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how to connect airpods to surface pro

We all know that every Apple products have a distinct exclusivity. Therefore, when the brand Apple AirPods was announced as the brand-new Apple Airpods were unveiled, many users wanted to know whether the AirPods could be used with other devices that are not iOS. Like Android as well as Microsoft.

In the beginning, Gearbest Blog introduced some ideas for linking the third-generation AirPods to an Android phone and tips for pairing AirPods Pro to MacBook Pro or Apple Watch. We’ll now discuss how to pair AirPods Pro with Surface Pro. AirPods Pro with Surface Pro.

The latest AirPods 3 (AirPods Pro) will work with Microsoft Surface Pro. However, specific iOS system-specific features aren’t accessible. For instance, the distance detection feature, which will stop playing music when the AirPods are taken out of the ear, cannot be used on non-iOS devices.

Why Can’t My AirPods Link to My Surface Pro?

There are various reasons why your Apple AirPods need to connect correctly to your Surface Pro or other Surface devices.

Bluetooth is turned off in your Surface. Switch Bluetooth back on with Windows 10 Action Center. Windows 10 Action Center.

Then you connected the AirPods to another device. Apple AirPods typically remain connected to the device they find when they are they are activated. Separate them from the other device, or switch the unit’s Bluetooth off to turn them off.

The Surface Pro was connected Surface to other devices. The Surface Pro might already be streaming Audio to speakers or headphones. Unplug the other device and switch it off.

The batteries might be depleted. Make sure you recharge your AirPods every day to ensure they’re able to have long battery power, and then put them back into their cases to ensure they don’t accidentally switch on and consume all their power when they are not being used.

Your Surface isn’t able to see your AirPods. To fix this, put your AirPods inside their case, close the lid, and open it up again.

Windows 10 is glitching. Try restarting your Surface and then running the Bluetooth troubleshooter. Navigate into all Settings > Update and Security, Troubleshoot, and Other troubleshooters to solve any Bluetooth issues. If that doesn’t work, a few additional Windows 10 Bluetooth tips are worth exploring.

Your AirPods might be fake. The odds for this to happen are very low. If you purchased your AirPods through the Apple Store, but if you purchased them from a retailer, the AirPods might be damaged or fake.

How do you connect your AirPods to Windows PC?

But, before we get to the specifics of connecting AirPods to a Windows computer, be aware that not all Windows computer comes with Bluetooth, specifically custom-built desktop computers.

You can verify whether your computer has Bluetooth by right-clicking Start, selecting Device Manager, and see if there’s an entry for Bluetooth. You should see the Bluetooth option in the section called Network Connections. Your device does not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities if it’s not there.

If your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, check out our comprehensive guide on connecting Bluetooth headsets to the computer.

If you’ve verified that your computer is equipped with Bluetooth running the most recent driver and Bluetooth software, here’s how to pair the AirPods and AirPods Pro with the computer running Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC:

Examine your AirPods battery’s life by placing them inside the case. They have plenty of juice left if the status indicator is either green or orange. The status light will be near the top of the box (AirPods 3rd Gen. as well as Pro) or, within the case, in the space between the two headphones (AirPods 1st and 2nd Gen).

Hold the button to set at the device’s rear until the light blinks white and then orange. This means they’re pairing.

On your computer, click your PC, go to the Windows Start menu at the bottom left corner of your screen, and then go to Settings.

Then select Devices.

Choose the Bluetooth and other devices tab in the sidebar left. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. After that, click on the plus symbol on the right side of the page to indicate the option to add Bluetooth as well as another device.

You will be taken to the Add device tab. It will display the listing of Bluetooth devices within reach.

Choose the AirPods from the dropdown to connect them to your computer.

If you click Done, you’ll get a confirmation message that indicates that your AirPods are connected successfully.

After that, you can remove your AirPods from their cases and use them however you like.

Remember that some AirPods features may not function using the Microsoft laptop or Windows PC. These include features like the automatic detection of in-ears, immediate pairing with the battery, display of battery status, and gesture-based customization. Siri.

Update Your Surface Pro Laptop Bluetooth & Audio Drivers

In some rare instances, your laptop might not recognize the headphones.

This is usually a sign that the Bluetooth or Audio drivers need to be put up to and out of.

It’s unlikely to occur often when you update your computer frequently, but it’s possible.

Go to Microsoft SurfacePro’s official driver website and type in the model number of your laptop.

The number will be on a small black tab located on the laptop’s side or bottom.

You’ll be asked to run an engine scan.

Accept any recommendations from the scanner for updates.

Restart your laptop, and go through Step 1.

If you’re AirPods aren’t working, There could be something wrong with the Bluetooth transmitter.

Try pairing your different Bluetooth devices.

It’s also good to examine your AirPods to determine whether they’ve suffered damage.

Try pairing your phone with the pair.

Can AirPods be compatible in conjunction with Windows 10?

While AirPods are designed to work with Apple gadgets, they operate like any other genuine wireless headphones. That means you can connect AirPods with every Windows 10 device via Bluetooth. Be aware that your AirPods could lose some features when connecting to devices that are not Apple.

How many devices will AirPods be connected to?

Using only one pair of AirPods together with two iOS devices is possible. It means you can enjoy music simultaneously via two devices using the same pair of AirPods.

Why can’t my AirPods remain linked to my Windows laptop?

If your AirPods are constantly disconnecting from Windows, run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter and unplug all other Bluetooth devices that are not connected to the headphones. Be sure to upgrade Windows to the current version and install the latest AirPods driver. If the problem persists, you can change the settings on your AirPods.

Connecting AirPods to laptops connected to surface computers

Apple AirPod connectivity is easy because it works with Bluetooth, which makes it compatible with virtually every device available and does not require manufacturers’ installation (with certain exceptions). Additionally, this option has batteries that last five hours or more on a single charge with wireless charging. You only need Apple’s magnetic mat, dubbed “AirPower,” whenever you need another charge! If you connect the earphones directly to USB ports, their functionality is limited as they were created to be Bluetooth devices, not USB headsets.

How to disconnect your AirPods from a Windows 10 Computer

To unplug the AirPods on the Windows 10 computer:

  1. Go to Settings > Start > > Devices Bluetooth and other devices.
  2. Click on the AirPods you have connected to your AirPods and choose Remove device.
  3. Select Yes and disconnect the AirPods from your Windows computer.

Open the Start Menu of Windows.

Then, choose Settings.

Then, click Devices.

Next, select Bluetooth and other devices.

Then select your AirPods. You’ll see them under Audio.

Next, click Remove device.

Why won’t my AirPods connect with My Surface pro?

When your Surface Pro is having issues and isn’t capable of connecting to your AirPods, it could be due to several reasons. There are a few possible reasons:

Bluetooth could be disabled or turned off.

Your AirPods could be connected to a different device. Therefore, you’ll need to disconnect from the device and connect to your Surface Pro.

The battery in your AirPods might be depleted, and you’ll need to recharge your AirPods.

The Surface Pro is likely unable to recognize your AirPods. To fix this issue, you need to place your AirPods in the case and open it up again.

There could be a problem Bluetooth issues with Windows or Mac, in which case, investigate Bluetooth.

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