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How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

Are you familiar with the frustration of trying to discover a missing app from your Android phone and then not finding anything? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one in this endeavour. Many people hide applications on their phones due to a myriad of motives.

The art of hiding apps is gaining recognition if it’s protecting sensitive data by preventing access from unauthorized users and keeping focus by decreasing distractions. This short article will discuss practical ways to uncover those mysterious hidden applications on your Android smartphone. If you’re willing to uncover the mystery inside your Android phone, let’s begin finding the hidden Android applications.

Why Are Apps Hidden on Samsung?

Therefore, the hidden app feature is an excellent option for those who want to protect all your essential apps or keep adequate checks and balances for sensitive applications.

Block applications from your Samsung phone to block your relatives, friends, and children from accessing the phone.

Secure apps

This approach could be helpful for those who hide their business apps in their home. While you’re with your kids, receiving unnecessary messages or hiding your personal apps from the workplace during office time is not a good idea. Apps for hiding are your best choice.

If you’re trying to cut down on the number of apps on your Apps Tray or your “Home screen” but cannot remove installed apps, think about stopping or even forcing the app’s pause and then hiding it. It is possible to hide and add applications to the Apps Tray easily.

How to Find Hidden Apps in the App Drawer

The ability to view apps from your Android home screen can be a great starting point. However, it doesn’t display every app installed on the Android device. For a complete listing of apps installed, which includes vault applications, you can open the drawer for apps using the icon in the middle of the screen. It appears as a circle that has six dots.

Once you click on this icon, a list of all the apps is displayed, with all the apps installed ordered alphabetically. It should display the majority of the apps available on the Android device. But certain apps may remain hidden. To reveal these hidden apps, follow the steps below.

  1. From the apps drawer, Tap the three dots on the upper right-hand edge of the screen.
  2. Tap to hide apps.
  3. The app list which is not visible in the app listing shows. If this display is blank or the Hide app option is not available, the app is not hidden.

How to Find Hidden Apps in Settings

entire list of available apps is accessible within the Settings app. Tap Settings (the symbol appears like the shape of a gear). In Settings, click Apps and Notifications, then tap View the entire app.

Check for Android Trick Apps

There may need to be more than the icons and names to determine the reality of your Android smartphone or tablet. A variety of apps available in Google Play’s Google Play app store appear to be similar to one app yet are specifically designed to block video, images and various other types of data.

Alternative For Hidden Apps on Android

  1. Vault
    Vault is a highly secure mobile application specifically made to guard your privacy by hiding private images, videos, and files stored on your mobile. Utilizing a PIN password or fingerprint, it is possible to lock your Vault to ensure that anyone who is not authorized cannot gain access to your private content without your permission. Apart from this essential function, Vault offers several other options to enhance your privacy.
  2. Coverme
    CoverMe is a very safe messaging program designed to safeguard your privacy. Through its encryption from end to end, CoverMe ensures that your messages in text, as well as voice messages and photographs, can only be read by you and only the intended recipient.
  3. Spy Ware
    Spyware is malware explicitly designed to steal information from individuals or organizations. The primary goal of the malware is to track online activity and steal personal information or gain access to specific devices. The spyware can be infiltrated in many ways, like clicking on harmful websites, opening attachments with malware and downloading files from questionable sources. Once it is embedded, detaching and eliminating spyware is difficult because of its hidden nature. The insidious nature of spyware poses severe threats to security and privacy, so it’s essential to take strong precautions to protect against invasion and limit the damage it could cause.


Discovering the hidden apps on your Android phone is crucial to regain control of your phone and protect your security. You can quickly uncover hidden applications by searching the app drawer, analyzing specific access settings, and using third-party apps such as Google Files. Keep an eye on your surroundings and carefully control your permissions for apps to keep a secure and personalized digital experience. If you take proactive measures to identify hidden apps, you can make educated decisions, secure your privacy, and improve your Android experience. Therefore, take advantage of the information acquired from this tutorial and begin the process of claiming back control over the apps you have hidden.

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