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How To Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only

There are occasions that you don’t need to be receiving alerts that are loud or when you’re in locations where you need your devices to be as quiet as they can, but you are still receiving unsettling alerts on your Apple watch.

One of the benefits of the Silent feature of Apple gadgets is the additional vibration feature that ensures you don’t miss a call or message of any type.

This article will show you how to make an Apple watch to only vibrate for your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

How to Manage the Haptic Feedback on Apple Watch?

When you interact via Apple Watch, the system responds to you by generating haptic feedback, which signifies that the system received your input and has taken action. Many don’t like this, but Apple lets you control the haptic feedback by deactivating it. In the following sections, I’ll show you how to manage the haptic feedback in Your Apple Watch.

How can I turn off feedback from the haptic sensor on Digital Crown? Digital Crown?

When you use your Digital Crown, you receive haptic feedback generated by the motor. And If you do not want to receive it, it’s easy to remove it from your settings. It is essential to know that this feature is only available to Apple Watch Series 4 and later models. Here’s how to disable Haptic Feedback

  • Now go to Settings App
  • Locate it in the Sounds & Haptic section and tap it.
  • Turn the Haptic Crown on to disable Haptic Feedback.
  • That’s it.

How To Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only on Your Watch

Here’s how to change the sound of the Apple Watch only vibrate:

Access the Home Screen. Press the digital crown to access the home screen to the right of your Apple Watch.

Navigate to Settings. You’ll see the Settings icon. Click on it. The icon will show like a tiny silver cog.

Navigate to the Sounds Settings. You won’t see it on the first couple of choices. Scroll down until you see Haptics and Sounds.

Set to Haptics Settings. You can turn it on by clicking the slider to the left. If it changes to green, it means that it is in use.


When you turn the setting on, the setting will be set to the default. You can alter it to make it more prominent and increase the notifications’ importance.

If you choose to set it to Prominent, you’ll receive an extra vibration or tap that announces your notifications and provides more excellent vibrations.

You can also increase or lower the force of the vibration as you prefer; you can do the alert volume. The alert volume settings work with both sound and vibration intensity.

Return to the Sound and Haptics menu and locate the Alert Volume option.

You can set it as you like starting from the lowest on the left side to the top to the right.

How do you enable Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch?

Make sure you hold the watch’s bottom face. Then wait until Control Center shows, then swipe upwards.

Press the Do Not Disturb button and the Do Not Disturb icon and select a choice. You can turn Off Do Not Disturb or choose a timer of time, and it will automatically turn off.

Apple Watch shows Do Not Disturb and Do

Do Not Disturb stops messages and notifications (except for alarms) from playing or illuminating the screen. The Do Not Disturb symbol, also known as the Do Not Disturb icon or the purple moon, is displayed on top of the screen.

Set up your settings from your iPhone

Start on your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, go to the My Watch tab, and tap Sounds & Haptics.

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