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How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck

Sliding across the edges of a book with tiny skateboards while not paying attention to the teacher was a common practice at the time of the skateboarding boom in the early ’00s. There are Skateboards called Tech Decks. They were designed made for fingers and complete dorks like me. You might also have heard of Session as the most intricate and thrilling skateboarding simulation available. This is a gorgeous, scary mod that connects them.

Redgoufs”Fingerboard character modification for Session may seem like something from the movies; however, for a particular group of people, it’s a wish to be realized. It replaces the typical human skateboarder with a whole arm adorned with intricate texture and perfectly poised fingers. The arm disappears into the sky, easing the terror, however, watching a hand twist, bend, and then collapse as if a fleshy glove was that is stretched over a human skull — I am in love! It’s also disgusting!

Step 1

Set the back of your fingers (commonly using the middle fingers) at the end of the board. Then, place your forefinger (naturally your pointer finger) just in front of the screws in the show, which connect this board onto the trucks.

Step 2

Then, roll the board forward and pull the bottom of the board with your back fingers to make the panels rise out of the surface.

Step 3

When the board rises off the floor by letting the tail, move your finger in front of the side closest to the surface, slowly bending your fingers downwards until your finger is at the nose, causing the board to flip towards you.

Step 4

Make sure your fingers are above the board during the spin. As soon as the committee completes one full turn, grab the board by placing your hands on the upper part of your grip to stop it from spinning further. Finally, perform the trick using both hands onto the surface.


The issue that many people encounter when starting to master the kickflip is that they aren’t capable of rotating the board to get it off of the floor. If this’s the issue you’re facing, then you’ll want to make sure you’re able to get your ollies at a minimum of a few inches off of the ground before learning to do the kickflip. Once you’ve mastered this, if you’re having difficulty turning the board entirely, ensure that you’re hitting the edge of the board in a way that you can be sure that it’s moving.

Once you’ve learned how to kickflip, you can begin performing it in three different postures. A switch flips, as with the normal kickflip, work similarly. The board is popped off the tail, then flicked off using your thumb. It’s just that you’ll do it in this manner, not to the left. Ollie flips are performed similarly to the kickflip; however, you’ll pop off the side of the board and flip using your middle finger back. Finally, if you want to do a fake flip, you’ll be shifting to your left, using your middle finger to pop, and flicking your pointer finger in the back.

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