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How To Download Video From Youtube For Android

Are you interested in watching the YouTube video again while offline? The most efficient and straightforward method of downloading videos is to have a YouTube Premium subscription, but there are alternatives to saving YouTube videos on your mobile. The best way to download videos is to use only those that belong to you or are within the Creative Commons license. 1 This wikiHow article demonstrates various ways to download YouTube videos to Android with apps or mobile browsers.

YouTube downloader application for Android YouTube to mp3 converter application for Android is 100% secure and lets you quickly save any YouTube video in just a few easy steps:

  1. Install the YouTube application for downloading videos on your Android phone.
  2. Open the YouTube application and select the playlist or video you wish to save, after which click the Share option.
  3. Select an arrow in green from, and you’ll see a “download” red button just beneath the video. Hit it to begin the download. It is also possible to directly link the URL on the YouTube downloader’s app dashboard.
  4. The film will then be downloaded to your device. It can be easily put in the download directory. Choosing the maximum speed and quality of your download from the app’s settings is possible.

5.Once you have completed the download, you can enjoy it on your Android device without limitation.

YouTube Premium

If you’re a member of the YouTube Premium subscription, download YouTube videos using the official YouTube application. It requires a subscription fee. However, there’s an opportunity to try it for free, including additional features and the option of saving videos.
To download a YouTube video YouTube onto your Android, open the YouTube application, locate the video you wish to download, tap to download the video below and select the quality option like 360p or 720p.

Y25s Downloader for YouTube

It is a site that downloads YouTube videos YouTube onto your PC, following which you can move the video files onto the Android device. Another method to access the Y25s app is via your Android smartphone or tablet using a browser for the web like Chrome and Firefox.

  1. Visit YouTube and then type in the URL for the YouTube video. Choose Start.
  2. Choose the video’s quality you want to download and click Get Link.
  3. If you downloaded the YouTube video to your PC, select .mp4 for the format. You can then pick a destination folder for it. YouTube video. Change the name of the video if you would like to. (On Android, you can’t choose an appropriate folder or change the video file’s name.)

4.After the YouTube video downloads on your PC, copy the file onto your Android for you to play it.

YouTube Video Downloads Made Simple on Android

Utilizing the techniques we’ve explained in this post and the methods we presented in this article, you can easily download the most popular YouTube videos to Android and stream them on the go. Do you wish to know more about the hidden YouTube capabilities? Yes? Go to this page for more information.
Please let us know in the comments section if you enjoyed this post and if you have successfully downloaded YouTube videos for Android.

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