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How to Hide Instagram Posts from Certain Followers?

How do you conceal Instagram posts from followers with specific interests? It’s been a long time since Instagrammers have been trying to figure out a way to block Instagram Stories and their positions to keep them from following, or at the very least, some of them!

It may have been the case for everyone. You choose to accept someone as one of your followers, and then you cannot share your ideas due to the followers! These users could be your business competitors, stalkers, or your parents. If you’re interested in learning how to block Instagram posts, read to the end.

Can I hide one Instagram post from anyone?

You can indeed block the contents of an Instagram post from an individual. To do that, click the three dots on the upper right-hand edge of the page and then select “Hide from.” Then choose the Account that you’d like to hide the post from.

Is it possible to temporarily hide my posts on Instagram?

Yes, there is a way to conceal your Instagram posts on Instagram. To accomplish this, visit your profile and tap on the three lines in the upper left corner. Scroll down, tap Settings and then scroll back down to tap Account. Tap Posts public, and turn off the toggle.

How Do I Hide a Post From Someone?

Instagram lets you block certain users and their posts. You can block a user by visiting their profile and clicking the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. But, this feature is only available when the person hasn’t previously followed you. There are ways to stop some followers from viewing your posts. Here are a few suggestions to follow:

It’s first important to remember that Instagram doesn’t inform users when someone blocks them. Therefore, you aren’t sure if they stopped you. But you can find out about the person who blocked you with Instagram’s mute function. Muting someone’s feed will remove all their stories and posts from your timeline. However, you will still be able to view their profile and the most recent posts and stories.

How To Hide Instagram Posts Without Removing Followers?

If you’d like to prevent your post’s reach to followers, you could limit it to a specific group of followers or exclude the Account of those followers. This will ensure that others do not notice your post. However, you’ll lose your followers on your Account.

Restricting Certain Followers:

If you decide to limit one person, that person cannot view future posts; however, you will be able to see your profile and number of followers.

These are the steps you need to follow to create a restricted profile on Instagram:

Step 1. First, look for a follower on the Instagram application on your mobile device, or you can access it from your desktop, and then click on the profile of the user you wish to block.

Step 2: Tap the three dots icon on this person’s profile. This will give you the option to “Restrict.”

Step 3: Tap on it and confirm; the same process will block the person from viewing any future posts and comments on it.

Create a Close Friends list

If you upload a story and choose to use the green star option while uploading it, only people placed on Your Close Friends list will be allowed to see it. Are you interested in knowing what it takes to do this? We’ll show you how to do it in the following steps:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your phone. Visit your profile and tap on three vertical lines on the right-hand side to open a scroll-up menu. From that menu, click on Settings to open the Settings tab.

Step 2. From the list of options, select and then tap on Privacy to open the privacy settings on your Account.

Step 3: Under the tab Privacy, go to the section for interactions and locate Story in the list of options in the area. Once you’ve found Story, Tap it.

Step 4: Under the tab called Story next to the Story tab, the second option is Close Friends. If you’ve not used the feature previously, the words “0 People” will be underneath it. If you tap on it, you’ll be directed to a new page with a search bar at the top and a list of suggestions (from the list of your followers) beneath.

Step 5: On this page, you’ll see the blue Add button in front of your followers’ names. Browse through the list and click on Add next to the profile of each person you’d like to share your Story with. Now your list is complete.

How To Hide Highlights On Instagram?

If you’d like to keep your highlights off Instagram from specific followers, go to settings and then hide your posts from them. Instagram will automatically block the highlights of your Instagram Story highlights.

Be aware that you can’t cover up one highlight while letting the other highlights be. When you have hidden your Instagram stories from another user, the user will not be able to see any of your highlights.

Can You Hide Instagram Posts From Someone?

Indeed, you cannot conceal your posts from anyone on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t have a default feature to block someone from viewing your posts.

You can, however, alter your privacy settings to restrict those who can read your posts. While this won’t be 100% sure to protect your blog from some people, it can help in a small way.

Let’s look at how you can modify your privacy settings and perform specific actions to block anyone from seeing your posts.

Final Words

In limiting the exposure of Instagram posts, there is no way to hide the posts from specific users. We hope that shortly, Instagram will launch this feature.

We hope this guide on hiding Instagram posts from specific users was helpful to you. You’ll be able to use this guide to clean your Instagram feed of particular positions and users. Post anything you’d like!

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