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How To Make Candy Grapes

These Crack Grapes (Jolly Rancher Candied Grapes) are a laugh snack for your children for any event. However, I like to make the rainbow-colored grapes spherical on St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! Colorful grapes dipped in candied syrup, then included in traditional sweet flavors, are the hit of any take-a-look-at-room birthday party!!

Why I Love This Recipe

These Candied Grapes had been such salvation when I wanted something quick and clean to do with my kiddos. You see, our “summer season timetable” consists of our family hobby every afternoon, and this particular afternoon is a crazy one. The only time to go to the pool is for one hour or maybe the park. I desired some difficulty that might be carried out in 15 minutes. Yes, I may want to have skipped my family interest that day, but I may want to. I have paid for it the relaxation of the day….

Learning the way to make candied grapes is simple. They do use not something, however, grapes and a few Jello powder. And because of the truth, I apprehend how loads my little minions love the candy and bitter aggregate; when I first saw this recipe on Household Almanac, I knew we needed to offer them a strive. The more potent the ruffle, the better! I recognize a number of you despise bitter flavors, so you may need to make an identical recipe with Jello flavors that aren’t sour.

We debated which taste turned out to be the winner: the Green Apple or the Watermelon Candied Grapes. I favored the green apple due to how bitter it has become, but the watermelon taste emerged as a winner with everyone else. When you strive out this recipe, search the Jello segment at your preserve and strive out the flavors that look amusing!


  • Prepare your grapes: rinse and insert toothpicks or skewers into the stem and give up the grape. Set on a paper towel and dry the grapes before dipping them in the syrup.
  • Prepare your candy: Place sweet flavors into heavy-duty freezer storage luggage and crush them with a meat mallet/tenderizer (or rolling pin or heavy unbreakable item). Transfer to a bowl for coating the grapes.
  • In a heavy backside saucepan, combine the sugar, water, and corn syrup and boil over hot temperatures. If you want to preserve the excellent rolling boil, you can, often stirring, without letting the syrup boil over. Boil for approximately 5 minutes to obtain the proper temperature.
  • You will need a sweet thermometer to confirm at the same time as the syrup has reached 300-305ºF (148-152ºC). (see notes) This hard-crack diploma is an excellent way to allow the syrup to set at the grape.
  • Has parchment paper geared up to the area included crack grapes to allow them to dry (set)?
  • Stir the vanilla extract into the syrup. Carefully dip every grape into the syrup (the syrup can be heated!!), transferring speedily to get the syrup shielding over the entirety of the grape, and sprinkle the covered grapes with the beaten Jolly Rancher flavors (or roll in a bowl. This is tipped sideways for clean coating).
  • Set your covered cracked grapes on the parchment paper and let them dry for approximately 30 minutes. Carefully do away with the toothpicks and serve within a few hours.

What are candy grapes?

Some do not forget the ones to be genetically modified fruits that taste plenty like cotton candy. You could make them from “normal” ones from the shop, although they may be natural or not this way. We will show you how to make that taste as nicely even if you are caught on making your personal.

Candied Grapes recipe 

First, you’ll need to rinse the fruit below water usually. Since the stems are inedible, permit’s pull all of them off and dunk them into a bowl of water at the same time as you get the rest prepped. You need a few small dishes to keep your powders. Choose a few so they may be precise hues and flavors of the path.

Can Candy Grapes Be Frozen?

  • Yes! Frozen candied grapes are a laugh summertime deal for the kids. To try this:
  • Freeze the grapes until they’re robust.
  • Once set, dispose of them from the freezer and allow them to sit down for a couple of mins, just till condensation paperwork on the outdoors, as a way to act as your glue.
  • Roll them because the recipe directs till honestly covered.
  • Store them in the freezer internal a paper towel-covered, sealed box. The paper towel will remove any moisture, so they obtained’t freeze together in a big clump.

Which Variety Of Grape Works Best As Candied Grapes?

Just pick out any of the favorite grape sorts you generally eat, and also, you’ll be actual to move. Any seedless grape can be ideal for this recipe. Just ensure the grapes are enterprise at the same time as you squeeze them. Mushy grapes will provide you with a far splendid forestall give-up result. And now, not in an incredible way. 


Keep candy grapes in an airtight container at room temperature, away from any heat or cold properties. This is how I usually save my grapes for short-time pee, and it relies upon ate candy type that has come to be used.

I examined my candy grapes at room temperature, inside the fridge, and inside the freezer (all in airtight containers):

Room temperature: The rock candy included grapes that did top-notch! The Jolly Rancher sweet-protected crack grapes had been gummy.

Refrigerated – Both kinds have ended up out actual, but the rock candy included grapes had been higher and masses less sticky.

Freezer: Not lousy, but they had to be eaten quite as fast as thawed—the candy coating on every needed to be more precise after most short approximately hours thawed.

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