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how to make a shortcut on snapchat

Snapchat is among the most engaging social media platforms due to its Snap feature? This feature includes videos and photos, which can only be shared via the application. To send a snap, the user must snap a picture within the app’s camera and then send it to all friends. However, selecting every friend to send a photo to becomes difficult, and users may need help, especially if they have many people to choose from. Snapchat introduced an alternative feature to help with the problem. This article will provide all the information about Snapchat shortcuts and how to create, edit, send, or delete a Snap using it.

What is Snapchat Shortcuts?

Snapchat has introduced the ability to create shortcuts within the application? If you’re familiar with the Owl Snapchat widget, it functions similarly to the Owl widget. But, the app was removed, to the dismay of many users.

The app’s latest update added a new method to create shortcuts inside the app. You are creating shortcuts for your preferred contacts now possible to accelerate sending snaps. Snapchat shortcuts let you select users who take more often than others and then choose each of them to send your photos to at once. Imagine how useful this is to help keep track of those annoying Snapstreaks.

How to Create a Shortcut for Snapchat

Snapchat shortcuts can be made within the Snapchat application as well. It also allows you to make a list of Snapchat users who are members of your Friends list to send snaps. Follow the steps below to create your very first Snapchat shortcut.

This time, we will utilize images of Kan Hover Tech for his video, ‘How to Make the Snapchat shortcut Streaks in One Go on Snapchat.’ Be sure to visit his channel on YouTube!

Make the shortcut

The possibility of creating a shortcut in Snapchat has yet to be readily apparent. Start the Snapchat app, then snap an image to send through the camera. After that, press the blue “Send to” button to access the contact page.

Then click the ‘Send To’ button …’ on the top left-hand panel. There is also a new shortcut creation button’. Tap this button and create a brand-new shortcut.

Choose your Emoji

The shortcut feature of Snapchat can also allow you to choose an emoji you have created for the group to appear. This Emoji can be used as your group’s name whenever you share snaps.

Select the ‘Choose Emoji on the right of the screen. Then select the Emoji that you’d like to add to the group.

To aid you in identifying your shortcuts more efficiently, ensure you select an emoji that reflects the group members. For example, if, for instance, you’re creating an account for your family, you could include your family emoji in actual.

How can I include Chat shortcuts to Snapchat?


Just swipe right from your screen at home to open Your Today view.
Scroll down until the bottom, then click on the Edit button.
Click the + button on Snapchat’s Snapchat Widget to join the Today view.
All of your favorite Friends using Bitmoji will be automatically placed within the widget.
Tap on the Bitmoji shortcut of a friend to participate in a chat.


Press and hold an empty spot on your screen at home.
Tap Widgets, then choose the Snapchat Widget.
Choose to put one or more of your friends in the same room.
You can place the widget wherever you’d like.
Tap on the shortcut for a friend’s Bitmoji to talk.

To create a shortcut on Snapchat, Follow these steps:

  1. Start Snapchat on your smartphone. Snapchat application on your phone.
  2. Create a photo by clicking or choosing images from the camera roll. Click the Send to option at the lower right part of the display.
  3. Click to select the Shortcut option at the upper right-hand edge of your screen.
  4. Select the friends you want to add to your list of shortcuts.
  5. The shortcut list should be given an emoji’s name using the Choose an Emoji space bar on the right. Tap on the button for creating shortcuts.

Snapchat Shortcuts don’t show? Here’s what you can do.

Have you swapped devices or updated your OS? Snapchat blocks certain features for 24 hours to protect reasons. Wait for the next day to try again.
Remove and install Snapchat from your smartphone.
Log out, then log back in.

You can connect to another device if none of the other options work. After 24 hours, you can install the Streaks shortcut and switch back to the device you initially used.

How To Create Snapchat Shortcuts for Streaks

To create a Snapchat shortcut to track streaks, visit your settings and click the shortcuts option. You can create a new shortcut for bars from there by clicking the ‘+’ symbol. You can give your shortcut an alias, then click on the Snapchat icon. After that, your shortcut has been created, and you can use it by clicking the shortcuts icon in Snapchat’s Snapchat settings.

Snapchat streaks You’ve probably heard of them, and they are yet another Snapchat game you’re already familiar with. Snapchat’s single-tap feature lets you make Snapchat streaks with hundreds of friends. Snapchat shortcuts can now be used to send Snapchat streaks to friends close to you or have them follow your Snapchat stream.

How can I make a shortcut for Snapchat?

Snapchat has made shortcuts available to iOS as well as Android devices? It is easy to create shortcuts using any of these devices. If you cannot complete the shortcut you want, you might require updating your Snapchat application or following the correct steps to create shortcuts.

Does anyone in the group know the shortcut I’m using?

Unless you are the only one aware of the tricks, it is entirely secret to the user. In addition, when you are on the shortcut, nobody knows they are taking the shortcut. As per the recipient, they have yet to determine if they will receive a streak of the shortcut. They’ll only receive the snap directly.

Do you have a way to make shortcuts on Snapchat?

You can, however, create shortcuts in the application. This feature is accessible across all devices like iPhones, iPad, tablets, and Android.


It’s straightforward to make an easy Snapchat shortcut. Follow the steps in the previous paragraph. This shortcut makes sending snaps much easier. You can also create a Bitmoji shortcut for your screen at home. Tap on the shortcut to start talking to your friend.

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