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How To Make A Poll On Youtube

This week, YouTube announced an update that allows creators of content to include polls in their chats to draw viewers’ attention.

Live-streamed polls on YouTube are similar to those on other platforms, such as Twitch. They can be utilized to monitor streams or the premier of videos.

Every YouTube content creator can create polls. The first step in creating a vote is to check below the discussion window on the YouTube channel and then click the option to create an online survey.

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What is a YouTube Poll?

A YouTube poll can be described as a feature or tool available through Community Posts used by content creators to improve engagement with their followers. It’s an online poll created by content creators that let viewers voice their opinions on various subjects.

The content creator can communicate the poll results in real time to the Public. So polls can be a fantastic method for content creators to get information from their audience and subscribers and utilize that data to create and strengthen their brands.

For example, if you run a YouTube channel filled with DIY projects for home improvement, You can make an online survey on YouTube to determine your viewers’ preferences. For instance, you could ask your viewers on the poll what they would like to improve in their homes. Based on their responses, you can determine the issues they face in their homes and then create a DIY-style video using the resources available to your viewers.

However, If you have an online restaurant review channel, your viewers will likely be foodies who enjoy dining out. You can make polls to ask them for feedback on the restaurant you’re currently reviewing and what type of meal they would prefer to eat at the restaurant.

How To Get A Community Tab On YouTube?

Accessing this tab was a bit more difficult in the past, but as of October 12, 2021, The platform made it much easier for creators to access this feature. You must have at least 500 subscribers to access the tab and enjoy its benefits. The account will be available within a week of reaching the number. Before October 12, 2021, all users had to have at minimum 1000 subscribers to be able to utilize this feature.

In some instances, users have reported not being allowed to use the tab, even though they have more than 500 subscribers. If you have noticed this has happened to you, it is time to modify your channel’s settings. After you have logged into YouTube Studio, you should allow custom layouts for your channel, and the new tab should be visible on your YouTube channel.

How to Create a Poll on YouTube

Creating an online poll on YouTube is simple and can be accomplished in only four steps.

Step 1: Since the poll is a form of YouTube post, you must use the same interface that you use when creating the YouTube post. Log into the account you have created on your YouTube Studio account and click on “Create” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: In the menu, select “Create a post.”

Click Step 3: Click on the “Poll” option. You’ll be able to include the question you’d like to put out with up to five choices that subscribers can choose from to cast their vote.

Step 4: After you’ve added your poll question to the appropriate field and checked all options, select “Post,” or you could make the post scheduled to take effect later.

You can also alter the transparency of the YouTube poll by clicking the option to set Visibility in the upper right-hand corner.

The creators of two visibility options can choose our Public, which makes the poll available to all subscribers and all channel members, which will display the post only to channel members.

How to Create a Poll on YouTube on a PC

To make your YouTube poll using the Community tab on a PC, Follow these steps:

  • Go to and then click “Create” from the top right.
  • Select “Create post” from the menu.
  • Choose”Poll” or the “Poll” icon from the Community tab, and then “Add a poll.” You can now create a poll and up to five choices.
  • After you’ve completed the poll question, enter your choices within the “Add option” fields. For additional options, select “Add another choice.”
  • When you’re pleased with your survey When you’re happy with it, select “Post” to post it right now, or make it a timer for a later date.

Use these instructions to set up an online poll with”Poll card” feature “Poll card” feature:

  • Log into your YouTube Creator Studio and locate the video you want to include in the poll.
  • Under the video, choose”Cards.” Under the movie, click on the “Cards” tab.
  • On the top right-hand edge of the edit card page, choose”Add Cards” from the top right corner “Add Cards” option, then under the “Poll” category, select “Create.”
  • Write your question in the poll, and then select the options. To add more options, click “Add another choice.” There are five choices together.
  • Select “Create Card.”
  • To select where the poll questions you’d like to appear below the video, drag the poll marker beneath the timeline and then choose the location you’d like to put the poll.
  • To remove the poll once it’s completed, open the card. On the right, select “Poll results.” Click on the trash icon and “Delete” to confirm.

How do you change how YouTube posts or polls are seen? YouTube posts or polls?

Did you know it’s possible to alter the Visibility of polls and posts?

  • On the right side, click on Visibility.
  • Anyone can view your polls and posts
  • All channel members
  • Therefore, if you’ve enabled membership within your account, you can only create polls for your subscribers.

How can I modify YouTube articles or even polls?

If you’ve made a mistake, you may also make corrections to your images or posts (you aren’t able to edit polls, however).

  • Click on the three dots.
  • How do you edit Youtube posts?
  • How can you see your posts or polls?

Visit your and click on the Content tab.

Click on Posts at the top. From there, you can find the analytics of posts or polls, such as the number of votes, comments, and likes (for ballots).

How to Delete the Polls?

They will never be taken down or deleted. Therefore, if you wish to remove them after some time, take them off by visiting the post on the community. Click on the three dots next to the poll, then select deletion. To remove any votes in the movie, click cards in the video beside the card for the survey, click Edit card, then click the Delete icon.

Now you know how to create an online poll on YouTube and erase them when no longer required. Create polls. This will help you better communicate with your viewers and discover what they want to watch on your YouTube channel. The more you get your audience involved, the higher the number of views for your videos. Also, the number of subscribers will increase in parallel. This is a beautiful feature that YouTube launched to help YouTubers become better.

What are the main differences between image polls?

There are many variations between the two types of polls on YouTube. Text polls can support up to 5 choices, while Image polls can only accommodate four. Adding more than 65 characters into the text poll is possible, while an Image only can support 14 characters. But neither has a limit of characters for the questions.

Who can make images on YouTube?

In the past, those who had greater than 500 followers were able to create Community posts, and thus the ability to poll on YouTube. This restriction has been lifted, and anyone can now make a post and even polls via YouTube.

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