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How To Make A Chopped Cheese

If you happen to be aware of the concept behind a chopped cheese sandwich and you are aware of the uniqueness of this dish. Its basic concept is that great chopped Cheese is a mix of seasonings, beef, and onions. They are cooked on a grill and later “chopped” with the side of a large spatula while it cooks. Cheese is then added until it melts. Lastly, it’s put on an incredibly sturdy bun, along with veggies such as lettuce and tomatoes.


The Cheese and chopped sandwich came from the small one-stop restaurant called bodega in New York City.

Chopped Cheese is essentially a burger that is transformed into a sandwich. It begins with beef patties for burgers and onions that are then chopped cooking on the grill to make small pieces.

The American Cheese pieces are placed on top and then melted. The mix is placed in hero buns. Then, it’s dressed with toppings of your choice (typically tomatoes and lettuce). It’s quick and delicious for a quick meal.

Chopped Cheese Ingredients

These are the essential ingredients to prepare this spicy cheese recipe at home:

  • Use Butter and onions to begin this recipe for chopped Cheese. Chopped onions are cooked in Butter until they’re soft.
    • Beef. You’ll require 12 ounces of ground beef that is lean.
  • Sriracha: A teaspoon of Sriracha will warm the flavor slightly. It is possible to add more if you’d like to make it to be a bit spicier.
  • Seasonings: When the meat is shaped into patties, it’s seasoned with pepper and salt.
  • Cheese 3 slices of plain American Cheese are enough for two cheese sandwiches.
    • Buns Opt to use hoagie buns for classic, New York-style cheese sandwiches.
  • Top each sandwich with slices of tomatoes and shredded lettuce. You can also add mustard and ketchup If you prefer.

How to Make Chopped Cheese

The complete, step-by-step recipe is below. Here’s an outline of what to get when you prepare the cheese-chopped sandwiches:

  • Sauté onions with Butter.
  • Mix the Sriracha and beef, make patties, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • The patties are cooked in the skillet until there is a crust formed at the base. Flip.
  • Cut the patties into large pieces. Sprinkle them with onions, and then layer them with Cheese.
  • Continue cooking until the Cheese has become melty.

Divide the mixture among those hoagie rolls. Sprinkle toppings on top and serve.


  • Toast the bread. Toasting the bread can ensure that it doesn’t become too wet as you add every condiment. You can either pop it into the toaster or put the faces that have been cut down on the skillet prior to putting the burgers.
  • Cut the patties into burgers but not the Cheese: Although the name may suggest that the Cheese is cut, you’ll end up in a very sticky situation if you cut the patties into pieces and put Cheese on the top. The best method is to chop the meat, place it in the skillet with the same shape as the bun, and then sprinkle the Cheese over it.
  • It’s possible to make it spicy: Bodegas have all the fixings for you to personalize your Chopped Cheese. Don’t forget that you can make it at home as well! You can add your preferred spicy seasonings on the plain patty or finish your sandwich with some hot condiments.


If you’ve got leftovers, it is possible to cool them to room temperature before storing them. After that, place the sandwich in separate zip-loc bags. Keep them in the refrigerator, and they’ll last 4-5 days.

You can also keep it on the counter for up to two months.

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