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how to make a dog throw up

The idea of making your dog vomit likely isn’t on your list when considering Fido first-aid. However, this unpleasant task could help your dog’s life in the future. There are specific scenarios like your dog swallowing poison, which makes emptying their stomachs promptly of paramount importance.

In this article, we’ll show you how to perform this lifesaving procedure, highlight the instances in which vomiting is necessary, and other situations where it might be more harmful than beneficial.

What is it that they do?

If you’ve ever attempted to get yourself to vomit, you’re aware of what the hand method is all about.

It is putting your finger on the mouth’s back to induce vomiting.

This triggers a gag reflex, eventually eliminating anything in the gut.

A gag reflex can be described as a normal function that our body utilizes to guard against the ingestion of foreign substances.

The control is provided by muscles and nerves, also known as neuromuscular action.

Dogs don’t exhibit the same gag reflex we do. However, they possess one, so they appear to be constantly gagging.

How to induce vomiting

It’s important to understand that inducing vomiting is only one effective method in all cases, not just when puppies consume poison. It is best to induce vomiting on the advice of a veterinarian or expert in poison control for pets. When poisonous foods or medicines are destroyed, symptoms could be noticed in as little as 20 minutes, or it may take days to manifest. Metal objects, like coins, can trigger zinc poisoning when they are placed within the digestive tract.1 Even if it has passed since a puppy had eaten grapes (a poisonous food for canines) and Ibuprofen (a toxic medication for dogs), vomiting can aid in getting some toxins out of the digestive tract.

Imagine that you observe the puppy swallowing a foreign object, for example, underwear or a toy that squeaks. Inducing your puppy to throw it out could be the best option if it remains in the stomach. Suppose you aren’t able to witness the disgusting act, but you find suspicious evidence, such as a gnawed plant wrapped in chocolate candy wrappers or even an open bottle filled with pills. In that case, it might be a good idea to encourage your puppy to eliminate the time for ingestion is somewhat limited. The intervention before the toxins are wholly absorbed or before the foreign matter is released into the intestines may be a huge difference.

How do you make a dog vomit?

If your dog isn’t showing any of these signs and hasn’t consumed anything that could be harmful, You can cause it to vomit by giving it one teaspoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide from food for every 10lbs body weight. Place this on the rear side of the dog’s tongue. It’s often simpler when the dog has eaten before this as it is likely to “bulk into” and increase the contents of its stomach and provide it with something to eat. The dog should vomit in 10-30 minutes; if it doesn’t, the procedure can be repeated.

A teaspoon of salt applied to the tongue’s back can cause vomiting.

A teaspoonful of baking soda mixed into half the volume of water or one teaspoon of mustard in the water of a cup could be used similarly. Placing a teaspoonful of salt on the dog’s tongue can cause it to go to the bathroom.

What color does my dog’s vomit suggest?

The color of a dog’s vomit is challenging to ignore. The different colors could signal different kinds of dog vomit. Your dog’s vomit could be yellow, green, or white and foamy.

Green: If your dog’s vomit appears green, the dog has probably eaten grass or another plant matter that upset their stomach.

The yellow is “Yellow Vomit usually due to bile in the small intestine mixing in with the stomach’s contents throughout the vomiting process,” explains Sheen. The stomach is empty after multiple vomiting episodes.

It’s white, and it’s foamy. White spumy vomit, Sheen states, results due to the mucous layer that lines the esophagus, which is released in the vomit. If the vomit is thick and foamy, it could signal stomach acid and mean that the animal has a full stomach.

Your dog might also vomit undigested food. Sheen believes it could be a sign that the digestive tract has been blocked, for example, using a toy or other stuck objects. It could also mean nausea was experienced before eating. That is, your dog was already sick before eating and vomiting shortly after.

The Reasons Every Dog Owner Should Be able to Dog vomit.

We all know that dogs enjoy eating whatever they find fascinating, especially puppies. Sometimes, they’re so fast that they eat and swallow before you even be close. It’s possible to learn how to get your dog to cough up if it is eating human food that is toxic to him, such as chocolate or xylitol from the gum or in other foods.

Perhaps your dog took your medicine into the tub or grabbed tablets that you dropped. Maybe they escaped with a food-safe substance that was in your home. Perhaps even a piece of clothing such as socks. One of the biggest dangers to pets is poisons used for rodents or garden pests. This poison could be readily available to dogs while away from the outdoors. When walking around, swallowing dead rats can expose your pet to poisonous rats. How can you get your dog to go to the bathroom if they’ve eaten something that may cause harm to them?

What’s the alternative?

Contact your veterinarian or call the Pet Poison Helpline if it has been more than a few minutes since your pet consumed a poisonous substance (see this FAQ section).

Consider first-aid remedies instead of asking what can make a dog vomit.

Please don’t force the pet to vomit in your house unless your vet or Pet Poison Helpline recommends it.

Additionally, you should avoid giving common remedies, such as hydrogen peroxide, to your pet. It could cause serious adverse side consequences and is dangerous inhalation.

Go for a vet visit if it’s vomiting more than two times within 24 hours.

The vet will inquire what your pet’s diet was, the exact time it occurred, and an estimate of the amount. It is also necessary to give the approximate weight of your pet and medical background.

What Do I Do When My dog vomits

It’s crucial to remember it is important to remember that causing vomiting is only the initial step in the process of decontamination.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that your dog doesn’t need additional treatment and attention.

Your dog will likely need to be assessed and treated for various toxins in a veterinary clinic.

If your dog vomits, It is advisable to look over the dog’s vomit to determine if it has any evidence of poison, for example. The green/blue pellets of the slug bait or raisins.

To determine whether it is best to get more evaluation at a medical facility, please contact our vet team (available 24/7 online) with details about the poison you consume.

We will then suggest the most effective course of action is to ensure your dog isn’t suffering any adverse consequences.

Why is My Dog Vomiting Yellow Foam?

The yellow foam is probably the result of bile, an acidic fluid produced in the liver. Like humans, bile will be thrown out when your pet’s stomach is depleted of food. In such cases, it is recommended to consult an animal vet at your nearby Greencross Vet to ensure nothing more serious is happening. The yellow foam is usually your pet’s upset stomach, but it’s recommended to check this out.


It’s never enjoyable to make your pet vomit; however, eliminating the toxins in the body is vital. This means you must understand how to get your dog to vomit.

Learn how to administer hydrogen peroxide, seek vet care, and then follow the instructions for the induction of vomiting.

A concentration of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide per 10 pounds of body weight is enough to remove the poisonous substance. Pet owners need to be aware to monitor the food their dogs consume.

Never force a dog to vomit with baking soda.

Please do not give your dog baking soda to trigger vomiting because it could cause severe electrolyte imbalances for a dog who is otherwise healthy and can lead to hospitalization. It is also a risk to make the dog vomit using its hands. Trying to force your pet to commit a throw-up using your hands could permanently damage the nerves required to safeguard the airway.

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