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How To Do An Amazon Wishlist Search – Find Amazon Wishlist

If you’re looking to impress your family member or loved one with something you’re confident they’ll appreciate, check out their Amazon wishlist and purchase them something that they’ve already included on the list.

It’s pretty easy to find people’s wish lists on Amazon when they’ve made it publicly accessible and have shared the list with you. You won’t be able to view the wish list of someone when they’ve turned it off, however, unfortunately.

When you could look up Amazon wish lists by name and email addresses in the past, this method is no longer working. Amazon has eliminated the search feature for wish lists, which means you’ll need to sign up for personal wish lists. Baby shower and wedding wish lists remain accessible to the public.

How to Locate An Amazon Wish List

The past was when you could create the Amazon wish list that was public. This time, it must be made public to you only.

To view these wish lists, which were made available to you:

Visit the Amazon home page.
Move your mouse over Account & Lists in the upper right.
Click to Search for an item.

This will lead you to the Your Friends area.

On the left side, you’ll find everyone who’s shared their wish lists with you. Click on their name, and it’ll display their wish lists that you can explore.

If you cannot find anyone in this list, or you notice someone is missing, utilize this page to leave a message that requests access to your wishlist.

Click to Email this message, and it will start your default email client or copy the message to allow you to copy it to another location manually.


Once you’ve spotted the wish list and decided which item you’d like to purchase, Add it to your shopping cart and proceed through the standard checkout procedure. If another person tries to buy the same thing, they’ll receive an alert that the item has already been purchased.

If you’d like to have your Amazon present arrive quickly, Don’t forget to use Amazon Prime to get one-day or next-day delivery.

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