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How To Make A Fursuit

Fursuits are animal costumes that can be used in massive processes. Most typically related to the hairy community, fursuits are also typically used for sports activities, sports, mascots, and charitable motives. The head is the most complex part of a fursuit. However, it moreover portrays the most person. Making your fursuit head takes a long time, now not to say a whole fursuit, so you can also additionally want a while.

Materials & Tools

Starting with the substances and tools I used, here’s a pretty entire listing and some of the reasons that I selected them:

Sculpy/Clay – You can use any clay, certainly so long as it is easy to sculpt! I used clay to sculpt the miniature form to create the scaled-up pattern to switch to the EVA foam.

EVA Foam – I used half” thick EVA foam “puzzle” ground mats from Harbour Freight, though leading hardware stores will bring them. These are hundreds plenty less high-priced than EVA foam marketed to cosplayers but made with precisely the same stuff. 

Contact Cement / Barge: This is the glue that changed into encouraged me to apply with EVA foam! It’s quite stinky, so you’ll want a nicely ventilated space. I used an antique paint brush to comb a thin layer on each EVA foam floor, waited a few minutes to dry, and glued the two surfaces collectively. 

Anti-Pill Plush Fleece: This is the smooth thick fleece from Joann Fabrics that I use in most of my products. I used this instead of fur. 

Fursuit Eye Mesh – I used a few black water-resistant vinyl meshes for the see-via part of the eyes. We promote it in our keep, and I used the ‘Original’ fashion. 

Fursuit Eye Plastic – I used JILLCOSTUMES’ fursuit eye plastic, available in many colors in their Etsy Shop!

Fursuit Whiskers – I used Matrices’ fursuit whiskers to be had in their Etsy Shop. 

Acrylic Paint – I used numerous acrylic paints to color the color onto my eye mesh. 

Enamel Model Paint: Most makers use a few kinds of felt or fabric for the ‘eyelash’ detail of their fursuit eyes; even though I’ve been unable to paint with that cleanly, I determined to color my eyelashes onto the attention plastic. Testors brand teeth Paint, painted on carefully with a brush, worked sincerely nicely! 

Clear Spray Coat – I used Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Clear Gloss spray to seal every eye mesh paint, and the teeth paint on the eye plastic.

Heat Gun: A warmness gun is important to tweak and regulate the form of your EVA foam base as soon as it’s miles all glued collectively.

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks – I used warmness glue to gather and join the eyes and attach the fleece ‘pores and pores and skin’ to the EVA foam base.

Brother Scan n’ Cut DX – I used my reducing gadget to robotically and cleanly lessen the fursuit eye shapes from the fursuit eye plastic. You do not want this even though, you could use scissors, a dremmel, and so forth! 


Find pics of diverse fursuits for belief, and do not be afraid to ask their creators approximately how they made their healthful — the bushy network is extremely open and useful inside the course of others making DIY suits.

Make it powerful to have a look at YouTube motion pics. The way to make this kind of a visible reference is constantly useful.

Set aside a whole afternoon for this mission. If you need it to pop out first-rate, it’ll take over an hour!

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