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how to copy and paste on procreate

Procreate is a powerful application; however, it can mean that even the most basic functions aren’t easy to comprehend. There’s no simple “C and V” to assist you using a touchscreen, not the keyboard. Fortunately, Procreate understands the importance of cutting and pasting and allows you to accomplish so…once you know the best way.

Copy and Paste within Procreate. Use the three fingers of your hands to move downwards onto your iPad screen to reveal Procreate’s Copy & Paste menu and select to duplicate or cut, copy and paste your content from there. For a layer to be copied and pasted into Procreate, you must repeat the layer in The Layers Panel.

What exactly are copy and Paste?

The phrase “copy and paste” is a term we often use in the context of computers. It’s used when we need to duplicate the image, text or any other item that has been digitally designed and placed elsewhere in the artwork or on a brand new piece of art.

If you’d like to copy and paste a particular layer within Procreate, it is possible to swipe left and click the “duplicate” button on the layer panel. Another method of copying and pasting an entire layer is by pressing the copy button in the layer’s settings and selecting Paste from the wrench menu.

If you’d like the ability to copy or paste particular regions (or “pieces” or your artwork in Procreate), use the selection tool to choose the objects and then select Copy & Paste from within the general setting.

Paste and copy the whole canvas

First, let’s look at how to copy and paste your entire canvas using Procreate. This includes all your layers and any adjustments.

To do this, start your Actions menu by pressing the small wrench icon located on the left-hand side of the display:

In the Actions menu, you can copy the current selection or layer and the canvas in its entirety.
In this menu, you’ll find a button named Copy Canvas at the end of the list. Clicking this option will copy the entire document with layers in a flattened image.

All you need to do is return to the Actions menu, then tap Paste.

Then, you can paste the image copied as a new layer:

Once the layer is pasted, the coating will be named “Inserted Image” by default.
Should you wish to save your selection copied as an additional document, then go through the Gallery and click the small + (+) icon in the upper-right corner to open the new record. After that, select Clipboard.

The Clipboard option allows you to save your copied selection into a new document.
The canvas you copied will be pasted in a brand new image utterly distinct from your original. But, it will be flattened. This means that individual layers will not be saved. It will be made up of one layer.

Do you know how to turn a page within Procreate?

Choose the layer that you would like to mirror. It isn’t possible to reflect the entire work, so you must pick the layer you want to reproduce.
Go to the Edit menu.
Select “Flip Horizontal” or “Flip Vertical.” The buttons will flip your photo according to how you’d like it to.
Fit your layer.

How To Copy And Paste Procreate

If you are using the tools within Procreate, You can make use of Copy and Paste button to accelerate the process of creating digital art. The primary advantage of these software tools is that they allow you to quickly design an element or background that repeats with the help of the selection tool and copies and past buttons. This is especially useful when using the same layer for different uses. You duplicate the layer by dragging and pasting the copied object onto the existing layer.

Once you’ve copied the layer, you can paste it anywhere you like. To do that, click on the layer you wish to duplicate, drag it down to its left when you’re on that duplicate layer, and press the delete or same button. After that, you’ll be able to hit the Duplicate button on your duplicated layer. Then, you can change the order of the layers to the order you think is best.

To paste and copy content into Procreate, you first must select the canvas you want to copy. If you’re going to alter the text, click the wrench icon, which will show as a circular shape on the upper right edge of your screen. It will bring you to the word box. After that, you can alter the text’s font, alignment, and font. You can also modify the layout of layers using Procreate. Adding a file by dropping and dragging both canvas images is also possible.

You can copy and paste photos within Procreate when you press the “Ctrl” key. You can then select one of the photos from the roll and adjust its size. Click on the eye that is small to show the photo. It is also possible to move the image into a new layer. If you’d like to paste the entire image into one layer, click”ctrl” in the blue “ctrl” button.

After selecting a layer, you can click the Copy and Paste button to insert it onto the canvas. This makes the options for copying and pasting accessible in Procreate. You can also choose multiple layers from one layer. By what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to include text to the canvas and modify it. After you’ve completed a layout, you’ll be able to add any typeface to it.

Copy and Paste are beneficial in Procreate?

Based on my experience, I’ve found that duplicate images with Procreate are very beneficial. It allows me to play around with ideas and provides me with the chance to develop my art and abilities, thanks to these tests.

Duplicating is less stressful since you don’t have to worry about ruining your work; you can delete the image if you’re unhappy with it. It’s a relief and relieves stress!

Who would have known that one of the most spartan abilities in working with Procreate or similar programs could relieve a huge burden from your back?


Understanding the best way to paste and copy using Procreate is determining precisely what you’re trying to copy and where you’d like to copy it. In the course we’ve covered in this course, there are various ways to work with each.

Once you’ve got these basic commands in your head and you can perform them without being conscious, Procreate can be an even more enjoyable experience.

If you have questions or need clarification about one of the methods covered in this lesson, please post an answer in the comments below.

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