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How To Make Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream is one of my favorite ways to take a sundae of ice cream! Ice cream scoops are covered in crunchy cornflakes and crushed cookies. They turn into a crispy shell after being it is fried. It’s a treat you will love, and so will everyone you offer it to!

What is Fried Ice Cream?

Fried ice cream is a scoop of ice cream coated with crumbled cereal or cookie crumbs and then cooked into hot oils. The outer layer of the cereal/cookie mixture is crisp and turns lovely and golden brown, but the inside of the ice-cream inside remains cold and solid. It’s a treat that’s sure to alter your life! It may be your dessert plan for the coming week.


  • one-quart vanilla ice cream
  • Three cups crushed grain of cornflakes.
  • One tablespoon of ground cinnamon
  • Three egg whites
  • 2 quarts oil to fry


  • Scoop the ice cream into eight 1/2 cup balls. Place them on a baking tray and then freeze until they are firm around 1 hour.
  • Mix cinnamon and cornflakes in the shallow dish. Mix egg whites until they foam in an additional bowl.
  • Roll ice cream balls in egg whites, roll them into cornflakes, and keep the ice cream completely in. Repeat if necessary. Continue to freeze until firm, around 3 hours.
  • The oil can be heated in a deep-fryer or large, heavy saucepan to 350 temperatures F (190 degrees Celsius).
  • With a basket or a slotted spoon, fry the ice cream balls one or two at each time in oil heated to golden, about 10 to 15 seconds. Remove quickly onto white paper towels, and serve immediately.

Can I Use a Different Flavor of Ice Cream?

Yes! The great thing about making your own Fried Ice Cream is that it can use any flavor of ice cream you’d like. Be sure that the ice cream tastes in harmony with the cinnamon flavor of the cornflake coating fried.

If you can locate huckleberry, I am a fan here (no toppings required). It’s not the typical Mexican flavor, but it tastes like blueberry crumble!

Tips for Fried Ice Cream

  • If you want to cheat, sprinkle the warm buttery corn flake mixture onto the top layer of ice cream, and serve it as an Ice cream sundae.
  • You could swap some cornflakes with chopped coconut that has been sweetened or pecans to get a different taste.
  • There is no need to mold the ice cream using your hands, but only when you want your ice cream to appear like a perfect uniform!

Tips for Success

Here you go. Fried ice cream seems daunting initially (and almost impossible?) But now you’re aware that it’s completely achievable!

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