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How To Make Find My Iphone Say No Location Found?

Find My Friends is an application based on location for iPhone customers to connect with their family and friends.

This tool allows you to connect with them using an Apple device such as an iPad, Apple Watch, or even your iPhone.

However, if there is no place to be found on iPhone, in particular, using its Find my Friends App, there may be a few errors within the settings that require tweaking.

How do you find it when you’ve gone missing with the iPhone or iPad? It should be possible to locate your phone quickly, mainly because iOS 15 has improved Find My. Find My App. But, when you log into your account, you see an issue: Find My iPhone is offline.

What is “Offline” mean about Find My iPhone? How do you locate your phone? What can you do to stop anyone else from gaining access to your personal information if it’s been taken?

How can I get Find My iPhone say no address?

To create Find My iPhone say no location, go to the Settings app, then click on iCloud. Scroll down, and then tap Find My iPhone. Please turn off the Find My iPhone switch to the off position.

What Are No Locations Find Mean in the search for Find My Friends?

When your Find My Friends app continuously does not locate a location, a specific issue surfacing. This is likely because the location service isn’t functioning correctly. The App runs on GPS and uses the location feature of your phone. If there is a problem, the application may address the issue with a few adjustments.

Additionally, if your internal phone operations have an issue, the GPS and the location tracking system might not function properly. An error of a minor nature or a severe problem could lead to something wrong. So, the App will not be able to monitor any locations of your friends or relatives.

How can I locate my iPhone that has gone missing with Google Maps?

First, begin by opening Google Maps on your computer or another device.
Then, type the location of your phone into the search bar.
If your phone is switched off and linked to the web, it will appear as an orange dot on the map.
If your cell phone has been not turned on or is not in reach, it will display as an uncoloured dot.

What is meant by No Location Located?

If no location is found in the Find My Friends app, it could be your location system isn’t functioning correctly.

The application relies on the GPS and your phone’s GPS service.

If your time and date are not correctly set or there’s some issue with your device, you will see the no place found in the iPhone error.

Can Apple Help in locating lost iPhones?

Apple is indeed able to assist in finding a lost iPhone. If an iPhone has been lost within an urban area, Apple can use its Find My iPhone feature to reveal its whereabouts on an image. When the iPhone has been lost within a rural location, Apple can use its Find My Friends feature to reveal its whereabouts on maps.

“No location found” on Find My: Best solutions.

Users have complained about the “No Location Found” error in Find My for years. Even when forums are filled with complaints, they do not have a universal solution to this issue. If you’ve had a recent experience with this issue, you’ll be forced to wait for Apple to address the issue. On the other hand, a few users suggested solutions that worked for them. But, they look like individual cases, and I can’t guarantee that these solutions are practical for you.

However, I’ll provide these solutions here. Although I’m not certain each of these solutions can work for you, It’s better to test these alternatives than do nothing and wait for Apple to resolve the issue.

Check your settings if you get a ‘No place detected’ message within Find My.

Are the settings for Find My correctly configured? Verify these settings and ensure that both your (if you’re trying to find the device of your friend) setting are accurate.

  • Check you have Location Services enabled. If this option is switched on, turn off the feature and turn it on.
  • iPhone or iPad Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  • Apple: Apple system preferences > security and privacy > location services.
  • Check the feature Find I am enabled in Location Services. Once again, go through Location Services, locate Find Me and change it to using the App.
  • Make sure it is turned on and Share My Location is turned on. If it’s already off, switch it back on and then wait a few seconds before turning it back on.
  • iPhone or iPad Settings > Privacy > Sharing My Location then:
  • Switch to Search My iPad or Find My iPhone.
  • Switch on Share My Location.
  • Verify that the device has the correct date and time:
  • iPhone or iPad settings > General > Date and Time.
  • Mac: Apple menu > System Preferences > Date & Time.
  • Make sure that the device is switched on and connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • If you’re connecting to the Internet via cellular data via the iPhone or iPad, be sure to Use Cellular Data is on for Find My. Click on Settings, select Cellular as well as Mobile Data, and then turn on Find My.
  • Make sure it is turned on Find My iPhone or iPad, and that Share My Location is enabled in System Services. Go to the Settings menu on your device, then Privacy > Location Services. Scroll down, click System Services and ensure that Find My and Share My Location are enabled.

What is the reason why Locate My iPhone Say No Location found online?

Many reasons lead to your iPhone telling you that there is no location online. The most common reasons are the following:

You’re not connected to iCloud on your iPhone.
There is no connection with Wi-Fi or data from mobile devices.
Your network is not connected.
Anyone who shared their address with you has deactivated it.
It appears that your Find My iPhone service is disabled.

Why does “Find My,” say “No Location Found “? What is the reason?

As we have mentioned earlier, the error message “No location was found” could be due to problems with the GPS However, other reasons may cause this issue.

  • The person is not in the network.
  • The phone of the person is turned off.
  • The person must change that date in their gadget.
  • The phones aren’t registered to either Wi-Fi or cell phone networks.
  • The person turned on “Hide My Location.’
  • The person is not logged-in to the app ‘Find Me.


The App Find My Friends is a relatively secure app that can help you find the exact location of your friends. Using a solid password for your account can protect your privacy online. But, you can choose to remove or accept individuals from your list if you do not want to allow them to track your location any longer. Also, you can use fake applications for a place in an emergency.

It’s safe to try. Furthermore, we strongly recommend using the Ecolab FixGo to solve iOS issues! It will not leave you down! We hope we can help you solve your questions like “what is the meaning of no location in finding my friends’ in a way.

Sharing your location via the app ‘Find My’ is a smart move that will significantly improve your security.

But even the top Apple applications can be prone to bugs and glitches.

Follow the troubleshooting instructions above to fix the “No location found’ issue that is a problem in the Find My App.

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