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How To Make Christmas Bows

The bow you tie on your present is a great way to show someone you love them. Learn the steps to create two types of bows for Christmas.


The bow you tie on an item is ideal for showing someone you love them. This tutorial will show you the steps to create two types of bows for Christmas.

  • Tools required
  • Scissors
  • Materials Required
  • Ribbon
  • Tape

How to Create a Classic Christmas Bow

The traditional bow is what people envision when they hear “bow.” It’s the simplest of the four to create. Using ordinary or wired ribbons to make the classic Christmas bow is possible. A wired ribbon is the preferred choice, letting us shape the loops into full-sized shapes instead of laying them flat.


Step 1: Make three loops of your ribbon. Two loops face upwards, and the third loop faces downwards.

Step 2: Make sure you cross the right loop on top of the left one so that the end of the loop with that tail hanging out is facing out.

Step 3. Fold the left loop inwards through the middle loop.

Step 4 .Place your bow in a row and relax!

How to make a Double Bow

We recommend using the thin, non-wired double-sided ribbon to make a double bow for the most effective results. As you can see in this video, we’re using single-sided ribbon, which performs. But one of the loops will be bent since you must turn the ribbon around the second loop at step 2 to ensure its right side remains facing the direction you want it to face.

Since you’re using your fingers as guides in making these bows, they’ll be small. You can use the same method with something wider, like chairs, to make a big double bow.


Step 1: Cut a piece of ribbon. It was about 18 inches long. After that, make a peace sign with your middle and index fingers and rotate them sideways. Put the ribbon on your middle and index fingers, leaving approximately 4 inches of overlap, and put the ribbon in between your index and thumb.

Step 2. Make sure to wrap the ribbon over the back of the fingers. Repeat the loop until the ribbon is now in the direction of downwards, behind your middle finger.

Step 3: Pull the ribbon towards the middle of your finger. The ribbon must be in the downward direction.

Step 4: Pull the ribbon in front of and up your middle finger so that it faces away from you.

Step 5: Pull the ribbon to the front, so it is horizontally laid across the ribbon’s vertical loops.

step 6. Thread your finger through the space between your middle and index finger.

Step 7: Turn the tail around to align with the horizontal ribbon strip and form the “x.”

Step 8. Pull the tail behind”x “x” and then cinch the ribbon, securing the center.

How to tie a classic Christmas Bow

Here’s how you can make the classic Christmas bow that will decorate the corners of your present:

The length of the ribbon is measured using a wrap around the upper of your present. (Do not separate the ribbon from the rest part of the roll.)

The ribbon should be dragged under the corners adjacent to the present, and then bring the ribbon to the top of the final corner.

Measure the bow length of the ribbon.

Tie Ribbon Together

Make a bow using the ribbon pieces by tying both ends together until tight.

Make a loop using the left-hand edge of your ribbon.

Make sure you take the right side and tie it to the loop to the left.

Make sure you pull the ribbon through the hole in that loop until there is an additional loop that is the same size. Then pull it in tightly.

Final touches

Adjust both loops to ensure they don’t extend over the sides in place.

Cut ribbons and ribbons at an angle.

Tip for DIY Bow Styling Ideas

If you’ve learned how to create bows for Christmas, what do you plan to utilize them for? Wrapping Christmas presents is the obvious choice; however, there are numerous other creative ways to decorate your home by using ribbons, bows, and bows. Here are a few style suggestions to inspire you.

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