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How To Make A Heart Out Of A Gum Wrapper

Gum chewers who prefer to be busy have a reason to rejoice. Turning these gum wrappers into heart shapes is a great method to use productive fidgeting as you blow bubbles. You could also do an ode to those you love. Giving a loved one a gift of gum wrapper hearts is a sweet and simple way to show you’re considering him.

Make the First Folds

Place the wrapped square in the front of you (corner facing towards the upwards) with the other side of the paper you would like to show in your finished heart facing downwards. Fold the top corner to be in line with the crease at the center. Fold it increases to hold the corner in position. The bottom edge should be folded upwards until it is at the edge of the sheet and fold it increases. The wrapper should resemble the shape of a hexagon that has six points.

Create the Heart Shape

Use the edge on the bottom of the right-hand side of the wrapper, and fold it over along the diagonal, so that the edge of the paper is level with the middle fold. Repeat the folding on the opposite side and lift the bottom edge of the wrapper to the centerfold. From this point, the wrapper should appear like an oval heart, with a slit running through the middle.

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