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How To Make Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a great product, but it’s pricey and may cost as much as $35 for only a quart. However, with only a few number-one components and a “can do” thoughts-set, you could discover ways to make chalk paint for a fraction of the rate. Chalk paint has been given its name as it covers the fixtures with a smooth, chalky patina that gives that piece an excellent vintage appearance.
Designed with the aid of using Annie Sloan, chalk paint is paint. This is efficiently completed on quite a masses everything. The significant problem is that chalk paint requires no prepping or sanding of something you can color out of doors or inside. Covering without issues and drying fast, chalk paint offers an attractive patina, and your distressed item comes out great with minimal effort.

Chalk Paint is so named because it is done efficiently, dries quickly, and can be effortlessly sanded to make your piece have that high-quality, distressed appearance.

How to make chalk with calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is often referred to as a nutritional supplement used to cope with disappointed stomachs and heartburn. It’s more challenging to discover 100% calcium carbonate in hardware shops, and it’s extra costly in keeping with an ounce than baking soda or plaster of paris. However, it does artwork well for making chalk paint because of how without problem, it dissolves in beverages.


  • 1-quart box
  • Paint blending stick
  • 100% herbal calcium carbonate
  • Latex paint
  • Water

Pour 1 cup of matte or flat latex paint into a quart subject. Sprinkle in four tablespoons of calcium carbonate, one tablespoon at a time, mixing as you move.

Mix materials thoroughly till the calcium carbonate is genuinely dissolved. Add water and one tablespoon until you purchase the famous consistency.

How to Make Chalk Paint With Plaster of Paris

Using plaster of Paris is a price-effective way to make homemade chalk paint, and you can discover it in most hardware or craft shops. However, there’s a trick to getting the consistency proper. Use one part plaster of Paris to 3 elements of flat or matte latex paint for satisfying results.


  • 1-quart container
  • Paint blending stick
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Latex paint
  • Water

The plaster of Paris has a bent to clump without issue. Because of this, first, blend the plaster with water to get rid of the lumps. Sprinkle in a hint at a time and blend as you cross.

Once the plaster mixture is ready, comb it with matte or flat latex paint. It’s high-quality to make this mixture in small batches because the reality plaster of paris hardens as it dries.

How to Make Chalk Paint with Baking Soda

This is the handiest model, using an entire field of baking soda you’ve been given to your cabinet. If you have a short or small mission and don’t need to order any specific substances, do this one out first.

  • half of a cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup latex paint
  • Water

Mix additives very thoroughly till the baking soda is sincerely dissolved. Add a couple of tablespoons of bloodless water to combine the whole lot. This is the trick to keeping off the gritty texture some DIYers encountered while making this recipe for chalk paint.


I continually idea chalk paint can also need to now not paint in a paint sprayer. But you understand what? It does!

However, there are a few matters to phrase.

You will need to regulate the recipe by adding more excellent water. The consistency must be identical or a hair thinner than regular latex paint.

Once you’ve completed spraying, right away, smooth your paint sprayer! This is supposed for any time the paint sprayer is used, whether or now not it’s miles chalk or ordinary paint.

Letting the DIY chalk paint sit down within the paint sprayer can harm it because of the plaster of Paris in the recipe. PoP hardens, and if it hardens in the sprayer, that’s a hassle.

Using a paint sprayer with chalk paint isn’t the high-quality preference. Instead, hold on to using a paintbrush to get the pastime finished.

Final Thoughts

Chalk paint covers several surfaces without requiring a ton of prep artwork. It gives excellent coverage and distresses without issue. However, it can scratch off the surface as quickly as it dries, so it needs to be sealed with water-primarily based polyurethane or wax. Although shopping for prepared-made chalk paint may be high-priced, DIY chalk paint is simple, fast, and less expensive.

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