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How To Make A Barbie Cake

This doll cake educational is fairly trustworthy, but it could take a few workouts that let in you to make it look genuinely suitable. Cake layout is not now my place of information, but I understand sufficient to get the hobby accomplished. This style of barbie doll cake has been around for a pretty while. It isn’t always something new. You can pull it off with a chunk staying electricity, much like me. My friend requested I make a Barbie Cake for her daughter’s sixth Birthday, and this is the style I chose. If I can do it, you may do it. Let’s get commenced!


Two to three whole cake recipes (like 2 to a few cake concern mixes) plus the right amount of eggs, oil, and water to go with it.
Ninety-six oz of white frosting (a few could be used for particular colours)
Food colouring
Sugar pearl sprinkles (non-compulsory)
Barbie Doll (Not, in fact, a factor)


  • 8-inch cake pans
  • 6-inch cake pan
  • Plastic wrap
  • Piping baggage (or use zip lock bags)
  • Wilton 21 small massive call tip
  • Round Biscuit cutter
  • Tweezers
  • Parchment paper
  • Cake Board
  • Cake pedestal, rotating (optionally to be had)

You may also need to get this cake-adorning package deal with several of those devices.

Birthday Barbie Cake

Barbie birthday cakes have been all the rage while we were little ladies. We each had at least one Birthday while our mother made us a sparkly Barbie doll cake with our favourite new Barbie doll. It became an ideal present and cake for an unmarried. Now that Disney princesses are all of the rages, and the Disney princess dolls are a comparable duration, you can make the identical type of cake with a fave princess. The little princess for your life will adore it, and you’ll be the hero of any birthday celebration!

How to Make a Barbie/Princess Skirt

Find your “moulds”. The “skirt” of the cake is baked in unmarried or 8″ cake pans and a glass bowl (or glass bowls, one medium-sized and one small-sized). That’s all you’ll need for the bottom of the cake or the skirt. Get innovative with what you’ve got had been given. Just ensure the bowls you’re using are oven steady. A ceramic or stoneware blending bowl will make artwork tremendous. The length of the cake will be wholesome, any Barbie-period princess doll or Barbie doll.
Make and bake the desserts. Mix discipline mixes of cake aggregate (you may blend and healthful or use all one taste, completely as plenty as you. Following the instructions within the recipe card beneath, bake the cake in steps with bundle commands. To avoid sticking, grease or butter your pans and lightly dirt with flour before the batter. Tip: Use any extra batter to make cupcakes
Cool and turn. About 10 mins after disposing of the oven, flip the round desserts and bowls over and release the cakes from the pans and bowls. You should also gently slip a knife around the edges to loosen and then invert onto a cord cooling rack. This way, the desserts can finish cooling, and you can keep away from the cake sweating and stick to the bowl.
Stack the layers. Stack the cakes one on the pinnacle of the opportunity, with the larger one on the lowest, then trim off the extra to make a full skirt. You may additionally want to lessen the desserts in half horizontally and upload frosting among the layers to function more pinnacle.
Freeze and frost. I normally need to wrap the whole cake in plastic wrap and dad it in the freezer overnight after it has cooled. This makes it plenty tons much less difficult to frost later on. Insert the doll into the top of the cake (you could want to apply a knife to reduce a hollow the width of the Barbie doll if it is pretty frozen) and beautify.

Tips for Decorating

  • Clip up the doll’s hair or any accessories at the same time as adorning.
  • Lightly frost the cake in advance than piping or adorning. This is referred to as a “crumb coat”. It gives power to the cake when the decorating icing is applied and maintains undesirable crumbs from being seen.
  • Use a cake plate or lazy Susan whilst decorating. This will make it less hard to show simultaneously as piping.
  • Separate your frosting into bowls, colouration with food colouring, then cover with a wet material until prepared to use, so the frosting doesn’t dry out.
  • Practice piping on wax paper until you get snug developing your designs. Here is a remarkable put up on some easy piping strategies to strive.
  • Use gel food colouring from the craft store. These kinds of food colouring are a long way superior to water food colouring at the grocery store. You get brighter colourings and the ideal tint to healthful your princess.
  • Get innovative with decorations! You can use sprinkles, any form or period, piping gels, or any amusing sugary component you may discover.

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