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How To Make Chipotle Rice

Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice is an appropriate copycat recipe for all Chipotle fanatics! With clean cilantro, shiny lime juice, and zesty garlic, you will want to consume it with the whole thing! Plus, bonus instructions for white AND brown rice at the variety-top, Instant Pot, AND rice cooker!

What is Cilantro Lime Rice?

Cilantro lime rice is a prolonged, lengthy-grain dish made with lime and cilantro. Although Chipotle made this dish global-famous, it has constantly been a big part of Mexican and Tex-Mex delicacies. Below, discover a top-level view of the taste, texture, and cooking time.

Flavor: The taste of cilantro lime rice is a perfect balance of toasty basmati rice, tangy lime, and earthy cilantro. Although particular, it’s moderate enough to be served with loads of one-of-a-kind entrees.

Texture: The ideal texture of cilantro lime rice is fluffy with a pleasing chew. You’ll want to cook the basmati sparingly so the dish doesn’t flip to mush.

Time: This cilantro lime rice takes 35 minutes from prep to desk.


Ingredients you can need:

  • basmati rice (greater lengthy grain rice)
  • butter, divided
  • bay leaf
  • water
  • salt
  • chopped cilantro
  • glowing lime juice (approximately 1/2 a massive lime)

Set a medium heavy pot over medium warmth, and upload 1 Tablespoon butter, bay leaf, and rice. Saute the rice for about 2 mins, stirring constantly. Next, pour in water and salt. Bring to a boil. Once boiling, cover the pot and decrease the heat to a simmer. Simmer covered for approximately 15-17 minutes until water is absorbed and rice is fluffy. Removed from warmth. Rice in a pot with butter and bay leaf

Stir in the final Tablespoon of butter, cilantro, lime, and lemon juice. Stir till properly mixed. NOTE: Make it fine to take away the bay leaf earlier than serving!

Recipe Variations

The lengthy-grain rice used in this recipe may be organized on the stovetop as shown above, but it can moreover be made in the microwave, Instant Pot, or rice cooker.


Combine 2 cups water and 1 cup rice in a 2-quart microwave-stable dish—cover and microwave on excessive for five mins. Reduce the setting to 50% electricity and microwave for 15 to twenty minutes. Remove from the microwave and permit stand for five mins protected. Then upload the cilantro, lime juice, and zest as defined. (Note that cooking instances can also range due to variations in microwaves.)

Instant Pot:

  • Place the rice in an extraordinary-mesh colander and rinse well before setting it in the electric-powered strain cooker.
  • Add the rinsed rice, most effective 1 1/4 cups of water, and salt to the stress cooker pot (less water is needed while making rice in an electric-powered stress cooker).
  • Stir to combine.
  • Lock the lid in place, select excessive pressure, and 3 mins put together dinner time for dinner.

When the timer beeps, turn the pressure cooker off and use a herbal stress launch for 10 mins. After 10 mins, do a brief stress launch. Stir with vegetable oil, cilantro, lime juice, and zest.

Rice Cooker:

  • Follow the identical ratios for water, rice, and salt.
  • Cook in keeping with the producer’s instructions.
  • When the rice is accomplished, stir inside the vegetable oil, cilantro, lime juice, and zest.

Tips for the Best Cilantro Lime Rice

Below, discover more than one suggestion and guideline to get the most pleasant cilantro lime rice on this planet. Sorry, Chipotle!

Add lime juice and cilantro properly before serving. For the most up-to-date taste, add lime juice and cilantro only properly earlier than you endorse to serve the rice. This can also even prevent the cilantro from wilting.

Always very well rinse your rice. Packaged rice has a bent to include a first-rate quantity of floor starch. You must rinse it thoroughly to save it from turning gummy at some point in the cooking way. A high-quality rinse moreover allows the individual grains to put together dinner higher, resulting in much less sticking.

Use glowing cilantro, now not dried. Nothing compares to clean cilantro in this dish. Drying doesn’t lessen it.

Take the toasting step. Toasting your basmati launch the aromatics of the rice and additionally permits the man or woman grains to prepare dinner higher. 

Nutrition Information

370 Calories, 2g Total Fat, 7g Protein, 81g Total Carbohydrate, 0g Sugars

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