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How to delete messages from icloud

Messages could be one of the most annoying apps when iOS tells you it’s running out of iCloud and iPhone storage. If you don’t see the message deletions as a way to free up storage space, it could be that “Messages” don’t mean messages.

Although it may sound confusing, I’ll try to explain.

The SMS messages and text-only messages have no media. They take up very little space because each message-based text is tiny. You might have lots of text-based message history, but they won’t be taking up too much space on iPhone.

The most likely thing to steal all your storage space is all the attachments you send or receive — audios, photos, stickers, and GIFs, along with all the files and audios.

Apple stores your entire message history on its servers with Messages in iCloud. Every iMessage and SMS, along with any MMS and GIF videos, pictures, and other media files that you might send or receive, is available in the cloud.

iPhone Backup Backup Messages Cancellation

Even though you have deleted all unwanted messages from your Messages app, there are still some places where notes may linger. These places are usually backups and cloud services. If you have ever backed up your iPhone, there are probably things there you don’t want anybody to see.

You may forget to do this and then restore a backup so the unwanted messages can be restored.

To begin, you will need to go to the Settings section of your iPhone. Tap on your username at the top and then tap iCloud.’ You can also tap on Manage Storage’ to delete messages that have been backed up to iCloud.

The device you want to delete will be listed under “Backups.” After selecting this device, scroll down until the bottom of the page. Tap on “Delete Backup.”

To close it, tap on “Turn Off & Delete.” All your backed-up messages will be deleted permanently.

Removing messages from iPhone
Contrary to previous iOS versions, deleted messages are not deleted from your iPhone. It would help if you were not concerned as long as there are no backups of your transmissions or other Apple devices.

Step : Delete Complete Conversations

The easiest, fastest, and safest way to get rid of messages from your iPhones is to delete all conversations with a particular contact.

Go to the conversation you wish to delete. Swipe to the left and tap on the red button, “Delete.”

How do I permanently delete messages?
Remove Individual Texts
Open your text message application and locate the text you wish to delete. After that, long-press on the message. You’ll see a popup window. Click Delete.

What Happens if You Delete Messages From iCloud

Whenever you delete a message from your iCloud, it is immediately deleted from all devices synchronized with the same iCloud. The article begins with a detailed guideline that explains how to delete messages.

Simply put, messages are lost forever when you delete them from the iCloud.

Where can I find my messages on iCloud

Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Turn on Messages. Any messages already stored in iCloud will now be accessible on your phone. All new messages received on your smartphone will also be held on iCloud. To view messages stored within iCloud, you can open the Messages application.

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