellular phone case that doesn’t turn yellow to prevent the yellowing problem.

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