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How To Cut A Pomegranate

It’s well known that getting rid of the seeds from the pomegranate is a challenge. There are many options. It is possible to split it into two pieces, whack the seeds in the bowl, and then leave the pith rising to the highest elevation point. The best option is to smash each piece with the spoon and watch the seeds disappear. It is also possible to take the seeds out the order of one.

Every one of these options requires cutting the fruit in half. In this instalment of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Culinary Director at Large Justin Chapple has another suggestion that won’t lead to pomegranate juice spraying across the cutting board with staining fingertips.

If you’ve got a sharp knife, you can remove the top portion of the fruit. Then, you can slice it to reveal the seeds. Also, you can view the natural components that make up the fruits. Then, you can slice the fruit’s exterior in every section and towards the bottom. Ensure that you cut only one-quarter of the length.

How to Cut A Correctly Cut Pomegranate

If you’ve ever thought about how to slice a pomegranate without making a big mess on your kitchen counters If so, you’re at the right spot. We’ll show you how to slice and remove the seeds from the stunning ruby-red fruit available from October until the beginning of January. Pomegranate berries are available in most supermarkets; however, they can cost significantly more than buying a single fruit. Therefore, cutting the pomegranate yourself will also save you money!

  1. Place the pomegranate onto its side. Make use of a sharp, large knife (such as a kitchen knife) to slice 1/2 inch off the top of the pomegranate (blossom the end) to reveal arils (called arils) inside.
  2. Look for the lines in the pomegranate using the visible top or your fingertips to feel them on the sides of the pomegranate.
  3. Cut the ridges along them: Utilize a sharp paring knife to cut the ridges from top to bottom, but just enough to slice through the skin of red, but not to pierce seeds within. There ought to be six ridges. If they aren’t there, look at the pomegranate’s high point from where you first made your cut. It should be possible to feel the pithy membranes that separate every section.
  4. Make sure to fill a bowl with medium water. Using your hands, break the pomegranate into various sections while keeping it in the water or beneath the surface. The seeds, along with the membrane pieces, sink in the water.
  5. Release the arils using your fingers to remove the seeds from their membranes and skin. By submerging the pomegranate, you can prevent the red juice from splashing and ruining your countertop or clothes.
  6. Only leave the arils: When all seeds have been taken out of the pomegranate, you can use your hands to remove the membranes and the skin off the water’s surface.
  7. The final stage! Clean the pomegranate seeds with a fine mesh strainer or colander. 

Instructions for Freezers: Put arils on a smooth area or a baking sheet. They will be frozen for several hours. When the seeds are frozen, put them into an airtight freezer container or Zip-top bag. They can be added to smoothies for an energy boost!

Tips for Juicing (From

It takes around 2-3 Pomegranates to make 1-cup of juice

Juicer Method

Slice the fresh pomegranate like the grapefruit. We recommend using an old-fashioned juicer to squeeze the omega pomegranate. If you’re using a digital juicer, make sure not to use too much membrane to create delicious juice. It is possible to strain the juice with a cheesecloth-lined strainer. Be careful, as the juice of pomegranate may be a source of staining.

Blender Method:

Blend 1 1/2 to 2 cups of seeds in a blender until liquid.

Put the mixture into an oiled cheesecloth filter or strainer. Be careful; pomegranate juice may cause staining.

Method of Rolling:

If you’ve got a sturdy floor, lay your palms on the fruit and gently roll until you crack the seeds inside (crackling ends when all seeds have broken). The rind must be punctured, squeeze out the juice, insert straws, and then squeeze on the straw to release the juice. The juice of the pomegranates may be a stain. It is advised that any roll be done in a plastic bag to prevent the juice from leaving the skin.

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