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How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

Most crafting recipes in Minecraft will require users to access the 3×3 grid for crafting. To access this, you’ll require a Crafting Table.

In addition to being used to create any item that can fit on a grid of four boxes crafting tables provide the three-by-three-grid of crafting space that allows you to create the majority of the more advanced objects available in the game. It is possible to build crafting tables on the Pocket desktop, desktop, and console versions of Minecraft.

Materials required to build a Crafting Table

It would be best if you built a crafting table for crafting tables in Minecraft are wooden blocks. The blocks can create wooden planks that you then transform into a table for crafting.

Step 1: Collect the wood Log

Since we’re only beginning our journey, it is necessary to collect wood logs. This is done by punching the tree! However, although this is a slow process, we could accelerate the process later by using an Axe. But for now, we don’t have to do this, so hit the tree’s trunk to get wood logs.

It’s only a single piece of wood for the Crafting Table; however, you could like to stock up with some wood to make some tools.

Step 2: Make Wood Planks

Now that we have the wood log, we’ll have to create some wood planks! Take inventory of your supplies, and then place the log into your crafting space.

There are four planks of timber for each log that we insert into it; that’s exactly what we require. So pick up those freshly-crafted planks, and place them in your toolbar inventory.

Step 3: Design the Crafting Table

Make sure you have your inventory available since you’ll want to put the four planks of lumber in the empty places of the crafting area to form your Crafting Table.

Get the Crafting Table out of the crafting box and put it on your toolbar or inventory.

Put the Crafting Table into Your Minecraft World

Once you’ve created a crafting table, we’ll show you how to set it in the Minecraft world. Then, you can start making more sophisticated objects. Follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to choose the table for crafting from your inventory and place it wherever you want. You can scroll to select the table from the list of the essential items or use the keys 1-9 to make your selection. Once you have selected, a large outline of white appears over the item selected. In this instance, the table for crafting.
  2. When you have the table for crafting selected, Right-click any nearby area to position it on the Crafting Table. Then, you’re done! You’ve successfully created and placed a crucial tool within the Minecraft world.

Uses for crafting Tables for Minecraft: Minecraft:

Crafting tables are vital to any complicated recipe. This means that any recipe that needs more than a 2-by-2 crafting area for its preparation will require the crafting table to be created successfully.

Crafting tables can beneficially be used to repair damaged weapons. It is as simple as placing two identical tools inside the crafting table, as illustrated below.

Add Items to create a Crafting Table.

Within the crafting menu, you will see an area for crafting comprised of a 2×2 grid. For example, to build a table for crafting put four wood planks within the 2×2 grid.

When making crafts using wood planks, you can utilize any wood planks like spruce, oak, or birch. You can also use jungle, acacia black, dark, or even warped planks. In our case, we’re employing oak planks.

When creating a table for crafting (also called a workbench), the wood planks must be placed in the same design as shown in the image below. Here will be your Minecraft crafting recipe for crafting tables.

But, since we’re only beginning with a 2-by-2 grid for crafting, all four boxes are filled with planks of wood; therefore, the pattern isn’t important in this instance.


Tables for crafting in Minecraft are essential to the gameplay’s fundamental mechanics. It isn’t easy to get quite far in survival mode without having a crafting table. Crafting tables are one of the few essential blocks commonly found in the foundation of any serious player.

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