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How To Double Space In Word

The change in line spacing could improve the quality of a Word document to make it simpler to read and note notes after printing. This guide will help you change the line spacing for every version of Word, regardless of the operating system.


  1. From the Design Dropdown
    In Word, open the document to which you wish to use double spacing.
    Go to Design on the menu bar at the top. In the section Document Formatting, Click on the dropdown under Paragraph Spacing. Choose Double from the dropdown.
    Double space within Word by using dropdown menus of Design
    Double room within Word using the design dropdown
    The document is formatted with double spaces between lines and paragraphs.
The chosen content is double spaces

A drawback of this technique is that it can only be used for double-spacing the entire document. It is not possible to space-specific paragraphs or text with this technique.

Notice: The primary goal of double-spacing is improving reading comprehension of your text. Selecting different spacing choices (tight or compact, comprehensive or unrestrained) is also possible by choosing the Paragraph Spacing dropdown according to your preferred style.

In addition, you can change the spacing between the Line, text, Paragraph, and heading most comprehensively through the Custom Paragraph Spacing from the Paragraph Spacing dropdown.
Option to customize paragraph spacing
Customized paragraph spacing options
In the section called Paragraph Spacing, you can select the spacing as Double using the menu After. You can also alter the size, font of font, color, alignment, and spacing by entering an appropriate value.
Additionally, when you work with multiple documents, you don’t need to define the wide spacing for each paper. Check the New documents based on this template; these spacing modifications are applied to the entire document.

  1. From Line and Paragraph Spacing
    There may be situations where there is no need to double-space all of the document. There may be instances where you only have to double-space an element of a paragraph or even a section to give importance or emphasis to this portion.

In these cases, it is possible to double-space any particular paragraph rather than the entire document.

Choose all the text that you’d like to add double space to.
How can I double-space within a Word using lines and paragraph spacing?
How can I double-space a word by using Lines as well as paragraph spacing
Then, go to Home; under Paragraph, you will find the Line, and then on the Paragraph Spacing icon.
The text you choose will be formatted using double spacing between lines.
For wide-ranging customization of the spacing, choose Line Spacing Options within the Line Spacing and Paragraph Spacing dropdowns.
The dialog box will open. Box. In the dropdown for Line Spacing, Click on Double to get the double spacing of lines.
Include double-in paragraphing options
Double the paragraphing option by adding double
You can also select other options to use spacing, indents, and page breaks within the Paragraphs dialog box. They can be customized following your preference.

The preview text of the Preview pane to the right. You can also use the exact spacing option for different Word documents. Click Set As Default to set the default spacing to other Word documents.

  1. In the Modify option
    Another option to set double spacing and add customized spaces is using the Modify option of Styles. With this option, it is possible to set the spacing for the chosen text and the entire document.

Under Styles, Click on the right-click button for one of the styles. Most of the time, Normal will be the standard style, but you may pick any kind you like based on the document you work in.
Click on a style, right-click it, and select Modify. Styles, and then choose Modify.
Double space within a Word using the modify option
Double room within a Word using the alter option
Then, you can open the Modify Styles dialog box. Inside the dialog box, opt for double spacing to allow double spacing of the text.

  1. Using Shortcut Keys
    This is the most efficient method of adding double spaces to text. Double spacing can be added to the text using shortcut keys.

It works on both paragraphs and the selected text.

Choose the text that you would like to make double spaces.
Press Ctrl+2. This will add double spaces to the chosen text.
Double space with shortcut keys
Double room by using shortcut keys
It is also possible to include one space(1) or an extra space that is 1.5 with the help of Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+5, or both.

How can I include double spacing in Word to create a new document?

Below are some suggestions to add double-spacing newly created document:

  1. Start a new document with Word
    The initial step is to start a new document using Word. It is common to have options of different templates to choose from. Therefore, you must select the template most suitable for your task. For example, Word offers options to make documents such as calendars, resumes, and other unformatted documents. Though, plain papers are usually preferred. After opening an existing document, change its name using the name you wish to apply and click the “Save” “Save” link to begin recording any changes you make.
  1. Click on”Home,” then click on the “Home” menu
    After saving and opening the new file, look for after saving and opening your new document, look for the “Home” menu in the toolbar. The menu is typically in the middle of your page within Microsoft Word. Once you’ve found”Home,” click on the “Home” menu item, and you can open it to look over options to alter the font size, color, formatting, and format.
  2. Modify the line spacing to 2.0
    Under the “Home” menu, select “Line and Paragraph Spacing.” It usually has an option dropdown menu of choices to space, including one, 1.5, and double-spacing. Select the double-spacing option that may also show as 2.0 on the screen. After that, the content you type in should be double-spacing across.

How can I add double-spacing within Word to text already in use

There are ways you can make double-spacing a part of the document already containing the following text:

  1. Find and highlight the words you wish to use double spacing for.
    If you already have the text in the Word document, you can determine what section of text you would like to double-spacing. If you wish to apply double spacing to your document, highlight the whole part of the text using a click, then drag the cursor across the document. It is also possible to utilize your keyboard shortcut “Control+A” when using a computer to highlight the entire text inside a window.
  2. Make right-click and highlight the text
    When you’ve highlighted the text you wish to be double-spaced, right-click on it to double-space it. If you’re on a laptop with no right-click option, you’ll need to use two fingers to click simultaneously using the trackpad on your computer. Then, you’ll be able to select choices, including “Font,” “Smart Lookup,” as well as “Paragraph.”
  3. Start”Paragraph,” then the “Paragraph” menu
    When presented with a menu of choices, select from the “Paragraph” option. The menu is usually located beneath the Font option in the middle of the window. Once you choose “Paragraph,” you can open the “Paragraph” menu. It opens a new window that allows you to alter the spacing, indents, lines, and page breaks.
  4. Click on the “Spacing” choices
    From the menu of paragraphs, Select the option that says “Indents as well as Spacing.” You will then find opportunities to adjust the spacing in the window. The possibilities are typically on the bottom of the menu, after the “Indentation” choices.
  5. Select “double” to set the line spacing
    When you have found the “Spacing” options, click on the dropdown menu that lists line spacing. You will usually be presented with options like one, 1.5, and double-spacing. Select double or 2.0 to add double spacing to any text you’ve marked within the document. Next, select “OK” and “Save” to save the modifications you have made.

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