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How To Make Au Jus

The au jus recipe in this article is rich and delicious, either with or without the drips! This is a great side dish to my quick prime rib recipe for French Dip sandwiches or served over noodles and beef. It’s delicious, quick and quick.

What is Au Jus Made Of?

Au jus doesn’t only consist of beef broth, even though it is a major ingredient. In my recipe, use a mixture of pan drips (or butter if you do not have drippings) and all-purpose flour beef broth, red wine Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper as needed. What makes a fantastic au jus is balancing these flavours to make a rich and delicious sauce that compliments the meat and doesn’t overpower the flavour.


Pan drippings: They impart an intense, delicious flavour to the sauce. They also allow you to make the most use of the flavorful juices of your roast.

All-purpose flour can help make the sauce thicker to create a smoother consistency.

Red wine: Red wine imparts a rich flavour and a hint of acidity in the sauce, making it easier to balance the meaty taste.

Beef broth: It forms the foundation of the sauce. It gives the sauce a rich, beefy taste.

The Worcestershire sauce gives depth and umami to the sauce, which enhances the flavour.

How to Create Au Jus

Skim off the fat: Take all fat in the pan’s drippings and leave some in the pan for taste. (See this recipe’s card beneath for complete printable directions.)

Make the Roux in a medium-sized saucepan, and cook the pan’s drips (or butter). After it is hot, sprinkle flour over the drippings. Stir and combine to form the Roux. The Roux is cooked while stirring to remove any taste of raw flour.

Pour in the wine. Gradually put the red wine in the Roux, whisking continuously to give the mix an intense purple colour. Keep whisking and sauteing, and allow the wine to decrease.

Add the beef broth. Stirring continually, slowly pour one-third of your beef broth. Mix until there are no lumps. Then whisk through the rest of the broth.

Then, let the sauce simmer until it becomes slightly thicker. Carefully taste and sprinkle with salt and pepper if you like.

Serve: Pour the sauce into a serving dish, and serve with the French Dip sandwich, prime rib, or roast you love. Look at the recipe card below for the complete written recipe, which includes portions of the ingredients, cooking time, and helpful suggestions and tricks.

Tips for the Chef

  • It doesn’t require a costly red wine to create the ideal au juice. I suggest something that has someone like Malbec or Shiraz. Finding a kitchen-friendly wine under $5 a bottle is easy.
  • Be sure to continue whisking your au jus throughout your cooking time so it doesn’t get lumpy. You’ll want it to stay soft and silky.
  • This au jus recipe is ideal to prepare in advance. For storage of the au jus you make, store it chilled in a sealed, airtight container for three or four days. It is also possible to put it using the form of an ice cube tray, after which you can transfer it into a sealed plastic bag or any other airtight container and store it in the freezer for as long as six months.
  • If you follow an incredibly gluten-free diet, make sure the Worcestershire sauce you buy is not gluten-free. It may include malt vinegar, which is a byproduct of wheat.
  • How to store Au Jus

If you’ve got leftover au jus, put it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge for up to three days.

Are you able to freeze Au Jus?

Au jus can indeed be frozen very well. And making it frozen is an excellent option to prepare ahead. Just pour it into an appropriate container for freezing (ensure you have enough space on top to allow for expansion) and then freeze it for up to three months. You may also store the ice cubes in ice tray trays if you anticipate using only a bit in a row. Warm the au jus slowly in the oven.


Our preferred method of serving au jus is on prime-cut ribs. It can be served piping hot as a side dish to dip in or drizzle on the cut of meat or prime rib, letting the meat soak up the tasty sauce.

Another way to enjoy the light gravy is to serve it over chicken or roast beef or put it in smaller bowls to dip in French sandwich dips.

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