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How to Link Your Meta Quest Fitness Data to Apple Watch and Apple Health?

The Quest 2 VR headset already records workouts and is a highly efficient fitness tool. Shortly, it will be able to sync Oculus Move data from activities with Apple Health and use the Oculus smartphone app.

The company announced the news on Thursday. Meta stated that the changes are taking place in the coming month. The tech conglomerate formerly known as Facebook could also confirm that it is looking into integration into “other fitness platforms” shortly.

Although the synchronization to Apple Health requires an iPhone, using the Oculus phone app works with both iOS and Android. But, sync of fitness data using the phone app requires consenting to Quest to allow Quest to store the info in the cloud of Meta; this is a departure from the way Meta used to handle such information on their VR headset. Meta assures that the fitness information will be kept in a particular state that will not be used to create specific ads. The data stored on Quest headsets with Move is saved in the headset.

The layout of the app for Move on the Oculus app is like Apple’s Fitness app. It has two goal rings that record the daily estimate of calories burned and the total number of minutes (minutes that you move while playing with VR). The data is also exported under the “Fitness Gaming” category to Apple Health. The Oculus app now syncs with Health, provided you allow it to export your information.

The Meta VR tracker for fitness

Oculus Move is a fitness tracker integrated with Meta Quest (2). When you work out in VR using fitness VR games such as FitXR and Les Mills Bodycombat, you can track the calories you burn and the duration of your workout.

You can set your own goals for exercise and be awarded various awards for reaching these. You can also monitor how you are progressing at any point. Up until now, this was possible only directly through VR headsets. VR headset.

Meta movement is the key to everything.

Month of March 2022, when Meta declared that the Move the Indoor fitness tracking device would be receiving support for apps that are external to the system. The Move app could only be accessed through the headset, which meant I needed the headset to check my VR fitness data.

Use the Apple Watch during a VR session to monitor your progress according to your heart rate, movements, and other available data. But Meta Quest Move has its data for VR and algorithms that can provide a more accurate view of your calories burned.

Also, connect the Move application to use the app without having to wear an Apple Watch during VR sessions. This is more comfortable based on the kind of VR session.

For iOS users, you can opt to link your Move statistics to Apple Health. Apple Health App.

Connect Move using Oculus Mobile. Connect Move with the Oculus mobile app by following the directions in the previous paragraph.
Tap”Connected Apps” and then click on the “Connected Apps” tab at the top.
Click on the toggle on the right side of “Apple Health” to enable sync. It is necessary to grant permissions to both “Active Energy” and “Workouts” to enable the feature.

If you connect with Apple Health, information about your Meta Quest workouts, including the apps you’ve used, the estimated calories burned, and the device you’re using, will be sent to Apple Health. This will let you keep track of your Move activity using Apple Health. You can modify your Apple Health permissions through Settings on your iPhone > Health and Data Access and Devices and then Oculus. You can also unplug with Apple Health in the Oculus mobile application. Disrupting will stop any new Move activity from showing up in Apple Health. However, the prior Move activity will continue to show up.

If you have or have an Apple Watch, you can track your Move data in the Fitness mobile and Watch app, which is listed in “Fitness Gaming.”

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